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Switching from unhealthy to healthier diet lowers depressive symptoms more than social support sessions
Toddlers learn nothing from YouTube videos. New study finds that two-year-olds enjoy the commercials more than the videos (and seem engaged with musical clips) but do not learn anything from YouTube.
A bat no bigger than a kiwi fruit logs distances of up to 100 kilometres on nightly round trips to its feeding grounds — the longest commute ever recorded for a nectar-feeding bat.
A single intravenous infusion of ketamine led to a rapid decrease in suicidal ideations. Within a day, about 55% of individuals who received ketamine no longer had suicidal ideations compared to 20% who received placebo. This reduction in suicidal ideations lasted for at least 7 days.
Wounds in the fetus can heal without scarring, a fact that has prompted scientists to design new biomaterials based on the properties of fetal skin. Now, a new type of nanofiber has been shown to heal wounds in mice faster and with less scarring than untreated wounds.
Living abroad can clarify your sense of self. They found living abroad increases "self-concept clarity," the extent to which individuals' beliefs about themselves are clearly and confidently defined and consistent and stable over time.
Science AMA series: This is Daniel Himmelstein, PhD, and Casey Greene, PhD. We found that the Sci-Hub website has created a pirate repository of nearly all scholarly articles, which will push publishing towards more open models. Ask Us Anything!
The most sustainable end-of-life option for paper cups used for hot beverages - A new study shows that recycled cups were shown to have a better environmental performance, while digestion and composting resulted in a higher net reduction in CO2 emissions, up to 5.4 kg CO2 eq. per 1000 collected cups
Virus fished from pond cures man’s deadly antibiotic-resistant infection - The clinical success suggests promising strategy for fighting antibiotic resistance, according to a paper published in the journal of Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health.
Experiments that ask children to draw a researcher show a greater proportion of women in sketches over time. In the 1960s and 1970s, 99.4% of children drew a male scientist. That proportion dropped to 72% between 1985 and 2016. By the 2010s, about one in three drawings portrayed a female scientist.
Neutron star mergers may create much of the universe’s gold
A new study has found that the children of centenarians (people who live to 100 years old or more), who tend to have similar healthy aging patterns and long lives like their parents, are also much more likely than the general population to have a strong sense of purpose.
Artificial Sweetener Splenda Promotes Gut Proteobacteria, Dysbiosis, and Myeloperoxidase Reactivity in Crohn’s Disease–Like Ileitis
Do your share: Perception of fair division of housework linked to better sex among married individuals in midlife, according to new research.
A 6-year-old girl goes digging in the dirt at her sister's soccer game and finds a 65 million-year-old fossil
Study provides empirical evidence for the hypothesis that Donald Trump attracted unprecedented support from "low-information voters".
Sad and lonely people have the best read on human nature—they are more perceptive than others in understanding how we act in social groups, researchers say
Research shows millions of people across the world are getting the wrong care for low back pain.
Amygdala Neurons Increase as Children Become Adults; Except in Autism
Woman dies from bee-sting beauty therapy touted by Goop, Gwyneth Paltrow: Case report in Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology
On Reddit, 1% of communities initiate 74% of inter-community conflicts
Tiny implants for cells are functional in vivo, Swiss scientists report.
For the first time, researchers optically trap and propel a particle-based laser. The new flying microlaser enables highly sensitive temperature measurements and could be used with light-activated drugs, as well as act as a light source or to take temp measurements in lab-on-chips for bioanalysis.
Health is more important than wealth, child development study finds
An MIT-Made Robot Fish Will Study the World's Fragile Coral Reefs Unobtrusively: “You can start duplicating and make several of these robotic fish to use them almost like a network of sensors and cameras,”
A new experimental drug has been shown to reduce the need for opioid rescue medications by 37% in the 72 hours following surgery. In that time frame, 29% of patients taking the drug required no opioid medication.
In a rural community in India, most children hadn't received vaccinations. Researchers thought cellphone reminders and incentives would help. Child immunization rates rose from 33% to more than 50%.
