Texas serial bombing suspect 'dead' - US reports
Attorney General tells prosecutors to seek death penalty in drug cases
Authorities: Bombing suspect was Pflugerville resident Mark A. Conditt
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Stephen Hawking's ashes to be interred near Sir Isaac Newton's grave
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Cops Arrest White Supremacist Who Claimed He Trained Parkland Shooter
316 ExternalUserError The good news is, as a former legislator, he'll probably have a job lined up right away as a lobbyist. Then he can kiss who he wants *and* fuck voters at the same time.
72 Zerole00 I'm more surprised he had the decency to resign.
97 shaidyn Want a really fun though experiment? Imagine all the shit we hear about politicians in the news these days, but 40 years ago. No video cameras everywhere, no internet, and far less equality. Think about all the shit they were getting up to.
31 cynicalmango So politicians and lobbyists really are in bed together......
11 captionquirk Just FYI: This dude is a classic homophobe, voting to define marriage as exclusively heterosexual and saying that homosexuality violates “family values” You don’t hear that part added on when they get caught kissing girls. Which is understandable because the former makes for a more interesting story, but it’s important to remember confirmation bias.
101 Matthew37 Another one of those "family values" Republicans.
41 Shackleton214 Legislator caught in sexual impropriety? Must be another Christian family values Republican.
20 myweed1esbigger Mr Republican leader, how could you? You’ve offended my sensibilities. Although - I guess this is another display of family values... he values families so much that he can’t just stick to his.
6 I_Live_Again_ Robert L. Palmer, director of government affairs and legislative counsel for the group, said in an email: "Might as well face it you're addicted to love..."
8 kcmatic Why dont they identify "the woman" he kissed in the article?
3 BilltheCatisBack And now, this. He seems to enjoy all options, JN 2018. Many also voiced criticism of Dix due to a $1.75 million settlement from a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Kirsten Anderson, who was fired as the Iowa Senate Republican Caucus communications director in 2013 after lodging a sexual harassment complaint against the Senate GOP caucus, which Dix leads.
2 95DegreesNorth 'Being in bed with the Lobbyists' is supposed to be a figure of speech.
2 The_Watcher__ Go figure this was a Republican. What great morals these guys have..fuck the average voter seems like their M.O.
6 albertwasaman It's like a late night show monologue build a joke prompt.
3 Sasha____ No pics?
2 shellwe No worries! He can just blame gays for destroying the sanctity of marriage! /s
2 Tillmans_Crest Let me guess... Republican???
3 mdFree Republican lawmakers in charge of moral decency.
2 ReginasBlondeWig What a loser! Trump would never let the accurately negative characterization of his behavior affect his winning.