Prof. Stephen Hawking Megathread [1942-2018]
Two kids pose for the camera at Hong Kong's Quarry Bay
Staple City
Government connected to mafia killed innocent journalist and tries to oppress our rights. We protest. Around 100 000 people in streets through the country of Slovakia.
My wife makes wedding bouquets out of old comic books. I figured Reddit would enjoy them!
Traveled ~~millions~~ thousands of miles, just had to stop off here.
Moana cosplay
Tried to recreate the feeling I had watching Pokemon 2000 in theaters as a kid.
Thousands of people in Rio's city council in honour of Marielle Franco, councilor and activist that was executed after denouncing corrupt police officers. Her voice will not be silenced. We demand justice.
Beautiful cave/river on the istran peninsula near Croatia.
A pub in Dublin, Ireland, getting ready for St. Patricks day.
This baby deer put a smile on my face today
Dr. Betty has been practicing veterinary medicine for 44 years, and for the first time today a patient came in with her exact hairstyle.
This bridge
Forest cats
Bear mom and the cubs
As of March 16, 2018 I'm(far left) a proud American citizen!
Took this today in Venice. Skull in the sky.
I repurpose men's tees into cool ladies dresses. This is my lastest project.
Reason for running
My parents retired and are traveling throughout the southwest US. My mom sent me this picture she took of my Dad during one of their stops.
Two different people, two different corner of the world, two different lifestyle, yet somewhat similar.
Today, march 16th 2018, marks my 10 years clean off Meth!! I'm so excited!
I retired 3.5 years ago and moved to the mountains. I took this picture from my bedroom window this morning.
Finished this self portrait this morning with a palette knife
My father passed yesterday morning. I took this photo at his estate before he lost everything, and colorized the red, his favorite color. He was OG and will be missed.
So my 6 yo son found an "actual" blue crystal and he would like you all to see
Just me, my bike, and reddit.
Tomasz Komenda was in prison for 18 years due to a crime he did not even commit. Today he was declared innocent
Shepherd guiding his sheep at sunrise, Netherlands
The afternoon sky in Kuwait, 20 minutes before the Thunder/Dust storm started.
I met Kevin Hart last night while bouncing
A little taste of Cuba and La Habana
Kandolhu Island Resort, Maldives
Music and a Pipe against all odds
Will Poulter as Sid from Toy Story
Groot plant pot
This photo I took of some kangaroos in a vineyard looks like an action sequence composite
Went to the city zoo today and this sweet birdo was showing off for me.
Sometimes she just likes to sit.
How Jeeps were shipped during WW2
3259 scottmolson Took Amtrak from Philadelphia to Idaho. 2½ days. First night I had a sleeper car. The second night I slept in coach. I loved every minute of it. Bar car. Get up walk around. No traffic, just relaxing. If you're not in a hurry it's a great way to see the country.
270 unintentionalgenius I used to take the train from college (near LA) to my families home (near SF) since I didn't have a car. It was about a 10 hour ride but since the train had outlets I would play Skyrim on my laptop. Very relaxing ride tbh, if you weren't in a hurry.
1238 UnpopularCrayon LPT: That trough is not there to pee in.
163 KeetnaWilson PSA from a frequent Amtrak rider. First of all check out /r/Amtrak and /r/trains for more info and great photos like this. This is the observation car, available to all passengers on all long distance trains. Tickets for long distance trains normally range from a coach seat (usually a bit cheaper than planes if you book in advance) which have much more legroom than airplane seats but are still seats, to sleeper cabins (they can range from a bit above plane tickets to a decent amount above). There are routes across the country (all states except alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming and south Dakota) and long distance routes run daily or a few times per week, shorter distance trains run multiple times per day. For more info look at some really good info there.
222 UnarmedRobonaut I like the design of those chairs. Has a space scifi feel to it.
2986 IWorshipTacos It would be awesome to get more funding for a better national rail system in the US. It's a fun way to travel even if it's not efficient for a country as big as ours.
372 moyismoy we need more of these
83 blowmonkey I bought a rail pass in 2002 and went all across the U.S. and Canada for a month. These things were awesome. On certain legs they would invite experts on the area to talk about what we were seeing. It was a phenomenal experience. I think the rail pass was like $600 back then.
108 terryleopard Wow. This is so cool. Where / what / when / how much is it?
125 3Dartwork This is the highlight for me when I take the Amtrak from St Louis to Chicago. If I take it to Kansas City, this car isn't available. It makes the trip worth it. Since fucking terrorists haven't used a train against America, we are free to bring aboard ice chests filled with beer and food for the trip. I shit you not. So imagine sitting in one of these fairly comfortable seats with a beer in your hand as you enjoy the passing scenery with incredible lighting.