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Award winning underwater photograph
I just rode with the highest rated Uber driver in NYC! Mustapha speaks four languages, studies computer programming at night at community college, has driven over 10,000 people, and has a rating of 4.96. Truly one of the nicest most inspiring people out there.
A real Bigfoot
Embedding Architecture with Nature
Parking in front of a liquor store
Shaq standing next to a wax figure of Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in recorded history.
Rice field farmer ~ Thailand
Obama after spending hours meeting with parents of Sandy Hook victims. Trump at his disco party after spending 15 minutes with parents of victims
Topical Smirnoff Ad
Looks like they need to defrag the port
Frodo on the day he was found and now (one eyed and spoiled :)
It really is true...
No Flip
This is what happened when my wife left me in charge of our son’s 1 year birthday photo.
Burnt basement window. Took this while digging through the remains of my parents house after a fire that destroyed their house and killed my dad. But I guess there is beauty everywhere.
Grandmother turned 100 yesterday, she wanted Jell-O shots for her toast!
Black panther spoiler
Took a picture from the top of Mt Bromo, Indonesia that I thought you lot might like...
My passion is to paint scenes I’ve photographed in the mountains. Here’s a before and after of my latest.
The skeleton of a 28ft Anaconda!
Presidential Handshake and Respect.
A great shirt that I saw
Even big cats like boxes
Twilight at the Golden Gate Bridge
A beautiful sunset
I asked the woman of my dreams to marry me. She said yes.
After 3 years working on and off, here is the final product (crocheted)
My fiance proposed to me but he didnt have a ring yet so he improvised.
This Clear Water in Sweden
Tunisian Protester holding A Sign That Says Grow The Brain Before The Beard
The casino reflection in my glasses makes my eyes look cartoonized
Backyard bowling alley, with pins resetting via strings
This is Sparta, the very fist post I saw, fell in love with reddit at first sight
Tried recreating a photo of my father when he was 19 (in the 1970s) for his birthday, I'm on the right
Rabbit made of clock parts
Looks shouldn't decieve you.
6 yr
Wall art Glasgow, Scotland
3631 pollo4546 What's a bait dog? -Ok thanks for the help guys but i understand now no more explanations thanks.
5462 Kannon0902 I hate hearing what dogs like him have been through. I love hearing how they’re in a much better situation. My dog, Loki, is a 4 year old pit bull who was left in a crate for 16-18 hours a day the first 8 months of his life. I hug the shit out of him and cuddle him as much as I can because I know he loves it and it makes him happy. Although he had it rough before my wife and I got him, I’m determined to give him the best life I can because he deserves it. Edit: Oh wow. Thanks for the upvotes everyone!
115 Mugin How is he with other dogs considering the hell he has been through?
1256 [deleted] [deleted]
753 Lucky8Levi This wasn't back in nineteen ninety eight was it?
375 WorkerBeeHere I want to hug Scooby. Please hug Scooby for me.
549 tunersharkbitten /u/shittymorph I used to have you RES tagged as "hell in a Cell" but ever since you first posted Scooby, [I have you marked down as "Savior of Puppy."]( just wanted you to know that while you might be INFAMOUS for the hell in a cell ordeal, you are FAMOUS for your actions IRL. just wanted you to know.
355 98Toyota4Runner I adopted my dog from a shelter near me. She's a Carolina dog and was abused before I got to her. The shelter workers told me that she when they found her, she was in a trash bag, malnourished, and afraid of every human. They said they couldn't get anywhere near her run at the shelter with a plastic bag, windbreaker, or anything that made the sound of plastic bags. For the first two months I had her, she would only sleep on my kitchen and bathroom floors -- hard, cold, tile. I had to teach her that it was okay to get on the couch, on the bed, etc. It was as if soft, comfortable surfaces were completely unknown to her. And anytime grocery bags or trash bags came out, she was gone, shaking under the bed. I adopted her right after getting out of a 5-year relationship in a bad way. She and I both rehabilitated from that, and she helped me just as much or more than I helped her. She's been there for me through law school, bar exam, 4 jobs, 3 houses, and 3 cities. I remember her sleeping under my desk for 2.5 months every day that I studied for the bar exam, never leaving my side -- my constant companion. Now, 5 years later, she's still skittish around strange men, but once you're in her circle of trust, she's an endless source of kisses and love. She sleeps in my bed with me every night, loves the couch, her toys, and her huge (5' wide) dog bed. She's learned to love other dogs (especially her cousin dogs), the dog park, and her favorite hedgehog toy (the only one she hasn't destroyed). She's so smart and very protective of me and has been an awesome addition to my life. She's my ride or die and I love her so much. I can't even think about the day that I'll have to say goodbye. Please adopt from a shelter if you have the opportunity. Sometimes the dogs with scars bring some baggage, but you'll find that you get a hefty return on what you put into an animal like that. I sure have. TL;DR: My shelter adoptee dog is my ride-or-die down-ass bitch.
49 sonbrothercousin Thank you. This stuff just enrages me. I can hardly think about it. I hate these cowards that do this to animals. I would put those people down, not the doggos.
49 Phoequinox What an undertaking. His life was hell in a cell, but you showed him that mankind is caring.