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Babies can learn that hard work pays off. MIT researchers found that babies who watched an adult struggle at two different tasks before succeeding tried harder at their own difficult task, compared to babies who saw an adult succeed effortlessly.
The nearly 900 giant stone statues discovered by the first Europeans to land on Easter Island seemed at odds with the 1,500 to 3,000 found living there. A new detailed study of the farming potential of the Island suggests it could have sustained 17,500 people at its peak.
Multiple sclerosis can be inhibited or reversed using a novel gene therapy technique that stops the disease’s immune response in mouse models, University of Florida Health researchers have found.
Poliovirus kills off cancer cells, stops tumor regrowth
Scientists have engineered an antibody that attacks 99% of HIV strains and can prevent infection in primates, a collaboration between the US National Institutes of Health and pharmaceutical company Sanofi.
Study Reveals the Desire to Drink Alcohol at Night Is Due to Our Brain's Immune System
Engineers have devised a framework for identifying key patterns that precede an extreme event like a rogue wave or instability inside a gas turbine. The method may help predict hotspots of instability affecting climate, aircraft performance, and ocean circulation.
Seasonal variation in nutrient utilization shapes gut microbiome structure and function in wild giant pandas
A remarkably preserved 49,000-year-old skeleton shows that Neanderthal kids may have have grown slowly, like us
Science AMA Series: Hi Reddit, I’m Sarah Hörst, Professor of Planetary Science at Johns Hopkins University, here to talk about the outer solar system (especially Titan). Ask me anything!
Study finds evidence that lower cigarette prices are associated with increased infant mortality, and higher prices are associated with decreased mortality; Researchers suggest lawmakers consider taxation to handle higher rates of infant deaths in certain areas
When living systems are smaller than the wave length of visible light, scientists can use cutting edge animation to tell the story of what's going on.
Drinking non-cow’s milk linked with being shorter
Ultra-light Aluminum: Chemists Report Breakthrough in Material Design (metastable/lightweight crystal structure)
Scientists have created a simple-to-produce device that uses sound waves to store quantum information and convert it from one form to another, all inside a single, integrated chip.
Science AMA Series: We are a group pf researchers that uses the MMO game Eve Online to identify Exoplanets in telescope data, we're Project Discovery: Exoplanets, Ask us Anything!
Your Brain Sees Faces, Even When You Don't
Prozac (fluoxetine) can block the formation of bacterial biofilms on bladder catheters. The antidepressant can scramble efflux pumps in bacteria, meaning that it may eventually be re-purposed as an antibacterial agent.
New biomaterial could replace plastic laminates, greatly reduce pollution - An inexpensive and biodegradable biomaterial, comprised of cellulose pulp and chitin, can be used to sustainably replace plastic barrier coatings in packaging and many other applications.
The oldest record of scoliosis has been discovered in a Permian aquatic reptile from Brazil.
Scientists just discovered the first animal (the upside-down jellyfish Cassiopea) without a brain that sleeps. The results suggest that sleep is deeply rooted in our biology, a behavior that evolved early in the history of animal life and has stuck with us ever since.
People significantly overestimate how noticeable their embarrassing behaviors are to others
Creation of single-photon entangled states around rotating black holes
Researchers develop a nano-composite foam for football helmets that can monitor details of head impacts in real-time; This may allow athletic coaches to monitor their players and watch for possible concussions
Poisonous frogs produce a powerful neurotoxin that protects them from predation. Researchers have wondered why the poison doesn't hurt the frogs who make it. New data suggests complementary mutations were selected for in the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor.
“Labyrinth” chip could help monitor aggressive cancer stem cells
Scrubbing the floor helps you live longer, scientists reveal
Gene therapy reverses symptoms, slows progression of MS in mice. The therapy works by inducing antigen-specific Tregs and inhibiting neuro-inflammation.
New Research Shows Link Between Cat Parasites and Brain Diseases
Ancient Child's Skeleton Unlocks Secret About Modern Brain Development: His brain was still growing at the time of his death at age 7, unlike modern children
Too Much Manganese May Lead To Fatal Heart Infection
Plant-eating dinosaurs 'strayed from veggie diet'
For the 30th anniversary of the discovery of high-temperature superconductors, PRL has made a collection of papers on the history of superconductivity free to read
Forest litter prevents up to 40% of rain from reaching soils
Antibiotic Sensitivity Rapidly Measured Using Crystals and Vibrations
Taking a full course of antibiotics doesn't help prevent resistance
Homeopathic products and practices: assessing the evidence and ensuring consistency in regulating medical claims in the EU
Reconstructing Prehistoric African Population Structure
The first large-scale study of ancient human DNA from sub-Saharan Africa opens a long-awaited window into the identity of prehistoric populations in the region and how they moved around and replaced one another over the past 8,000 years.
Puberty is not just controlled by hormones, but sexual touch as well, according to a study in rats.

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