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1191 No___ImRight Bullying goes beyond the school and playground in today's world. Social media is just the worst with kids.
958 dwbassuk I’m surprised they reported this. News usually doesn’t report suicides and this happens more than you might think. A middle school student stole his parents gun in my neighborhood and killed himself in the desert because he was being bullied and not one news article came about it. We only found out cause it happened in our neighborhood and there was a helicopter looking for him for 2 days. But nothing on the news. A student hung himself on a tree at my University also and the news didn’t report it.
8788 Ihavenolifes Bully survivor here. Talk with your kids daily. Don't ask them how their day was. You're gonna get "fine" "good" etc. Ask your children what was the best/worst part of their day. Do this all the time so you have a good dialogue set up already. Ask what "lunch is like, what about recess, how is the bus ride?" Ask your children what are they good at. What do they like about themselves. Kids who are chronically bullied will have the hardest time answering these questions, especially the last two. Warning signs are different with every kid but the point is to get to know yours. When their group of friends change suddenly, when they **FAKE BEING SICK EVERY TUESDAY** and when they become overly sensitive or agressive are all good signs. Teach your kids what bullying is and how to prevent it. Teach them to make friends with the bullied kid, or report to an adult when bullied. Kids suck, and in groups it only gets worse. They laugh at things that are different or they don't understand, and a pecking order is established usually at the peril of one or two children. Meet other parents in the same school and establish a good network. Sometimes it's gonna be your kid being the bully. As much as you can, get involved with your child's activities. And most importantly, set a good example. Be kind in your own life. Be slow to anger, be charitable to the less fortunate, and de-escalate conflict. Kids are always watching and learning. * edit The "bully survivor" is getting a lot of attention. And I guess I know why. But if you've gotten through the constant suicidal thoughts associated with chronic bullying and moved to better things... you're a survivor. Survivors are people who have escaped death, but it's also someone who has coped well with intense stressors and difficulties. I do not see why bullied kids are not survivors. If you're gut instinct is to mock the word usage, I'd say you have missed the point entirely.
942 Ticklemeuntilisayno There were times when I wanted to take my life because of bullying in school, It frightens me so much if my kids will go through the same
211 jer4254 I mourn for this poor little guy and his family. I wish I could of grabbed him and told him all the wonderful things he would do and see beyond the tiny world that is middle/high school ... fuck
130 Wood_floors_are_wood Have kids always committed suicide over bullying or is it just for some reason becoming more common?
186 engineNumbernine21 As a past victim of bullying this enrages me. I can't understand why there are children out there with such a lack of empathy. I can't understand how difficult it is to ensure that your child understands the fragility of the human mind, and that kindness always wins. Even as an adult I see bullying take place in all areas. People are just fucking broken and they want to continue onto break others. The only thing we should be breaking is the fucking cycle.