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127 DefiniteSpace He's scheduled for sentencing in Ingham County Circuit Court this week where he is expected to be sentenced to 40 to 125 years in Prison. This case is unique where, as part of the plea agreement, all 125 victims are able to give a victim impact statement. As of today, the sentencing is scheduled to take all week with 88 victims expected to give a statement. He is also scheduled for sentencing later this month in even more charges in Eaton County. The same 40 to 125 years deal was reached. This does not include the 60 years he was sentenced to in Federal Court for Child Porn. (He's currently appealing that sentence).
407 Talpostal I don't understand why Michigan State University isn't getting more heat for this when the abuse went on for years and people were allegedly fired for trying to speak out about Nassar.
215 julieannie Simone is also calling out USA Gymnastics for using the same training facility that these girls were abused at if they want to continue to be on the national team. This is not the only training facility in the country but it is designed in a way to isolate these ladies and allow for the abuse they sustained. USA gymnastics has been complicit and continues to be.
85 AmethystOrator > Some of the victims are certain to blame not just Nassar but USA Gymnastics, which made him an Olympic team doctor, and Michigan State University, where he had his sports-medicine practice until the scandal erupted in the summer of 2016. Given that: > A mountain of lawsuits filed against the university say a teenage gymnast reported Nassar's disturbing procedures to coach Kathie Klages in 1997 but no action was taken against him. > "Had MSU handled those reports of sexual assault properly in 1997 we wouldn't have have 93 victims coming forward to speak," Denhollander said. > Klages also defended Nassar to MSU gymnasts after the Indianapolis Star uncovered two complaints against him in August 2016, and she asked the college students to sign a card for him while he was suspended. > The university has asked for the dismissal of lawsuits by Nassar's accusers, contending that as a government entity it has immunity and also arguing that anyone who received complaints over the years was not Nassar's supervisor and thus not the right person to take action. > "They don't deny that four young women had complained in graphic detail about Larry's procedure," Denhollander said. "What they say is they didn't complain to the proper people." > USA Gymnastics, meanwhile, has come under fire from some its biggest stars — Raisman and Maroney among them, who say that after they told a private investigator about their sessions with Nassar, the organization tried to keep them quiet. It's no damn wonder that they'd blame USA Gymnastics & Michigan State University! They were actively covering this up. That Klages needs to be held accountable too. If she knew in '97 and just let it go on then she's a key part of the problem. MSU acknowledges that they knew about it, but shouldn't be responsible because the girls complained to the wrong people? Pathetic. I don't understand how any of these people thought that the doctor was so essential that he mattered more than the girls, but I hope that they all get sued to hell and prosecuted as much as possible.
112 InBergatory Here is a direct link to her statement: It's heartbreaking. She's TOLD to trust this man, who completely abuses her. I do love the strength she ends her statement with.
12 Crableg_1 Once again this is always terrible to hear. I sat next to her in an English class in college, really sweet girl.
15 No_Help_Accountant Must be so hard being thrust into the National spotlight with so much hurt on the inside. Poor woman.
40 geek66 What bothers me the most about this - is really this whole child sports mania ... parents, ESP in the USA, will go the end of the earth to promote their kids in sports like this, - and make education unimportant, and a normal and behavior irrelevant. The most common justification is this all builds character & life skills, but here the strongest, best and brightest stars of the entire sport - were ALL molested by one guy. NONE of them had the strength or understanding that 1) it was wrong, 2) they could speak up 3) there was NO one to talk to, 4) their whole life did not depend on gymnastics.
9 rpitchford It would be easier to talk about who this douchbag didn't molest at this point...
3 littlewine42 These young women wanted the dream. All of it. Keeping their mouths shut and playing along ensured them they would get to win their dreams. If they spoke up, they would be OUT with many other ready and willing to take their place. It's easy to be labeled "difficult to work with" as a woman. Easier as a young girl.