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Clay sculpture a friend of mine made
My favorite sentence in this Japanese textbook
Final Warning.
This guys cosplay.
Katy Perry dressed as Jessica Rabbit.
Pic of ramen noodles at -30: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
My family’s Thanksgiving setup this year
Villains of our era
A friend of mine who lives in Bergamo, Italy sent me a pic of a carousel that caught fire in her town. It’s eerily beautiful
"The old 'mortar round through the petrol cap, through the wheel arch and impeding the tyre'. Happens a lot."
Best photo I've ever taken with my iPhone...
Happy Thanksgiving from my little sisters first ever turkey!
Faroe Islands
A few years back I wrote a scary children's book and dedicated it to childhood hero R.L. Stine, sending him a copy. He wrote me back this awesome letter saying thanks.
Brilliant Breach Of Copyright
I saw the statue everyone is talking about and thought I could show you this at a local restaurant.
I made a savory "cake" out of traditional Thanksgiving sides (cornbread, stuffing, sweet potatoes, and cranberry sauce), frosted it with mashed potatoes, and put a roast chicken on top. Happy Turkey Day, reddit!
My pie came out good this year. Happy Thanksgiving.
Welcome home, babe!
The Man Who Burned the Confederate Flag Has a Gun Nearly Pulled Out on Him, a Police Officer Stops It...
One of my favorite photos
Sigh. Happy Thanksgiving
Gonna pass these out at the mall this Friday. Doing my part to spread awareness outside of Reddit.
NSFW Headed through Houston and I saw a famous bumper sticker NSFW
Now or Never
I like making paper art. I love Calvin and Hobbes. Ta-da!
New Yorkers stop to watch the "Seinfeld" finale in Times Square, 1998
Comcast is having their Evil Thanksgiving next door to me
Came to work this morning and found this pretty neat mud/ice formation on the rims of my truck.
I lost 45lbs in 14 months!
Customer ordered Thanksgiving Themed cookies shaped like dicks.
Shattered my phone camera lens, now pictures with a lot of light get this interesting effect.
A few years ago I was trying to find a copy of this comic from 1962 as I found out it had a strip about my Grandma in it! Here I am after a kind stranger I found on an online comic forum gave it to me for free from their private collection!
"Etretat, Normandy, France"
Find someone who looks at you like my dad looks at the turkey.
Appalachian Trail in Blue Ridge Georgia
A Fuck You Pai
5672 whyisthismythrowaway endearing shot. and props to the photographer, for getting it and letting your mom (and you) have it.
10360 Beasty_Glanglemutton Would have been funny if you woke up during the newscast and peeped your head over the desk.
2037 tapport Reminds me of when I was a kid. My single mom worked hours and hours every night out of a pizza place a friend owned making bread to sell the following morning. She converted our family van into a little kid's room with Legos, a little TV for the Nintendo, and blankets, but I just wanted to be with her and would sleep in office chairs or under tables so that I could be by her while she worked. Love my mom to complete death, she's given everything in life for her kids and I'm so thankful for that.
16086 vestayekta This is oddly peaceful.
4563 r0wt In another "It's amazing this was allowed" story, my dad used to take me into the cockpit of passenger aircraft and tell me which buttons to press during the flight. On one occasion the extra cockpit seat (jumpseat) was taken so I stood up on takeoff and landing holding on to the back of my dad's seat
2076 TooShiftyForYou "Okay viewers at home, I'm being handed a note... this is breaking news. 'Mom, can we go home now?'"
627 kayonesoft Now this has me wondering just how many news channels have children behind their desks.
621 Swamp_Troll This looks so much like some romanced version of the 90's to me. Something straight out of a movie. News Anchor business getting bigger with what the technology helped them achieve with the news (news helicopters man! Live car chases!), the haircut and look, the professional career woman slash mother, and the cute blond-ish kid seemingly only waiting to turn this into one of these comedies where the lead character is a kid doing shenanigans in a serious adult world. It's only missing NYC or LA, a cool street smart black guy giving a piece of advice, and you know exactly what type of 90's music
180 Smismar07 When I was a kid my parents owned a donut shop. I used to sleep on unopened flour bags in the stock room.
149 thndrstrk What news station?
1208 Vagina_Woolf I know this exact feeling. My dad was a newspaper editor and I'd usually go to his office after school. We didn't have a studio (which is way cooler), but we did have giant ass printing presses in the basement. I usually hung out down there. At the time I hated that we always stayed late for this reason or that, but looking back (now as a journalist myself) I wouldn't trade those memories for the world. Can't wait to have my own kid annoying me one day while I try to finish a story on deadline.
659 dickfromaccounting this is amazing. turns the unfamiliar world of newscasting into a friendly, homey place