Justice Department Fires Embattled FBI Deputy Director Just Short of Retirement
Wisconsin legislator to propose banning marijuana tests for most jobs
Britain is now threatening to seize Russian oligarchs' luxury real estate after ex-spy's poisoning
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Murder inquiry over Russian's London death
Men attacked by stranger armed with tire iron over Pokemon Go game
455 punkdoctor1000 I’d rather pay what? A dollar more in taxes to keep people from reproducing unwanted children then pay god knows what down the line for the government to raise that kid. I don’t trust the government to anything, much less be responsible to raise an unwanted and unloved kid.
72 SenorKatt Virginia IS for lovers
168 JennJayBee It's an overall savings to insurers as well as taxpayers, so it's hard to understand any opposition to this whatsoever. Even if you're in the "I don't wanna pay for your slut tablets" crowd, you have to know that the "slut tablets" are a heck of a lot cheaper than the economic impact of the unwanted pregnancies that are prevented here. ("None of the above" isn't likely going to be an option with any amount of popular support anytime soon.) There's also an unknown economic benefit of various other health issues being treated with birth control. It's unknown because it's been working for so long that we haven't been able to measure just how much of an impact NOT treating those issues would be. The various drugs that would be used to treat these issues outside of birth control would be far more expensive and would require women to suffer needlessly before being diagnosed and prescribed treatment. I think the biggest issue we have with folks understanding just how big an impact birth control has had is the fact that we've been living with the positive results of it for so long that we've taken for granted just how much it's done for our society as a whole. For anyone thinking it wouldn't be that bad if taken away, I'd wager that they likely can't remember a time before it was widely used.
71 Verus93 Sounds like a decent idea. The article mentions that some pills will go to waste do to people changing their minds on when they want kids but I think the cost of that should be pretty small. Will be interesting to see if this has any noticeable effects on unwanted pregnancy rates, abortion rates, PCOS, etc.
14 thecamelpirate that will prevent lots of accidents
52 OhGawDuhhh You either cover birth control or you cover folks on government assistance. Telling folks not to have sex or forcing women to have babies is not an option. You'd think grown adults would understand this. If sex before marriage or abortion is against your religion, then don't have sex before marriage or have an abortion, but don't force people to live their lives on your terms.
4 s3v3rus7 Why can’t they pay for their own prophylactics? Or is that my Burger King fry guy privilege talking?
11 myamazhanglife Why is this concept so hard to understand for so many.
10 Apocalypse487x Just remember not to lose it. It'll be completely out of pocket if you do as most plans don't cover lost or stolen meds.
8 Itsnotironic444 Finally a headline that works when I read “ Virginia” as “ vagina”