The 2017 Eclipse Awards!
How the Netherlands responded to Erdogan's thugs
Iowa Children's Hospital
The reflection of the chairs in the room makes it look like this professor pissed himself
He's name's Evil, still helping find people under the rubble in Mexico
A bit hesitant to share, but... lost 125 pounds and still going!
I lost 65 pounds :) Can’t find them anywhere!
A tidal pool
Tug life chosen
It was my dog's birthday. I felt a nice photo was in order.
My brother got married last weekend and they took their "first look" photos at our moms grave site. He had no idea until he took his blindfold off and quickly broke down into tears. Our mom adopted us both (twins) after fostering over 90 children throughout her lifetime. She was such a great mom!
I think even my beer is ready for Halloween..
Take Keanu to work day
My son is home from NICU, after two weeks. BEST FEELING EVER.
My wife and I got caught in the rain beneath the 'L' train in Chicago. Rather than run for cover we got a pretty cool pic.
Walter White has stepped his game up
A 1993 Vector W8
After 3 weeks and about 20 jours of drawing I'm finally satisfied with my sketch of New York [2382x3376]
My friends baby just struck this awesome pose
A clever way to show what ancient ruins used to look like.
My wife's a ballerina, this is her xray while on pointe.
Morgan Freeman giving Mathew Mcconaughey a little smootch.
Los Angeles Urban Search and Rescue team on their way to help in Mexico City.
Amazing photo of Richmond Park, 7:15 am, London. Taken by Matthew Cooper.
The Camaro my brother wrecked in before his disappearance in 1993. Dad finally finished fixing it up.
Overgrown Courtyard
Death Cloud
I am finding it increasingly hard to believe that this guy used to play in Nirvana
Union Pacific locomotive vandalized. Looks pretty impressive if you ask me!!
Carved from a stack of skateboard decks
Wood lamp made with acrylic glass looks like it's burning
I got to play Red Rocks in front of 10,000 people. It was insane.
Lost about 45lbs, also loosing hair...but damn I feel good!
When I was a kid I had a pet rooster called Stanley, who I trained to sit on my shoulder. My mum dug up this photo of us the other day.
Incredibly realistic sculpture
Picture I took a year ago before a flight in Austin. No filtering or adjusting at all
My sisters challenged me on Fitbit. I made awards to commemorate their effort.
A lot of work.
Donated this 24,000 piece puzzle to a children's mental health center
Darth Vader inspecting production of Death Star
I was in Seoul during the Monsoon season and I took this photo of the city at night
Another Confederate monument was removed in Dallas today
4 10Miles Damnit, did that jerk cutting onions follow me here from that thread about the rescue dog...?
2 yowzah My sympathies. I'm familiar with the feeling.
2 HellCat70 Aww.. Bear-cat!! He was lucky to find you. I'm sorry for your loss.
2 meatboat2tunatown Sorry, sesto. It's incredibly hard. Looks like a wonderful cat.
3 carsonic13 Hi sesto, I actually am having to put my cat (18 yrs old) down later this week. I have not been able to sleep or even think about that day. I am so sorry that you are going through this, and I feel your pain. I hope I am ready for it when the day comes.
3 Grif2501 Hate to be the one to break it to you, but bear was a cat.
2 babyness That is a wonderful picture. Cherish it. So sorry for your loss.
1 Yerkin_Megherkin I'm so sorry for your loss. He's a beautiful boy. I have a very similar looking cat and he's everyone's friend as well. Gonna give him an extra hug.
1 8432154 I'm sorry for your loss. RIP Bear.
1 sloaches He was a very handsome fellow. My cat passed away last week at age 17 (RIP Mouser) so I can relate to your pain. May Bear rest well.
1 ariellann Now this is weird. I looked at his pictures and instantly loved him. Such a character. Hugs.
1 hollyzgrace Bear is a beautiful boy. I'm sorry for your loss, my friend.
1 FNFollies Awww damn bear looks like a male version of my Korat. So sorry for your loss! How old was he?
1 drachengeist I bet Bear had a good life and you were there to help make it so. <3
1 erdtirdmans What an incredibly photogenic fella. It sounds like he had a good life, so try not to be too bummed out from it - you gave him a great home! :3
1 rtmfrutilai Im so sorry, hugs
1 toolfan73 Bear had a beautiful face.
1 imyouhuckleberry37 My condolences
1 Superstickfight You wouldn't happen to be from Mesa, Arizona, would you? Our neighbors had a beautiful cat named Bear who looks identical to your beautiful baby. He was the friendliest cat in the world and would often just hang out with me in our backyard when I was sad. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's impossibly hard losing a best friend. My boys are my sanity, a cat is so much more than a cat. If there's any way a humble internet stranger such as myself can be of use, please let me know.
1 FartsInAHat You can tell he was well loved. Sorry for your loss :( he looks like a sweet kitty
1 GreatWhiteNorthExtra My sympathies on your loss. I know it's hard to deal with, but time does heal all wounds
1 chasebrendon Been here. Aren't any words that will help. Did you love him with all your heart? Sort of know you did! For all the wackiness of cats, he will have loved you too! X
1 azakd Sorry you lost your kitty. He seemed like a great friend for you.
1 tubewatch Sorry about losing your best friend. There is probably another, different friend waiting for you to save them at your local shelter. You'll love and be loved again.
1 urbnastronaut I have a cat named bear too and this is heartbreaking. I'm sorry for your loss