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D.C. court rules tracking phones without a warrant is unconstitutional
Northern Michigan University The First In U.S. To Train Undergrads For Marijuana Industry
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Mexico City earthquake: Salma Hayek donates $100,000 to victims after revealing she lived through 1985 quake
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San Francisco sues Big Oil for billions over climate change claiming they knew the dangers for decades
China's central bank tells banks to stop doing business with North Korea: sources | Reuters
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For the first time, the Marine Corps expects to have a female infantry officer among its ranks
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Wilmington man gets 80 years for kidnapping girl, chaining her to tree
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Indiana University student found alive after being padlocked in a cave for three days.
Ninety-four year old Battle of the Bulge veteran gets to see war memorial virtually.
19 Nicholas-Steel $1,000 voucher that is tied to United Airlines services... yeah, not good compensation. If it was a $1,000 Eftpos card that can be used anywhere than that'd maybe be alright, it'd at the very least not be god awful compensation.
61 Eisengott >issuing that apology and offering his mother a $1,000 flight voucher. That seems like adequate compensation for 1. Leaving an elderly, disabled person rotting at a gate for 12 hours. 2. Not allowing her to use the service she paid for. 3. Having incompetent and malicious nitwits for employees who lied about 1 & 2 repeatedly. /s Are the people who work for United's PR department mentally competent?
18 Highlandpizza "They assist people in wheelchairs and get someone to wheel them through and **basically take responsibility for that person until they arrive at their destination**," said Williams. That's the problem, airlines do not take responsibility for adults. They provide basic accommodations to disabled adults but they do not take responsibility for the adult. If the adult can't care for themselves then they should be accompanied by an adult who can care for them. I have a disabled to relative who when he has to travel has relative or a friend accompany him on the flight. After having to accompany my realitve on quite a few trips and reading the airlines policies and FAA regulations I can tell you that 99.9% of the flying has no clue what an airline HAS to provide it's passengers. Many things people think airlines have to provide, they aren't legally obligated to provide.
32 Kendermassacre Marriott wipes their brow and exhales in relief.
25 yabbadabbajustdont Is there a United youth organization where they teach future employees at a very young age how to be colossally terrible people?
8 thesunscreen This feels like someone is actively shutting down United. Potentially lowering the stock price until they can stage a hostile takeover. Stay tuned folks, there will be a giant merger in the next few months.
10 nascarracer99316 Another week another exciting edition of What did united do wrong now. Tune in next week for an all new episode.
13 uic52701 He knows his mom is *that* feeble and "easily confused", he knows United's reputation for passenger abuse, and yet he puts her in that situation anyway.
3 c1e2477816dee6b5c882 What good is "Local Man" when it's posted to /r/news on Reddit? I get the whole editorializing the headline thing, but these "generic" titles should be banned too, it feels like a ploy to get more advertising views on the main article. Maybe I care, maybe I don't, I don't know until I actually open the article.
2 NewClayburn Isn't a wheelchair a conveyance?
1 CitationX_N7V11C Technically it's the contractor United uses for gate to gate wheelchair service.
1 BeneDiagnoscitur Can we say ADA?
1 Misc_Rodriguez United really needs to go out of business.
1 alex_dlc just saying "local man"? local to where?