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690 mrsuns10 IT would benefit any state to allow gay couples to adopt kids. More kids get adopted into families and less kids in the foster system Its a rare case where everybody wins
265 TacticianRobin It's literally called *Keep Faith in Adoption and Foster Care Act* what the fuck? Usually they try to dress up discrimination as "religious freedom" so it doesn't run into separation of church and state, but looks like these guys just decided to lean into it.
984 apathyontheeast Ah, the "We accuse gay people of wanting 'special' rights, but that's just because we want them all to ourselves" religious lobby. Edit: just to make it worse: >There were no public comments allowed...adoption agencies in Georgia already have the ability to refuse to place children with same-sex couples
108 loveisdead9582 Glad to hear that they would rather see children go without a home than accept that people don’t all live the same way they do
455 newtonrox That’s one way to ensure that the Amazon hq goes elsewhere. Thank you, self righteous bigots!
147 kirosenn Romans 15:7 – "Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God." unless they're *super* gay. - Georgia probably.
76 jtdusk Why did I know before even clicking that there was going to be a mention of religion in here somewhere? Hey folks, if you love Jesus so much, maybe you could try acting a little more like him.
333 atlcyndruga Ah yes, government borne from bias and emotion. Bravo, Republicans. Not only will it make large companies like First Data start looking at the door, it will certainly make it harder to land new companies like Amazon. All even dumber considering such discrimination is already essentially legal under Georgia law. This is just another nail in an already-closed coffin. Bravo, conservative Georgia politicians. This accomplishes zero and puts more jobs at risk, not to mention the actual kids who might have been adopted. And they accuse Democrats of making emotional decisions. 🙄
22 eurasiatrash If your whole existence is about making sure you have more rights than others, fuck you.
10 pizzabeagle isn't this bill illegal/unconstitutional in that it joins church and state (aside from being disgustingly predjudiced)? how did it even make it committee?
8 YellowButterfly1 All I can say is - Fuck you, Georgia Senate committee members that voted for this bill.
37 Krishini This is simply biased and heartbreaking.
100 snowsnothing Man trying to prevent gays from adopting is just such a shitty bigoted thing to do.