Trying to teach I.T in a Ghanaian village.
Entrance to a shrine in Japan
No editing, just makeup
Pretty good marketing
Israeli Army Girl
A man who lied about bone spurs welcoming a man who did crystal meth and crapped his pants for a week in order to dodge the Vietnam draft.
A brilliant work of Art
Rep Mike Bost delivers a bag of "thoughts and prayers" to help with the Florida shooting.
Iran, 1979. Right before the islamic revolution
Parking in front of a liquor store
Went to the National Cathedral and went upstairs at the perfect moment
Sydney at sunset
Wall art Glasgow, Scotland
The woman who was the model for the face of the Statue of Liberty standing beside it.
Reddit! Welcome to Redditt Ontario, Canada sorry for the typo eh?!
A cloud bursts over Phoenix .
This is what happened when my wife left me in charge of our son’s 1 year birthday photo.
This is Scotland
Award winning underwater photograph
The Rock's stunt double is also his real-life cousin (Tanoai Reed)
Best propaganda of all time
Winter in Slovenia
I just miss Casper there.
A map of the world through a water droplet
Obama after spending hours meeting with parents of Sandy Hook victims. Trump at his disco party after spending 15 minutes with parents of victims
Saudi Crown prince arrived in Japan with 10 plain loads of staff, furniture & luxury goods for personal use. Japanese Emperor met him in this empty room, with simplest settings, giving a message to MBS that greatness lies in knowledge & higher values not in ugly display of wealth.
I adopted a new dog. She loves car rides.
I just rode with the highest rated Uber driver in NYC! Mustapha speaks four languages, studies computer programming at night at community college, has driven over 10,000 people, and has a rating of 4.96. Truly one of the nicest most inspiring people out there.
Looks like they need to defrag the port
The stars came out early tonight.
A real Bigfoot
My wife makes 1 cake a year (for our son's birthday). Here's this year's cake, at his request.
Dejected Crane
The ash cloud from Mount Sinabung, an Indonesian volcano that erupted today.
More people should know about this.
A glacier stream at the base of K2
There was a time when the Kardashians have not yet discovered plastic surgery
A teacher tries hard to make ICT course easy for his class. He draws everything on the board because there are no computers.
3 10Miles Damnit, did that jerk cutting onions follow me here from that thread about the rescue dog...?
2 yowzah My sympathies. I'm familiar with the feeling.
2 HellCat70 Aww.. Bear-cat!! He was lucky to find you. I'm sorry for your loss.
3 meatboat2tunatown Sorry, sesto. It's incredibly hard. Looks like a wonderful cat.
2 carsonic13 Hi sesto, I actually am having to put my cat (18 yrs old) down later this week. I have not been able to sleep or even think about that day. I am so sorry that you are going through this, and I feel your pain. I hope I am ready for it when the day comes.
2 Grif2501 Hate to be the one to break it to you, but bear was a cat.
2 babyness That is a wonderful picture. Cherish it. So sorry for your loss.
1 Yerkin_Megherkin I'm so sorry for your loss. He's a beautiful boy. I have a very similar looking cat and he's everyone's friend as well. Gonna give him an extra hug.
1 8432154 I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Bear.
1 sloaches He was a very handsome fellow. My cat passed away last week at age 17 (RIP Mouser) so I can relate to your pain. May Bear rest well.
1 ariellann Now this is weird. I looked at his pictures and instantly loved him. Such a character. Hugs.
1 hollyzgrace Bear is a beautiful boy. I'm sorry for your loss, my friend.
1 FNFollies Awww damn bear looks like a male version of my Korat. So sorry for your loss! How old was he?
1 drachengeist I bet Bear had a good life and you were there to help make it so. <3
1 erdtirdmans What an incredibly photogenic fella. It sounds like he had a good life, so try not to be too bummed out from it - you gave him a great home! :3
1 rtmfrutilai Im so sorry, hugs
1 imyouhuckleberry37 My condolences
1 Superstickfight You wouldn't happen to be from Mesa, Arizona, would you? Our neighbors had a beautiful cat named Bear who looks identical to your beautiful baby. He was the friendliest cat in the world and would often just hang out with me in our backyard when I was sad. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's impossibly hard losing a best friend. My boys are my sanity, a cat is so much more than a cat. If there's any way a humble internet stranger such as myself can be of use, please let me know.
1 FartsInAHat You can tell he was well loved. Sorry for your loss :( he looks like a sweet kitty
1 GreatWhiteNorthExtra My sympathies on your loss. I know it's hard to deal with, but time does heal all wounds
1 chasebrendon Been here. Aren't any words that will help. Did you love him with all your heart? Sort of know you did! For all the wackiness of cats, he will have loved you too! X
1 azakd Sorry you lost your kitty. He seemed like a great friend for you.
1 tubewatch Sorry about losing your best friend. There is probably another, different friend waiting for you to save them at your local shelter. You'll love and be loved again.
1 urbnastronaut I have a cat named bear too and this is heartbreaking. I'm sorry for your loss