The 24 hour Taco Bell that got me and my friends through college tragically burned down last night. We're coping the best we can.
I work on the 10th floor of an office tower. I have a friend who stops by daily.
Months of planning. 5 days of patience. 2 seconds to get the shot. Thank you, Namibia.
Get yourself someone whos as happy to see you like this beer is happy to see me
Gods & Goddesses
Cool cats don't look at natural disasters
Picture of our 6'1" former president next to our 6'3" current president
My daughter got a new hat. I think she likes it.
Eleven (Stranger Things) Cosplay
Cougar near the Hollywood sign
Saw this bumper sticker.
Our local Sam’s club is closing and today everything dropped to 50% off. We’re also expecting twins.
After floods and extreme cold
I beat colon cancer today. Happiest day of my life.
Meet Chimera!
Get your engagement ring resized right away. Otherwise, you too, could be melting piles of snow your ring *might* have fallen in.
This is what life is like when you volunteer at an animal sanctuary
After a bad car accident and loosing his house my dad left the US for Guatemala, he sends me pictures of his new happy life.
'57 Chevy Golf Cart
My son got a new hat. I think he likes it, too!
Stone stairs worn from years of footsteps and rain
Fossilized leaves I found on the Scott Turner Glacier, Svalbard. [1256*942]...around 70 million years old.
North Carolina winter storm prep: We'd rather starve to death than buy wheat bread.
Someones thought thru this headline
To the man that lost his Taco Bell...We know your pain.
Someone is trying to sell this train wreck on a local Facebook group for $80. Lurk Skurwerker!
I took a picture of containers in Montreal's port.
Wife tried to take a picture of an owl outside our home. Turned out creepier than we thought.
Only in Nebraska...
Girl waiting for a bus in Siberia
After nearly 16 years, today I’m proud to be a U.S. citizen!
My first school photo in Zimbabwe, and in uniform, 20 years ago this month
An Irish Elk, a species who lived along side humans as recently as 9,000 BC.
When you have no legos or money but you have a laser cutter...
How Houston Drivers avoid icy roads
I should've never let my boyfriend order my fantasy football trophy after beating him in the finals.
Years before the Google Arts and Culture app, my boyfriend and I stumbled upon this one all on our own.
Little Colorado goodness...
Frozen shadow
39 cosmoboy Sally West, she has a whole series of these.
25 Rai93 No idea why I like this so much but it's pretty nice!
25 Isaythree It's a beach :)
3 ShurimanMoonBoy Oh that's quite nice
6 kipper1272 Looks like a beach scene.
2 KidRed Is that Chris Christie?
2 90059bethezip Prime r/misleadingthumbnails material
2 GarrisonDominguez This is fucking amazing.
8 symplastique How many billions of times is this reposted every month?
3 fullmetalneedle I want this! So cool
1 Zomaksiamass Author??
1 Noerdy Knowing /r/pics, I had to check to make sure this actually WAS paint.
1 heysop Looks like a Gray Malin photo
1 quihgon from the thumb nail, I thought it was a ww2 battlefield map.
1 ajda01 The texture of the paint gives it a 3D feel
1 SilentAtAll Pretty sure they are skiing down a mountain. And the camels are just chilling in the desert below. Obvs.
1 rdrum There was a picture book I think when I was a kid that had a 3D style like this and I thought it was really cool... does anyone know what it was?
1 blacksantron This is hanging in an art gallery in my town in Florida... Thought it was really cool when I saw it, now it's here.
1 d3s7iny Ohama beach - June 6, 1944
1 differentimage Bondi beach 🏖
1 MattieShoes Assumed this was /r/misleadingthumbnails and assumed it must actually be a beach, then got confused when I looked more closely at the image. :-)
1 CocoNicoLauw This is how things were conveyed before drones.
1 meatpopsicle42 At risk of sounding pretentious, every time I see this reposted I think, "Also known as a 'painting'." Don't get me wrong, I really like the piece. But at the end of the day it's simply a painting done in a very particular style that involves heavy strokes, dabs, and layers to pull together a successful minimalist composition -- which in and of itself is a beautiful juxtaposition. That is, high volumes of medium used to minimal effect. Great stuff.
1 Barb917 Sooooooo cool!!!!
1 I_Hunt_N00bs Are red and yellow flags indicating the safe area to swim a global symbol? I had always presumed it was an Australian thing and so this would more obviously a beach to Australians.
1 Frebdignabliaq Nice! Very reminiscent of early Wayne Thibeau.
1 satan664 And creative lighting
0 OmarGuard If you squint your eyes slightly, you'll see blurry specks of paint