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Student’s invention to keep intruders out of classrooms is so brilliant that his district has ordered one for every room
Firefighter charged with lighting children's hands on fire
Levy County School District announced any student who participates in a boycott, walkout, sit-in, strike will be subject to suspension or expulsion
Mass shooting plot for SoCal high school thwarted by alert security guard
Robber shot himself while pistol-whipping victim, cops say
8-year-old Ohio boy fears being hurt, takes gun to school
Deputies will now carry AR-15 rifles on school grounds in Fla. county, sheriff says
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Bombs continue to pound eastern Ghouta as UN pleads for ceasefire
77 dave45 For those curious about the Mayon volcano (the article didn't provide a whole lot of information about it) [here's a map](,121.4449014,7z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x33a1a9954fa1731f:0xdff71d3eddd0ea0d!8m2!3d13.254832!4d123.6861124) of it's location in the Philippines and [here's the wikipedia page on it](
57 AnErectPenguin That glowing volcano picture looks scary af tho.
37 ThatOtherGuy_CA Pffft, probably a false alarm like Hawaii *promptly Pompeii'd*
14 Aerik Everybody, remember that the Pacific ring, aka Ring of Fire is a thing. most of the shores touching the Pacific Ocean either have a volcano on land, or aren't too far from an underwater volcano that can cause tsunamis, should they ever become active.
31 redzimmer Rodrigo Duterte declares a War on Volcanoes, blames Obama.
9 Lawleepawpz Sacrifice to the volcano god! The cartoons have taught me this is the only way to prevent it!
6 purpy_skurpies Mount Mayon has had some pretty gnarly eruptions in the past. Hopefully this one isn’t too crazy. On another note, this volcano looks spectacular in person. I was in awe while driving up to it a few years back.
3 Goatmo I read this as "12,000 fleas in Philippines warn of volcano eruption"
2 moofunk Poor volcano. It just wanted to make friends.
2 videonerd1 [These Guys Can Fix It, They’re Mighty and Powerful Gods ](
4 notapunnyguy My whole family is in Bicol region right now, which this Volcano resides. I used to live back in the Philippines and now I live in Florida. This is giving me anxiety issues right now. All my relatives are in there right now. Only my brother and I are right here back in Florida. I'll check on them right now. Hopefully, it's not worse than when I was a kid.
2 RazorRush 35 minutes later. Oh sorry. Never mind. All good. Fake news
-1 iamwhiskerbiscuit I can't help but wonder if increased fracking is causing all of these natural disasters to happen... It's no secret they cause earthquakes...And Earthquakes can cause volcanic eruptions. Major fracking operations were scheduled to begin in Mexico the same month they experienced two massive earthquakes... Coincidence??? One can only speculate. But fracking is moving into the Philippines right as this is happening. Can't help but wonder if fracking is causing massive natural disasters in addition to the thousands of earthquakes that geologists have already linked to fracking.
1 Oh_God_its_Jesus So long and thanks for all the flowers!
1 Ennion If they aren't careful, Duarte is going g to start chucking drug dealers and users in there to appease the volcano gods.