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Stephen Hawking's ashes to be interred near Sir Isaac Newton's grave
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1357 AT5squared What the fuck? I don’t care what reason they have, the 4th amendment is being violated here. Search of personal data as a matter of standard operating procedure is unacceptable.
700 iammandalore The Supreme Court [unanimously ruled that a warrant is required]( to search the contents of a cell phone during an arrest, nevermind a person who *isn't* under arrest.
256 StarkweatherRoadTrip What the fuck? If my phone endangers air travel by all means don't let me take it, or make me take it apart and check it. Get the fuck out of my personal data. It has no bearing on your plane from the late 80's.
347 djamp42 Wow, so TSA is a bigger threat to Americans freedoms then the fucking terrorists.
66 train_rider I wonder what will happen to the next person who’s device is encrypted and turned off. Will they hold the person until they unlock their device?
118 Gates9 TSA aren't law enforcement, they're not military or intelligence agents. They're schmucks. A welfare program with zero return on investment, including "security". These people might as well be digging ditches or sweeping parking lots. They can barely maintain a veneer of competence and I'm supposed to trust them with my personal data? What about hacking? What about deliberate leaks? Or just harassing people for kicks? We already know this is commonplace:
82 WillfullTiger What the fuck? Looking for nudes I bet
45 tomcruiseiscrazy LPT Always remember your fingerprint can be used in light of the 4th ammendment (it's physical) Your pin cannot. it's in your brain. so if you never want to be searched, always keep it so your pin has to be entered
35 a_golden_ruler So has anyone said no to these searches? I'm just curious as to what the outcome was.
60 msiekkinen You know the reintroduction of those Nokia phones with the target market being "people wanting a second phone to disconnect while they're skiing". Everyone called bullshit on that. I'm pretty sure the real target market is people that want a basic second phone while traveling to avoid the rape gate inspections like these.
14 YoungZM It's sad because on one hand I'd wager none of us have anything to hide, but on the other hand... it's still exceptionally uncomfortable and unethical. Seems weird that in "not negotiating with terrorists" or "backing down" we've given terrorists all they need to really win their end of the fight: oppress people within their own country with little to no need to follow up in violence. The seemingly lazy action of them has seen billions of dollars flow out with little cause or effect, citizens terrified and the government oppressing its people - how is that not a win to a cell? I'd be very interested to see the data on what this program has delivered us for actionable intel to fight terrorism with. I'd quite imagine it's about zilch.