Trying to teach I.T in a Ghanaian village.
Entrance to a shrine in Japan
No editing, just makeup
Pretty good marketing
Israeli Army Girl
A man who lied about bone spurs welcoming a man who did crystal meth and crapped his pants for a week in order to dodge the Vietnam draft.
A brilliant work of Art
Rep Mike Bost delivers a bag of "thoughts and prayers" to help with the Florida shooting.
Iran, 1979. Right before the islamic revolution
Parking in front of a liquor store
Went to the National Cathedral and went upstairs at the perfect moment
Sydney at sunset
Wall art Glasgow, Scotland
The woman who was the model for the face of the Statue of Liberty standing beside it.
Reddit! Welcome to Redditt Ontario, Canada sorry for the typo eh?!
A cloud bursts over Phoenix .
This is what happened when my wife left me in charge of our son’s 1 year birthday photo.
This is Scotland
Award winning underwater photograph
The Rock's stunt double is also his real-life cousin (Tanoai Reed)
Best propaganda of all time
Winter in Slovenia
I just miss Casper there.
A map of the world through a water droplet
Obama after spending hours meeting with parents of Sandy Hook victims. Trump at his disco party after spending 15 minutes with parents of victims
Saudi Crown prince arrived in Japan with 10 plain loads of staff, furniture & luxury goods for personal use. Japanese Emperor met him in this empty room, with simplest settings, giving a message to MBS that greatness lies in knowledge & higher values not in ugly display of wealth.
I adopted a new dog. She loves car rides.
I just rode with the highest rated Uber driver in NYC! Mustapha speaks four languages, studies computer programming at night at community college, has driven over 10,000 people, and has a rating of 4.96. Truly one of the nicest most inspiring people out there.
Looks like they need to defrag the port
The stars came out early tonight.
A real Bigfoot
My wife makes 1 cake a year (for our son's birthday). Here's this year's cake, at his request.
Dejected Crane
The ash cloud from Mount Sinabung, an Indonesian volcano that erupted today.
More people should know about this.
A glacier stream at the base of K2
There was a time when the Kardashians have not yet discovered plastic surgery
A teacher tries hard to make ICT course easy for his class. He draws everything on the board because there are no computers.
2509 whelmy Parents had a house built in a new subdivision years and years ago, most of the people in the area created a HOA, tried to get my parents to join it, no way they said. They would never stop bugging them to join. They eventually sold their place, but made sure to tell the buyers that they are not required to join the HOA and if they come around trying to claim the house was part of it or put fines on them to tell them to pound sand.
3469 ForeverAbone-r Passed* And they sound like the type of people who would ruin their own funeral with nagging.
527 StrawberryTea I wonder how emergency managers trying to discourage people from rushing back too soon would feel about this sort of thing.
1024 [deleted] This is why I will go out of my way to not live under an HOA.
212 gegs1313 Louisiana native here. It'll probably get buried by now but I have some horror stories about this from Katrina. 1) Our HOA said we (as in whole neighborhood) couldn't have non cars in our driveways. They said it was because people were storing jet skis in their driveways but they also sent letters to people who put up FEMA trailers for displaced families telling them they had to get rid of them. IIRC we made USA Today for that one. 2) We were also told we couldn't have multiple families living in our homes for an extended period of time. (Our area wasn't completely destroyed so a lot of people had family and friends who lost everything staying in our neighborhood) 3) Our neighbor was having the giant tree that was laying on top of his house removed along with a few others that fell on his property. Guy from the HOA comes by and tells him HOA: "You know you have to replace those right?" Guy: "Oh haha. Sure" HOA: "No, seriously. You have to plant a small tree for any of the natural trees you remove from the property" That didn't end well Pretty sure there's some more I'm forgetting but it was 12 years ago.
461 Kalapuya Please tell me that Millennials are killing HOAs.
876 Congzilla Florida resident here that rode the storm out, a guy from our association was driving around today. I was raking the wood chips out of my lawn back into the planter on on side of my yard. He stops and honks to get my attention (loud with dozens of generators running) tells me to clean the other side. I threw my rake at his truck and started running at him screaming like a fucking Apache. He hauled ass but I am sure I will get a letter soon.
86 7BOomeRanG7 My sister lost her condo to foreclosure because the HOA told everyone they needed to pay $20k/ea for new windows on all units. Not really a great thing in a place where you're already taxed out the ass and pay double the country premium for any kind of housing (Seattle)
64 reinchelien There is only one course of action here: Make a plywood cover for your doorknob.
223 TannerTwaggs We have rocks(bunch of pebbles) in our front yard in place of sod... We got charged $225 Because ONE SINGLE PEBBLE. Got out of the retaining wall somehow onto the sidewalk in from of my house. Fuck HOAs man
423 BoiledPNutz There needs to be State laws passed against HOAs limiting their authority. It's beyond absurd what they turn into over time. The biggest losers in the neighborhood shouldn't be in decision making roles.
188 dblan9 After buying a non HOA house in 2000 and speaking to tons of HOA sellers complaining non stop how horrible HOA's are I am really surprised they exist outside of being entirely for the elderly.