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516 Gfrisse1 He has also packed his advisory panel on importing animal trophies with avid trophy hunters and friends of Donald Trump, Jr.
8 jexmex It says they say it was because of procedural issues with the way that Obama banned it, is there any reference on what those issues could be? Trying to grasp is if this really is them undoing something that was wrong for whatever reason or Trump administration just not giving a crap. With the way the news is nowadays I always try to get more information for things that could be questionable but is said to have a real legit reason for. Also, not sure how a lawsuit will work if the administration actually had the legal authority to issue the new rules. The article seems short on details.
143 iushciuweiush Another "the current president cannot reverse a rule the former one implemented" lawsuit? These are getting out of hand.
71 UsefulNewt wait is this a new thing? or is this that old thing everyone freaked out about cuz they thought trump was making hunting elephants legal?
15 tyn_peddler Does anyone know how conservation groups establish standing in cases like this? It's pretty easy to see how hunters could establish standing in the opposite case since they are directly influenced by a rule that forbids them bringing their trophies into the country but I'm not sure how conservationist could establish standing unless conservation law automatically grants standing.
5 Ly_84 Didn't know you could hunt elephants in the US.
30 meatballsnjam Trophy hunting should only be done 1 on 1 with no weapons other than your body.
26 Darkwolfie117 Not sure what the new laws are but trophy hunting improves warden coverage, wildlife conservation and helps anti poaching activity. Adam did a good vid on it recently, it's on YouTube
21 SoCo_cpp Of course the advisor panel is stuffed with people who run massive conservation grant organizations. This was spun as the panel being stuffed with "avid trophy hunters". One of them does some business with Trump Jr., so the spun headlines also read, "advisory panel stuffed with Trump's family." In reality, trophy hunting pays for conservation efforts as well as anti-poaching efforts. We can see from other locations that [when paying legal hunters decline, funding for conservation goes quickly into funding crisis mode.](
2 jschwicht How in the world are we having this conversation/yelling match without referencing the Jurassic Park where the guy wants to hunt the T-Rex?
2 Xatencio00 Trophy hunters are retarded anyways. I don't understand the desire to shoot something just to say you shot it. It's one thing to hunt for food and use the animal for meat. It's another thing entirely to kill it just so you can turn it into an "accomplishment". Yeah, good game, you have a giant ass gun and can outrun any animal in your vehicle. Nice job "hunting".
2 fauimf It should be okay to shoot trophy hunters, they are worse than scum and the world would be a better place without them.