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69 WrongTurnforLife "In an agreement with prosecutors, he was sentenced on the first charge to 260 days in jail, time that he has already served. On the second charge, he was sentenced to nine months in jail, with all of that time suspended. He will be on probation for six months." Wtf......
24 mattreyu >Twelve original charges against him, including six felony assault counts, were dropped by the District Attorney’s Office. Wow, what would make the DA drop felony assault charges?
21 justclearingthingsup That lawyer must be rly good
10 cobainbc15 Even worse (somehow) they're his girlfriend's children...
10 1_21_Jiggawatts I wish I could do to him what he did to those poor innocent kids
6 Hundredsofspiders My parents took in foster kids when I was growing up. One of my foster sisters had been removed from her home half a dozen times for severe abuse, including broken arms and legs, only to be returned after mere weeks. Her birth family was extremely wealthy. She was only permanently removed after her father killed her brother by slamming him against a wall so hard he crushed his skull. She witnessed the murder I can't help but think that if her father weren't a fabulously wealthy white man who could afford good legal council, they would have been removed the first time he severely injured them. Her brother would probably be alive and she wouldn't have suffered such a severe trauma.
4 xsited1 Maybe he needs to have his bones broken regularly. Wait, 21 and 3 kids???
2 colbycheese2316 Of course he got out, we need the room for drug arrests.
2 loftygalaxy How much hatred in your soul do you have to contain to beat up an actual baby...
7 AppropriateBoss Just another example of the US going soft on crime. Pathetic.
1 OneInAZillion Is it too much to ask for a little consistency with these punishments?
1 gkiltz The trend is to go easy on first offenders.
1 Furinol Ugly bastard. He would look better with an exit wound.
1 Artist151 Silly thing is it should be tje same sentence for the same crime in a different city. Chicago - rape gets 8 years. Springfield 2 years out in just over a year w good behavior.... it should be a death sentence. You dont get over it. Ever.
1 animan222 So whats his name and address?
1 fatduebz Damn, that dude got sentenced like a rich white guy lol.
1 cheifminecrafter Oh wait is this the amazing US justice system? How embarrassing
1 sonia72quebec He needs some sort of homemade vasectomy.
1 Zintegrity I don't think too many people would be upset if he had a sudden accident on the way to work one day.
1 pyr666 > A local man has admitted to crimes stemming from his abuse of his girlfriend’s children who suffered broken bones and other injuries. is this normally how they write? this is a very roundabout way to put it and it makes me think something is weird. either with the story, the paper, or just the dude writing it.