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602 ace2049ns Everyone in this thread seems to think the entire FBI made up of two guys who can only investigate one thing at a time...
440 Amphibialrabies69 I find it odd that one thing Reddit supports the most is online security, but there are several people who are okay with the mass hacking of several celebrities personal phones with private photos being released all over the internet because they got to masterbait to them. I'm sure the same people would be against their browser history being known to public though. Oh and the FBI is made up of more than one person. They're capable of investigating many things at once.
205 Da_Apple_Jacks Hey. You. Turn back now. These comments are terrible.
89 TerrytheMerry I will never understand this weird ass mentality that people deserve less or no justice because they’re famous. Yeah not everyone gets their justice, but some do. There is no reason to deny a celeb it just because they’re well known or successful.
7 GreenCoatBlackShoes Can someone explain how he was caught? What kind of forensics would they use? Some deep type of packet analysis? What was to stop him from using multiple VPNs, and a high powered antenna for someone else's Wi-Fi or a internet cafe? Always want to know how they are caught.
10 [deleted] Phishing emails was how it was done? Dang I thought it was some fancy technical crap.
95 glitchgirlll Some of the comments on this thread are disgusting for praising this dude.
16 Nemacolin This is the sort of crime that ought to get a long sentence. He did it even though he knew it was wrong. It was not a mistake. He did not do this to feed his family, he had no excuse. People thinking about doing this sort of thing can be deterred by giving this fellow a long stay in jail.
3 JimmyJimmyJoeMack FBI still hasn’t found who uploaded the photos which is interesting, per the article.