Giving prisoners diagnosed with opioid dependence methadone treatment reduces both violent and non-violent crime rates by a third.
Extreme Morning Sickness Genes Identified
2017 Turing Award Goes To Computer Chip Pioneers
American Cockroach: Genome Sequencing Reveals Why This Pest Is So Hard To Kill
PhD students in physical sciences report that a male-dominated environment can make it hard to achieve a work–life balance. In a qualitative study of 28 US female PhD students. 12 said that they did not want to pursue research careers. Of those, 6 blamed their workplace environment and culture.
Male birth control pill passes a safety test
Study finds a small dose of Viagra significantly reduce the development of colorectal cancer, which is the third leading cause of cancer death worldwide - next step clinical trials.
Researchers have found a genetic component for Hyperemesis Gravidarum.
Domestication of wild animals may have accelerated as promiscuity increased among the high density populations drawn to life near humans.
A recently published study shows that LSD can manipulate the barrier between you and other people. These findings could help find a treatment for people living with a mental disorder. LSD is one of the few substances that can be used in research to alter someone's sense of self.
New study shows musicians have a remarkable behavioral advantage when it comes to learning
Scientists successfully reduce hunger by freezing patient's posterior vagal trunk in obesity pilot study
Two people with severe vision loss due to a degenerative eye disease are able to read after embryonic stem cell treatment. For the study, human embryonic stem cells(hESC) were used to grow RPE cells on a thin plastic scaffold that were then transplanted into the eyes of the patients.
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233 demon306 Couldnt this also mean that people with certain genetic traits are more likely to be nurtured to be more/less empathetic? Socialized based on their appearance on how society expects them to act.
1058 Keerikkadan91 > The empathy quotient is a self-reported survey, which can skew results. > And although they found genetic differences between people who were more and less empathetic, they were not able to find specific "empathy genes" that were responsible for this. > ... > "We know that basically **anything** you can measure in humans has a genetic component, and this establishes that empathy does have some heritable component." > ... > "But as the authors say, it's the first analysis of its kind and could benefit from a larger study," he added. Seems like they were trying extra hard to establish a connection where there may be none.
107 Bocote Hazy memory from taking developmental psyc course long time ago, the lesson was "Nature and Nurture, it's always a bit of both". Although some aspects of human maybe dominantly one of the two, but never exclusively just that. Then what isn't partially inherited and is solely acquired behaviour? Is there any examples of it?
41 Wootery [Here's a link to the actual paper published in Nature's Translational Psychiatry]( (Open access, huzzah!) And [here]( is an informal summary far better than the linked BBC article. Also, the comments here so far are *garbage*. I pity the mods. *Edit: with p1percub's comment, mine is now redundant*
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31 Zephryl The "empathy" measured by the Empathy Questionnaire is different from the layman's idea of empathy. It specifically refers to the ability to intuit what others are thinking and feeling based on non-verbal cues, social conventions, etc (sometimes called "cognitive empathy"). It is NOT the same as "emotional empathy" -- being affected by someone else's pain or other emotions, caring about others, compassion. The questionnaire is by Simon Baron-Cohen, a major autism researcher (and Sacha's cousin), based on his [empathizing-systemizing theory](–systemizing_theory) of high-functioning autism. I think his use of the label "empathy" is unfortunate, and has fed into the false idea that autistic people "lack empathy." [In fact research has shown that while they struggle with "cognitive empathy" (working out what someone is feeling without explicit information) they are no less "emotionally empathic" (caring about other people and their feelings) than neurotypicals.]
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87 DescriptiveClover Are there any studies relating happiness with empathy? If I am a parent, should I try to educate empathy, if my main concern is my child's happiness? I know this is a very brutal question, (and my empathy compels me to educate empathy like a damn virus!) but I'd really like a good answer to this.
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11 mintysoul The theory of Emotional Intelligence is far from being widely accepted in the scientific community. Why isn't this looked through the Big Five Agreeableness trait?
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