Binghamton University researchers have been working on a self-healing concrete that uses a specific type of fungi as a healing agent. When the fungus is mixed with concrete, it lies dormant until cracks appear, when spores germinate, grow and precipitate calcium carbonate to heal the cracks.
Key to willpower lies in believing you have it in abundance. People who believe they have an abundant supply of self-control are more likely to feel invigorated by mentally taxing activities than people who believe their willpower is a finite resource
Survival rate after heart transplantation in children has reached to 70%
Creative People's Brains Are Uniquely Wired, Scientists Discover. Researchers discovered is that when we’re being creative, a certain neurological pattern or signature occurs inside the brain
According to a recent study, spanked children were five times more likely to experience delays in language development than children who weren’t. Scolded and spanked children were more likely to suffer delays in developing language and socio-adaptive skills.
The Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies has announced that they have discovered the minimum required mass for a star to become a black hole - 2.16 solar masses
The study in which researchers synthesized a smallpox relative from scratch just got published in an open access journal, spelling out how a virologist ordered bits of horsepox DNA from the internet, assembled them, then showed that the resulting virus was able to infect cells and reproduce.
Climbing rates of carbon dioxide have set the stage for a multidecade increase in overall flower production in tropical forests.
Infant mortality rates in Texas vary dramatically from one zip code to the next, according to new study. In Fort Worth, for example, the infant mortality rate was over six times higher in the 76164 zip code than in neighboring 76107.
A type of onion could help the fight against antibiotic resistance in cases of tuberculosis, a study has suggested. Researchers believe the antibacterial properties extracted from the Persian shallot could increase the effects of existing antibiotic treatment.
Scientists edge closer to creating a blood test that can detect multiple types of cancers, seeing success rates of around 70% in cancerous individuals
Researchers illustrate how muscle growth inhibitor is activated, could aid in treating ALS
Hunter-gatherer lifestyle could help explain superior ability to ID smells. Foraging communities in forests of the Malay Peninsula are better at identifying odors than their rice-farming neighbour
Bikram is no more beneficial than any other type of yoga, says vascular study. Yoga could help to improve function of artery linings regardless of room temperature, researchers conclude.
Georgetown in northern Queensland once part of North America-geologists
Sustained Delivery of Doxorubicin via Acetalated Dextran Scaffold Prevents Glioblastoma Recurrence after Surgical Resection
A study has found Inherited IQ can increase in early childhood. The study, the researchers say, has significant implications for the way we educate children, whose inherited IQ can increase, especially during early childhood, with the right kind of stimulation and attention.
Scientists have used forensics, chemistry, and microbiology to generate clues in a murder investigation. Using science alone, they discovered that the victim died in the fall/winter, probably on a farm. Then, the body was moved to its final location in early spring where it was partially burned.
security computing-CSCC: 10 steps to ensure security for cloud computing success
Study tracking long-term risk of bariatric surgery reports that obese, middle-age men and women who had undergone the procedure had half the death rate of those who had traditional medical treatment over a 10-year period.
Researchers have tailored a 3D printer to synthesize pharmaceuticals and other chemicals from simple, widely available starting compounds fed into a series of 3D-printed reactors. The work could digitize chemistry, allowing users to synthesize almost any compound anywhere in the world.
A novel approach for human whole transcriptome analysis based on absolute gene expression of microarray data
Hi! We’re here to talk about all things CRISPR and NIH’s Center of Excellence in Genomic Science. We’re researchers from Jennifer Doudna’s lab at UC-Berkeley and program directors from the National Human Genome Research Institute, part of NIH. Ask us anything!
Electrons in organic semiconductors capable of traveling much farther than previously thought (centimeters!)
A surprising study found people who had smoked pot as teens performed better on a memory test, based on an fMRI study published in journal NeuroImage.
Science study: "Our approach led to gains of roughly 40-70% in refugees’ employment outcomes relative to current assignment practices. This approach can provide governments with a practical and cost-efficient policy tool that can be immediately implemented within existing institutional structures."
Scientists create a tiny rheometer with nanorobots
There were no safety concerns in smokers who used e-cigarettes in a 2-year clinical trial. Vaping was associated with a reduction in cigarette consumption and a reduced exposure to cigarette smoke constituents, with no increase in body weight.
In 2015, an estimated 200,000 saiga antelope (representing 2/3 of the global population) dropped dead for no apparent reason. A study on rats has led scientists to identify the likely culprit of what suddenly killed them: a normally harmless bacteria made deadly by climate change.
Scientists create ultrafast robot arms from DNA by using electric fields to speed up their movements by five orders of magnitude over previous DNA systems
The universe is as spooky as Einstein thought - Atlantic
Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) results from head injuries, not concussions. New research explains why 20% of athletes who exhibited the early stages of the progressive brain illness postmortem never had a diagnosed concussion.
When repeating a word the visual and auditory cortexes react first to perceive the word, the prefrontal cortex reacts to interpret the meaning and is followed by activation of the motor cortex in preparation for a response, a process that takes half a second.
Rotavirus vaccines, which prevent a highly contagious diarrheal disease in children, has had a positive unexpected consequence: It has also reduced hospitalizations due to seizures in children.
Germline BRCA mutation and outcome in young-onset breast cancer (POSH): a prospective cohort study.There was no significant difference in overall survival between BRCA-positive and BRCA-negative patients in multivariable analyses at any timepoint 2-10 years.
NIH scientists find microbes on the skin of mice promote tissue healing, immunity
Knowledge Discovery through Data mining (KDD) can help make sense of large amounts of complex climate data
A recent study published in the journal PLOS One has revealed that regularly attending religious ceremonies, such as a mass or a funeral, may lead to greater health and increased longevity in middle-aged people and seniors.
It is easier to spread the flu virus than previously thought. People commonly believe that they can catch the flu by exposure to droplets from an infected person's coughs or sneezes. But new information about flu transmission reveals that we may pass the flu to others just by breathing.
New method to stop cells dividing could help fight cancer - Lipids Shape the Electron Acceptor-Binding Site of the Peripheral Membrane Protein Dihydroorotate Dehydrogenase
2 sensinarie So confirming what we already knew, that being poor is bad for your health 😃