I made this origami koi fish a few years back for our tip jar. It took me 3 days and all of my patience.
My wife’s birthday cupcakes
After 3 moves, 2 states and LOTS of hard work... my wife and I bought our 1st house!!!
This is what democracy looks like. View from the Capitol in Tallahassee right now.
...also in Tallahassee
On the left: Scene from the first season of Stranger Things, set in 1983. On the right: Me, wearing the exact same shirt in 1983.
Took a trip out to Peabody Essex Museum last weekend. This exhibit didn’t disappoint.
This manatee comes to my seawall nearly every day before sundown since I fed him lettuce 2 years ago
By balancing temperature, humidity and lighting, a Dutch artist created a cloud in the middle of a room.
The resemblance to the cast is perfect
Brave Iranian woman just before being arrested by the police for protesting compulsory hijab in Iran
Last year i taught myself how to carve stone -Celtic birds from an 8th century manuscript, handcarved in sandstone in Scotland.
Nice park bro.
Greatest packaging ever
The Man Who Burned the Confederate Flag Has a Gun Nearly Pulled Out on Him, a Police Officer Stops It
Emerald Lake
Sir Ian McKellen got mistaken for a homeless man during a rehearsal break
Ted Rummel, amazing doctor paralyzed from the waist who can still perform surgeries thanks to remarkable stand-up wheelchair
40 feet of snow, North Dakota 1966
Somebody is not having a great morning...
Found an old photo of when this guy shot a movie in our house (Early 2000s)
Ghana’s Olympic skeleton helmets are awesome
And this is how democracy actually works in America
Got to -40°F today. Dad sent me this from his garage.
My Father makes wooden eggs in perfect scale on his lathe.
When advertising isn't lying to you
Side street in Bath, England. Shot on a rainy morning
TIL while taking a shit at the pub
The Alien Pez dispenser from the 90's
Stumbled upon this old cop car today at work. Yayce
Eagle Creek, Oregon
I've been folding origami since I was 7 as a way to ease my anxiety, and eventually learned to design my own models! Here are some of my originals.
Rare brown panda bear
Françoise Hardy, 1966
Prime Minister John Howard, wearing a flak jacket, addressing Australian gun owners after implementing gun control laws in the wake of the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre - Australia's last mass shooting.
When I’m stressed out or sad I make things. Here’s a teeny tiny paper bit of happiness for you tonight. Enjoy.
The 1978 Dome Zero Concept
Drone picture of the Irish Coast
Scottish morning
Woman shopping among Black Lives Matter protestors
192 bonkedmynose Storytime, OP
8 Culinaryguy24 Have you two since hung out with your dad together?
20 evolving_I Is your brother a Wildland Firefighter? That looks like a Mystery Ranch fire pack on his back, and wildland guys have a tendency to lean back on their packs just like that. That's an awesome story, man. I'm glad you'll get a chance to have a younger brother. My stepfather never knew his dad. His mother had always told him and his brother that their dad had run out on them. In 2007, I get a message on Facebook from someone asking about my last name, if I know someone with my stepdad's name, and claiming to be his half sister. We talk a bit and I learn that her dad hadn't actually walked out on his previous family. My stepdad's mom had left his dad and taken him and his brother and then lied to them about it until she died. I got to introduce my stepdad to an entire side of his family that he never knew he had, and he got a chance to get to know his father before he passed.
14 math3m4tics Did he have a sign? How did you know he was your brother?
31 julubz5 This needs to be written into a book and have it made into a movie as well. I’d totally watch
6 Culinaryguy24 That’s awesome they get to meet soon. Hopefully we can read about it here. Unless you’re going to save that for the movie adaptation. Chris Pratt playing the part of you of course.
5 kastdotcom Looks like a mystery ranch hot3 pack he's laying on
4 Buffal0_Meat Is that where they left him?
4 clickwir Doesn't sound like you need it, but if I ever met either of you I'd give you a hug. If you are ever in northern Colorado and feel like a hug, or a firm handshake, hit me up. Bro hugs!
3 dudenotcool This looks like where the original red dawn was filmed
3 lucipherius Is the business you started a whore house Javier?