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91 jexmex Based on the reading of the story, this is pretty common in natural disaster areas. Sad non the less. Natural disasters I am sure put a huge mental toll on people, and people that live in PR have had to deal with a lot before and after the disaster, I can definetly understand how that could take such a huge toll on people.
13 hopsandhorns I'm not surprised. You can't tell me that if people in CONUS went months without power and/or water, the levels of depression and disparity wouldn't rise to suicide levels of despair. I got to endure some of it in 1998 with Hurricane George in Puerto Rico... albeit it being a less severe storm. Went through Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey and saw how many people were going crazy about the lack of power and gasoline in just one week. Now imagine that for months.
4 Troxfot Not surprising when you take into account that some lost everything they've ever had.
111 SweetJefferson This is what happens when you make an entire population feel like they don't matter and aren't worth the effort to help. This governments handling of Puerto Rico is absurd.
9 VonHermanhauser "The Jones-Shaforth Act of 1917 granted the island’s inhabitants US citizenship. In 1948, they were permitted to elect their own governor, and in 1952 they adopted a constitution for their Commonwealth. Puerto Rico, however, is not a state and so lacks Congressmen and the two senators that it should have. In the first half of the twentieth century, the island was exploited by US sugar companies. In 1976 Congress enacted Section 936 of the Internal Revenue Code, which exempted US companies from taxes on their operations in Puerto Rico. Hundreds of companies rushed to the island and opened factories. People’s incomes went up over the next twenty years as a middle class grew. But then disaster struck. In the mid-1990s the catastrophic Newt Gingrich congress repealed section 936. Then it enacted NAFTA, removing tariffs with Mexico. Remember, Puerto Rico is the United States. It uses the dollar. Federal minimum wage legislation applies there. With no tax break from the US government and given the relatively expensive cost of labor, Puerto Rico could not compete with the low wages in Mexico, now that Mexico also paid no tariffs to export goods to the US. Companies fled the island. The only way to avoid a sudden plunge into dire poverty was to borrow money, and the Commonwealth’s debt ballooned to $72 billion."
35 JimmyJimmyJoeMack The anti Trump mayor telling PR America hates them and is racist probably didn’t help. Nor did she help when FEMA arrived, other mayors said she was absent from thenFEMA meetings choosing instead to talk to news crews. At least some of this blood is on her hands for stoking hate and dividing people.
9 [deleted] Turned off Javascript when the content appears and then vanished, so I could read the page. Probably because of as blocker. Got banner text box above top lines of the article that said, "NBC News works best with JavaScript turned on"
6 TheOnlySachMan This is what happens when you don't invest a cent into infrastructure. Ever notice Florida recovers relatively quickly after hurricanes? Because they have invested into structures and power grids that are hurricane protection and relief. PR has no one to blame but themselves, their government is very corrupt.
2 Slaves2Darkness Disney should just buy PR and put a park there, yes the whole island. Call Dream Park or something.