White House announces ban on most transgender service members
Colorado among first states to give consumers the right to store energy from alternative sources. A new right — the ability to store energy without discrimination in rates or excessive barriers in connecting to the grid
Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Has Dropped $10 Billion in the Last Week
Investigators raid offices of Cambridge Analytica after search warrant granted
Elon Musk has deleted Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook Pages after Twitter Challenge
Craigslist ends personal ads after Congress passes anti-prostitution bill
Attorney says Roy Moore supporters offered him $10,000 to drop client who accused the Senate candidate of sexual impropriety
US Postal Service to unveil Mister Rogers postage stamp
Fatal Sacramento shooting: Police chief doesn’t know why officers turned off body camera audio
Facebook fell 13 percent this week to below $160, the stock's worst week since July 2012
Hostages taken at a supermarket after shots fired near Montpellier in southern France
New petition seeks to put recreational marijuana on November ballot in Oklahoma
California Net Neutrality Bill Would Go Beyond Original Protections
O.C.'s grand homeless plan collapsing as residents balk at having shelters in their neighborhoods
Passengers take over Greyhound bus to stop drowsy driver
Chilling legal documents reveal just how shitty the "planning" behind lethal "world's tallest" waterslide really was
Omaha man ‘liked’ a tweet, and then he lost his dream job
Instagram Is Making a Big Change and Now New Posts Will Show Up First Again
Rod Rosenstein announces indictment of Iranians for "conspiring" to hack U.S. entities
Police tell man ‘Congratulations, that’s a felony’ after arrest on impersonating US Marshal charge
Russia 'arming the Afghan Taliban', says US
Father who gave baby girl 28 rib fractures wanted a son instead, Ohio prosecutor says
South Africa farm attacks: Australia a ‘racist country’, Julius Malema says
A Colorado Judge has granted an injunction against a law banning women from going topless
Robotic T Rex bursts into flames at US theme park - ABC News
U.S. steel tariffs meet barrage of criticism at WTO
Woman who accused former MTC leader of sexual assault will pursue a civil lawsuit against the LDS Church
White House looks into reducing Chinese student visas
Iowan family that went missing in Mexico confirmed dead
NASA ‘clean’ room is contaminated with fungus
Cop sucked suicidal man's toes and sexually assaulted him at hospital, Chicago police say
National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster Resigns, Will Be Replaced by John Bolton
A backlog of rape kits in Oregon is a year away from being eliminated following the passage of a state law mandating quicker testing, officials say.
SFO terminal to be renamed in honor of Harvey Milk
Driver charged with murder after allegedly ramming car into crowd in Montrose, killing young nurse
Report: Kroger, Target flirt with mega-merger
Tropical Cyclone Nora expected to reach category four before hitting Queensland
Students get stones to ward off shooters
Protests Rock Russian Town After Over 50 Children Poisoned by Landfill Gas
Massive blaze on set of Edward Norton, Bruce Willis movie kills firefighter
170 sbFRESH I can't think of any case where my signature has actually been used to verify anything. Why do we still use it?
25 lazyassdog Man I can't re.ember the last time I had to sign here in Canada. Either tap and pay or pin code everywhere here. The only thing stranger would be using cash or a cheque.
63 Charlitos_Way I hate when I'm buying a bag of chips at the 7-11 and the clerk asks for my ID and then studies my signature like he's just working there on his off hours and his real job is at the crime lab studying forged signatures. Sometimes I just write 'whatever' on the signature line.
11 PurpEL Canada would like to welcome the USA to 2003
7 LuckyBdx4 Signing cards died on August 1st 2014 here in Australia.
15 relomia I haven't signed my visa or mastercard ever in my life and never had a problem...
29 Daeskmoor It would be nice if cashiers actually checked them in the US. Been all over the east coast and nobody has asked for ID, 'cause mine says NEED ID in bold.
8 OMGSPACERUSSIA I used to deliver pizza. I was honestly surprise by the number of people who would give me blank looks when I handed them a receipt and asked for a signature. And eventually I got to the point where I would tell them "signature and total." Because if you're going to stiff me on the tip then I'm damn well going to make you look me in the eye as you hand that receipt back.
4 [deleted] [deleted]
12 Neutrinobeam When are they going to implement PINS? Chip and pin has been standard in everywhere not the US for how long?
8 vanishplusxzone Lol them pretending that the chip system they launched is at all secure is fucking cute. Maybe if they made it an actual chip and pin sure, but just changing from the mag stripe to the chip or contactless doesn't do shit.
10 xHarryR Welcome to 2018 America! Signatures haven't been needed everywhere else in the world for atleast the last 10 years..
3 bad_luck_dragon I can count on one hand the number of times I've had to sign using either my visa or master card. I have literally only ever been IDd twice; both at the same bookstore, and I've been using these cards for 6 years.