Four corners...all cold
For class, I sculpted Owen Wilson’s nose and collaged it with pictures of Owen Wilson to create Owen Wilson’s Wow meme. My teacher did not get it.
An Arizona night nurse running for fun finished 2nd in the Boston Marathon
The cutting board I ordered from Nick Offerman's Wood Shop came with a note.
Sunset over Moscow
Galaxy Opal
There is now a third option besides burial and cremation.
"Master Cannabis Farmer" Soviet Badge 1970s
Galaxy flower
Jeff Goldblum with his wife
Cherry blossoms are worth the trip to Japan
My son’s preschool photo
Scifi inspired self portrait from when it was still snowing.
Jeff Goldblum and Liam Hemsworth doing the "Dwayne Johnson"
Photo I shot of yesterday’s Falcon 9 launch
These stones
I hired a graphic designer to create a poster for my show "Distance" about a guy who lives in NY and a girl who lives in LA - I couldn't believe what he came up with...
Fossil sink
The drainage channels in Japan are so clean that fish can live in them
Boba Vette
Customer satisfaction is everything
I work at a different school every day. I saw these posted in the staff room at the one I was at today.
My friend has a beard - he looked up today.
Lofoten Islands, Norway
Friends teenage son makes Post-it Note art
My dad put hardwood flooring in his van today.
This Home Sweet Home
These blocks make them look like they've been shrunk
The Ritual is now complete.
These alpacas look like a 70's rock band
Chicago Local #1 Iron Workers remake the Iconic "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" photo that was originally captured in 1932.
A rose-breasted cockatoo in the grass
I know it’s spring when my daughter starts leaving her bike in the front yard.
Take these! It's dangerous to go alone!
Monica Bellucci
Sophie Turner
Dublin, when the sun shines
The oldest surviving pair of cloth socks were found in Egypt and were actually designed to wear with sandals.
Lampshade made with photo slides.
More Golden Wing/3D Origami from Yesterday's "Friend's Teenage Son"!
3841 dfc85 Makes me think of one of my favorite astronaut quotes upon seeing the Earth: "You develop an instant global consciousness, a people orientation, an intense dissatisfaction with the state of the world, and a compulsion to do something about it. From out there on the moon, international politics look so petty. You want to grab a politician by the scruff of the neck and drag him a quarter of a million miles out and say, ‘Look at that, you son of a bitch.'" - Edgar Mitchell
1723 Nailer99 Holy shit. This is amazing. My little brother was on a subway under the WTC when the planes hit, on his way from Brooklyn to his job at Columbia University. He spent the rest of the day walking into that cloud of smoke and dust and death, and across the Brooklyn Bridge. He ended up on the Promenade near midnight, when a bunch of papers from the 101st floor and above started to land around him like snowflakes. They’d been floating around in the air all day, apparently. He died of leukemia very suddenly in 2013. It was a shock. He was very fit and healthy. And there is zero history of leukemia on either side of our family.I will always wonder if his day in that cloud of god-knows-what planted the seeds of his way too young demise. He spent the next few days taking care of his coworker who was the girlfriend of one of the firefighters last seen running up the stairs of tower 1 before the collapse. I will never forget 9-11, or my only sibling. This picture blew my mind and made me cry. Thanks for posting it, OP.
362 EngineerTheArtist How have I never seen this perspective before? This a beautiful, sobering, and humbling photo. A rare and odd perspective on a crazy time in the world.
383 BAGOTOV I never noticed this before, but the island looks like a skull biting something.
211 mmmsoap You can see [the boats heading in](
56 Piee314 Not really relevant but I was on the summit of Mount Rainier when it happened. There was no cell coverage at that time so we had no idea. When we got back to Camp Muir the guides gave us an hour to pack but came back after only 10 minutes and told us what had happened. It was without question the most surreal day of my life. For hours I thought it was some kind of ridiculous exaggeration.
75 skinisout Frank Culbertson is the name of the astronaut that took the shot. He now works for Orbital Atk and is in charge of the launches that resupply the international Space station via the Antares rocket and the Cygnus resupply craft! Neat!
512 Timigos It’s amazing how much of our privacy as citizens was lost from that single event, and yet it looks so relatively insignificant on this scale. Awesome picture.
198 breathemore See that smoke plume? Head of the EPA Christine Todd Whitman told the people of New York and New Jersey that it was safe to breath. >According to a report from a Hopkins University study, even workers who joined the clean-up process by January 2002 developed “significant respiratory health problems.” By Thursday 9/15/2001 fibrous white material was falling on our windows in New Jersey seven miles from ground zero and collecting on the cars out front of the houses where people didn't come home after 9/11, so that by the end of October you could spot them by the dust. We also had the anthrax attack at the time so the white 'powder' was especially worrisome.
62 The1Like I’m not American, but this was my generation’s equivalent of JFK or the moon landings; everyone remembers where they were when they heard. You knew it was going to be a major event in world history.
55 SubZero80 That was a dark Tuesday.
28 CharlesC27 Must make a person feel so lonely up in space when something horrible happens on Earth.
41 GUMBY-FREEDOM-TITS If you zoom in you can see the onslaught of boats frantically moving in to help. I really hope that small detail doesn't go unnoticed.
86 Brianphase90 The day the U.S. changed. You could just... FEEL it.
51 Raf99 I still watch YouTube 9/11 videos.