Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For
Study: Flint water killed unborn babies; many moms who drank it couldn't get pregnant
D.C. court rules tracking phones without a warrant is unconstitutional
Northern Michigan University The First In U.S. To Train Undergrads For Marijuana Industry
SEC reveals it was hacked, information may have been used for illegal stock trades
Prosecutors say Texas lawmaker spent $51K on online psychic
Mexico City earthquake: Salma Hayek donates $100,000 to victims after revealing she lived through 1985 quake
Convicted murderer released from psychiatric hospital decapitates toddler
Army vet shown walking after claiming he couldn't owes government $434K
North Korean official hints that nation will detonate their strongest weapon over the Pacific
Judge rejects couple’s argument for refusing gay customers
Teacher hailed as hero for taking down gunman at Illinois high school
Baby born to mom who declined cancer treatment dies
Family caught carrying 'bag of mosquitoes' into Pakistan hospital
A 35 year old woman jailed for 5 years for sexual activity with boys aged 12 and 13.
$1.8M stolen in minutes after couriers leave keys in van outside bank
San Francisco sues Big Oil for billions over climate change claiming they knew the dangers for decades
China's central bank tells banks to stop doing business with North Korea: sources | Reuters
Two Muskogee women get 20 years in severe beating of 5-year-old boy
Cousins rob and kill pizza delivery driver, eat pizza after murder
Lawyer: Aaron Hernandez had 'severe case' of CTE
Southern Nevada moving toward 24-hour pot dispensaries
CEO's bonus cut 25% for his anti-gay, sexist tirade at Kathy Griffin
For-Profit College Targets Minorities and Low-Income Communities
New antibody attacks 99% of HIV strains
Hurricane Irma: Bacteria 'too numerous to count' in Everglades City floodwaters
Experian Site Can Give Anyone Your Credit Freeze PIN
Four more ex-Pilot Flying J execs plead guilty to diesel fraud
Maryland teens accused of kidnapping, raping female classmate
Girl, 12, could face charges after sending topless photo to paedophile who groomed her online
For the first time, the Marine Corps expects to have a female infantry officer among its ranks
BYU now has caffeinated soft drinks on campus for first time since the 1950s
Greensboro anti-violence activist shot, killed
Navy SEAL pleads guilty to production of child pornography
Female high school teacher allegedly had sex with 4 students
Deaf Man Shot Dead by Oklahoma City Police as Neighbors Scream in Horror.
Wilmington man gets 80 years for kidnapping girl, chaining her to tree
Canoeist Emma Kelty was 'raped and tortured' before bungling attackers set off SOS alarm
Indiana University student found alive after being padlocked in a cave for three days.
Ninety-four year old Battle of the Bulge veteran gets to see war memorial virtually.
371 98cwitr Those fucking snakes. I hope the suit goes from $70 billion to 700.
128 spacednlost Also interesting that I just went to Experian, because people are saying put a Credit freeze on your stuff, and Experian says they want $11.00 to do this. Screw you Experian. I'll see you all in court.
35 HighOnGoofballs That million a year would have been a good start towards actually securing the data.
54 theendisneah "Equifax Lobbied for Easier Regulation Before Announcing Data Breach" -FIFY
74 Eligrey Would love to see them go bankrupt and most of their executive staff, especially their security officer put in jail. Oh yea, this is America, they'll all walk and get a huge bonus!
20 Frackenbrau So I heard on the radio that due to the data breach, I now have to Pay Equifax $5 if I want them to protect me from identity theft? What the what? shouldn't they do that for free?
17 A530 From the article: > The executives said the company waited more than a month to announce the breach in part because of the need to set up a website for affected consumers and decide on services for them, according to a person familiar with the matter. I guess it takes a month to register a domain that looks like it was created for phishing and to throw up a vulnerable WordPress site to host the domain. The fucking CISO/CSO should be thrown out on her head for letting this happen and for the pathetic response.
9 Throwaway6547832 [removed]
51 TheDemonHauntedWorld It still amazes me how easy identity theft is in to US... all because people refuse a National ID because "freedom", so the SSN is used as a ID even though it's not supposed to. Seriously... It's easiest issue to fix. 1 - Just get an National ID... with all those high tech security measures like a photo. 2 - That's it. Whenever you need to identify someone, use the National ID... that was made for that purpose... And it's easy to check to see if the person in the ID is the person you're talking to about opening that bank account. You guys already use the SSN as a national ID anyway... why not make one specific for that purpose that would be more safe?
9 TheMarketLiberal93 This wouldn't be a problem if social security numbers didnt exist.
5 sw04ca Is this really surprising? Business is always lobbying for eases on regulation to boost their short-term gains, even if the results of looser regulation would be catastrophic. That's what government and regulation are for, to look past the quarterly results that is the end-all, be-all of private enterprise these days.
12 cablenewsracist Regulation is very useful.
4 mynameis_neo Corruption! Corruption everywhere!
3 yahyehyeah I'm sure the free market will work it out. Where are muh libertarians at?
3 VonHermanhauser "The financialization of our economy—more aptly called financial strip-mining—is the most powerful driver of runaway inequality. This is the direct result of the failed neo-liberal policies that erroneously claim that cutting regulations always makes the economy run better. It's bullshit. In the case of finance the picture is crystal fucking clear. When we had our foot on the neck of Wall Street (from the New Deal era to the late 1970s) the economy became more egalitarian with real wage increases for working people of all kinds. But after deregulation of Wall Street activities—egalization of stock buybacks, end of Glass Steagall, prohibition of regulating derivatives, etc—U.S. inequality soared. As one recent study puts it: "We observe a complete collapse of the bottom 50% income share in the US between 1978 and 2017, from 20% to 10% of total income, while the top 1% income share rose from 10% to 21%"