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164 rxan Only chicken breasts can be exposed in this establishment
895 [deleted] It's true that North Dakota has an exception in their indecent exposure law for breastfeeding, as long as the mother is doing so discreetly: It's possible (as we don't know the exact details of the incident) that she was not breastfeeding discreetly, and was guilty of indecent exposure *according to the law*. It's also possible she was being completely decent and did nothing wrong. "Discreet" and "modest" is also not defined in the law, so if there was a dispute over that language, it would take another amendment or a court ruling to clarify it. But it's also true that "breastfeeding mothers" are not a protected class: Which means, if she was being discreet, the mother is not culpable for her actions, but neither is Chik-Fil-A. As they have a right to not serve anyone as long as it isn't because of their protected class status. She could try and sue, but there's no legal grounds as they didn't violate any laws by asking her to leave, and there are likely no damages. If she wasn't being discreet, Chik-Fil-A had even more standing to ask her to leave, as she would have been violating a state law on their property. If you think that' Chik-Fil-A's actions were wrong, call your elected officials and have them add breastfeeding women as a protected class, and/or remove the language that requires women be discreet while breastfeeding.
1339 Flattishsassy >I told her my review would reflect my experience and I would be relaying the experience in every local mommy group." Man, as a husband who's wife is active in all the local mommy groups, I would rather fight an army of 30,000 black bears than any mommy group. *Especially* on breastfeeding. Ay carumba.
113 Fourcault Honestly this breastfeeding thing is just dancing around the main thing I have an issue with, and that is that babies are allowed in public.
121 LoverlyRails Did anybody catch that the baby's name is Ziggy? (It's in the caption, underneath the second picture in the article).
48 GreatNegotiator Honestly making out in public is worst to me than a mother breastfeeding while covering Up. It’s almost always sloppy and more Like face eating when it happens.
12 StephCurryMustard Must be a slow news day.
539 FortCollinsEnt OK, one side needs to realize that doing this in public IS NOT a big deal... The other side needs to realize it's just common decency to show the smallest effort to cover a small part of your breast while in an establishment where people are consuming food. It's common decency. They shouldn't be banned or kicked out, but it shouldn't be an insult for someone to ask you to cover up as there are people around you eating with their families... I know, I know, it's only a titty.. I get that.
89 YouLearnedNothing Why did the news cameras purposely avoid filming her nipple/breast? If she is alright doing it in public and the news is outraged over it, why did they censor her?