Took this with my phone through my windshield while stopped at a light.
The Alien Pez dispenser from the 90's
I asked my dad for a cordless drill and this is what he gave me.
That’s some damned good design
First Days of School K-12
I think I’m going to remember this lock combo...
Even superheroes are sometimes bored in the elevator
Mother and daughter from England that survived the Titanic stayed in New York because they never wanted to go back to sea.
Got to -40°F today. Dad sent me this from his garage.
This is the first full body picture I've taken showing my stumps. I find it pretty surreal to know that it's me. I wanted to share.
6 foot painting done with pens and markers.
An abandoned Scottish castle
A clever way to show what ancient ruins looked like
When I’m stressed out or sad I make things. Here’s a teeny tiny paper bit of happiness for you tonight. Enjoy.
The clean line between sand and dried out lake bed.
Saw this salt covered van 4 years ago when I was pumping gas and thought it looked like a Bob Ross painting
American Flag ????
A stray dog getting a free grooming session from a group of monkeys
Town in Iceland Paints 3D Zebra Crosswalk To Slow Down Speeding Cars
For sure, the best picture I've ever taken
Modern Renaissance Painting
The Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonicus), also known as the mejiro bird. Basically a real life angry bird
A moose came by the house to catch up on the Olympics.
Just got my thyroid removed due to cancer. Feeling fine af
West Boca Raton High students walked out of class and marched to Stoneman Douglas High
Sir Ian McKellen got mistaken for a homeless man during a rehearsal break
Kurt Cobain and Tupac together in the early 1990s
Australia's response under a conservative government following the death of 35 people during the Port Arthur Massacre in 1996.
Man from Papua New Guinea by Trey Ratcliff
Bamboo after snow. Kyoto, Japan by mantaroq.
Saw this sign outside a comic book store. Made me smile :)
Diablo cosplay before and after
My dad just learned how to use photoshop.
After watching our kids for the night, my dad took his very first selfie.
Neil Armstrong Setting the US Flag on the surface of the moon pictured by Buzz Aldrin showing the earth behind!
My boyfriend got our dog these shoes because the salt they put on the roads when it snows was hurting her feet. With her new kicks she can go for walks without hurting her paws!
Famed actor Arnold Schwarzenegger posted a photo of himself sleeping on the street under his famous bronze statue.
Frozen Flight
~ Porn shops suck all the fun out.
A Kenyan lady found her childhood friend on the streets suffering from drug addiction and took him to rehabilitation. (More pics in comments)
1905 THcB He was probably there for the Missano MotoGP which took place last Sunday. Dude's a big racing fan.
721 streamstroller He's prepping a cavern for his hundred year sleep. He will 'disappear' and we will all forget. In 100 years a tall young dark haired fellow will emerge with an old soul in a young body and will rise again to power.
149 LendarioSonhador Keanu is everywhere. He's here, he's there...maybe he's behind you.
319 reddityoulous Baba Yaga is done with the Russian mafia....he is paying a visit with the Italian mafia
92 Danny2lok He is there burning some of that 264 million in matrix money he made. Fun fact, Keanu made 162 million from the second Matrix movie. Still the largest single movie payday to date. He made more money on that one movie 15 years ago than Robert Downey Jr has made collectively on all the Marvel movies he has made. Crazy town...population, Keanu Reeves.
71 PenguinLord011 So I'm a bit late to this post but this is related to Keanu being seen in really random places. There is a small town of [Wheeler, Oregon](,_Oregon) that has the only liquor store for miles around. My Dad would go in their pretty routinely and noticed a picture behind the front counter of what looked like Keanu Reeves. My Dad asked about the picture and the guy working the counter said that it was indeed Keanu Reeves. He had stopped in one time, got some booze, took a quick picture and chatted for a bit then went on his way. This was back sometime in the early to mid 90's so idk if the picture is still there, and for all I know is that my Dad was just fucking with me. The point of my little anecdote is that I totally believe that Keanu would just hang out in some super small random town where no one would know him.
96 diegojones4 It's got of suck to not be able to go anywhere without being asked to be in a picture.
20 wjp666 He's surely hiding there from Ian McShane and co. (And you've just blown his cover, moron.)
17 GILDID The dudes excommunicado. Has a huge contact on him.
16 Hooftly Bet you he smashed
11 shagginwaggon66 Middle of nowhere in Italy sound better than almost anywhere else in the world.