US Postal Service to unveil Mister Rogers postage stamp
Hostages taken at a supermarket after shots fired near Montpellier in southern France
National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster Resigns, Will Be Replaced by John Bolton
Cop sucked suicidal man's toes and sexually assaulted him at hospital, Chicago police say
Preschool director arrested for pulling knife, telling 4-year-old she would ‘cut his fingers off’
South Korea fines Facebook $369K for slowing user internet connections
Firefox maker Mozilla to stop Facebook advertising because of data scandal
Toys 'R' Us founder Charles Lazarus dies
Trump personal attorney John Dowd resigns
16-year-old girl shot at Md. high school taken off life support, family says
No Charge for 11 Turkish Agents Accused of Attacking D.C. Protesters
Protests Rock Russian Town After Over 50 Children Poisoned by Landfill Gas
Russia 'arming the Afghan Taliban', says US
Massive blaze on set of Edward Norton, Bruce Willis movie kills firefighter
More Sinkholes Could Form as Texas is 'Punctured Like a Pin Cushion':"The ground movement we're seeing is not normal."
YouTube gun ban drives bloggers to PornHub
Bye Facebook, hello Instagram: Users head for Facebook-owned social network
ICE arrests 120 people during illegal cockfighting event in Arkansas
Oregon initiative would ban assault weapons, require owners to surrender certain guns
Dow plunges 724 points as trade war fears rock Wall Street
Governor signs bill making CBD oil legal in Indiana
Police raiding Saginaw diocese, bishop's home in priest sex abuse probe
Kansas Militia Members Known as 'The Crusaders' Wanted to Kill Muslims, Prosecutors Say
Grandma Accidentally Shoots Toddler With AK-47
Florida men, one dressed in bull onesie, attempt to burn down house with Ragu sauce police say
Rents are rising at the fastest pace in almost two years
Police using fingerprints of dead suspects to unlock Apple iPhones
Dow tumbles more than 700 points as trade war fears intensify
Liberal plan to legalize pot in Canada in July survives Senate vote
Former Playboy model Karen McDougal says Trump offered cash after sex
Bolton Tells Sky News: "If You Want Peace Prepare For War"
South Korea to shut off computers to stop people working late
The Latest: US to sell $1 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia
Report examines how police use fingerprints of dead people to unlock iPhones & how Face ID is also vulnerable
Bill Cosby lawyers ask judge to step aside over his wife's work with assault victims Cosby’s team contends that the judge’s rulings could appear to be influenced by his wife, an ‘activist and advocate for assault victims’
Citigroup restricts gun sales by customers
World's largest collection of ocean garbage is now twice the size of Texas
Bizarre six-inch 'alien' skeleton found buried in desert was human baby, scientists confirm
Nearly 70% of those aged 12-20 admit being abusive towards another person online.
Nevada teen called his congressman and dropped an F-bomb while demanding action on guns. His school suspended him.
201 tidho They've aligned bonus compensation with performance. Pretty radical idea, lol.
63 thxxx1337 Jack Donaghy is going to be upset
24 Rocker26a I'm sincerely disappointed that this story has nothing to do with electric axes.
31 bigbluegoose Yeah but theyll all get multi million dollar severance packages when they leave the company.
35 captionquirk Sending thoughts and prayers to them and their families through this trying time
17 thecarlosdanger1 This isn’t really news in anyway aside from the fact their performance sucked. Pretty much every AIP (bonus) (and performance LTI for that matter) have threshold levels of performance and if you don’t hit them you get 0. Now they are typically set so it’s hard to get the 0 (threshold may be 50% of target or something). It’s not like GE made some massive governance change, this is the intended result of bad company performance, which on another note has been abysmal. For years GE was the blue chip company...
5 AshIsGroovy GE is like watching a dumpster fire. They are paying the price for decisions they made decades ago. I hope they get the ship righted, but I think it's going to take a lot of selling of assets and divisions.
6 march221 Why are people upset about bonus structures and bonus payouts of companies? It’s not the government, and they aren’t talking money from our pockets to fund the bonuses of these people? And why is everyone assuming these folks don’t work to earn the payout? Honest question, not sarcasm. I personally know some people on company boards and C suite people and they work day and night and well into weekends and holidays, being on call for every urgent decision that needs to be made or problems that need solving. And not to mention the business acumen you need to lead multi million and billion dollar companies. So why the hate?
9 GrizzlyX87 But what about their families!?
2 The_Seerion Amazing to me that these people are getting $10m bonuses for nothing while others can barely pay bills.
1 Blishter64 I can’t help but notice how many ‘former’ senior managers are listed
1 burkins89 Sounds like the CEO of the company I work for.... Makes $900k a year and gets $1.5M in bonuses. Must be hard to not have to actually know anything in your field to pull in that kind of money.