Science AMA Series: I'm Marty Ralph, research meteorologist at Scripps Institution of Oceanography. My research focuses on extreme weather events including atmospheric rivers. This winter, we're flying Hurricane Hunter aircraft through storms. AMA!
Science AMA Series: We’re scientists on a research ship to Antarctica. We’re pulling up cores to look at the history of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, and predict its future. AMA!
How a person responds to a difficult life event such as a death or divorce helps shape the development of their wisdom over time. For many, the difficult life event also served to disrupt their sense of personal meaning, raising questions about their understanding of their world
New study describes “privacy fatigue”, which is “a sense of weariness toward privacy issues, in which individuals believe that there is no effective means of managing their personal information on the Internet”, leading to emotional exhaustion and cynicism, and the leak of private information.
Dog owners showed a higher level of attachment to their dogs than cat owners to their cats, while female owners showed a higher level of attachment to their pets than males, with the higher the level of attachment, the stronger the attribution of emotions to the pets, finds a new Japanese study.
Wastewater created during fracking and disposed of by deep injection into underlying rock layers is the probably cause of a surge in earthquakes in southern Kansas over the last 5 years.
Many highly-engaged employees suffer from burnout - Underlining the danger of job burnout, a new study of more than 1,000 US workers finds that many employees who are highly engaged in their work are also exhausted and ready to leave their organisations.
First extensive European find of ancient ‘Hand-Axes’ supports theory of multiple Human species coexisting and early Human migration from Africa
Researchers report a breakthrough in making accurate predictions of weather weeks ahead. A new model allows for detection of atmospheric rivers (ARs)—plumes of intense water vapor transpor that often trigger weather and hydrologic extreme weeks in advance.
The largest ever study on ancient DNA has shown that Britain was changed forever by the arrival of the Beaker folk, a wave of migrants about 4,500 years ago who brought with them new customs, new burial practices, and beautiful, distinctive bell-shaped pottery.
Study finds people who drank moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee lived longer than those who abstained.
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UT Southwestern withdraws $2 million grant from a cancer researcher who allegedly falsified data
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SpaceX is launching a rocket to boot up its space internet on Thursday
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Experiments reveal that repeatedly watching others can foster an illusion of skill acquisition. The more people merely watch others perform (without actually practicing themselves), the more they believe they could perform the skill, too — although their actual abilities do not improve.
Some viruses may trigger diabetes because they contain proteins that mimic insulin, suggesting a role for microbes in certain metabolic diseases.
American gray squirrels smarter than UK red squirrels. Given 2 tasks, red and gray squirrels alike solved the easy task, but 91% of the grays were able to solve the harder task, compared to just 62% of the reds. UK red squirrels are now outnumbered by their foreign cousins by more than 15-1.
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Whistleblowers often suffer from severe psychological problems. About 80% report very negative effects on work and wages, and almost 50% very negative effects on family life. About 45% suffer from clinical levels of mental health problems such as anxiety and/or depressive symptoms.
Matching DNA to a diet doesn’t work: ‘We didn’t even come close,’ researcher says. Stanford spent $8 million to find that dieting based on the results of genetic testing failed to beat a standard diet.
Martial arts can improve your attention span and alertness long term
Researchers find alcohol use disorders are a major risk factor for the onset of all types of dementia, especially early-onset dementia. They argue, screening for heavy drinking should be part of regular medical care, with intervention or treatment being offered when necessary.
Plants are thought to have colonized land 450 million years ago based on fossil evidence. Genetic analysis of the 4 main land plant lineages supports an earlier date (524 - 460 million years ago), in the mid-Cambrian or early Ordovician
Generation 100 - The Largest Randomized Clinical Study That Evaluates the Effect of Regular Exercise Training on Morbidity and Mortality in Elderly People
109 SpecterGT260 Ok so hold up here: If you read the full text article these guys took some neuron stem cell lines and infected them with toxoplasma gondii. Then they did a ridiculously in depth gene and protein-level analysis and looked at changes in genes that have been implicated in these diseases. The analysis is crazy deep because that's what proteomics and bioinformatics is but it's really an associative analysis of an artificial state. The word "modulates" in their title is also interesting as it doesn't seem that the researchers have even established whether these changes are good or bad. They just know they are different. Basically, "we infected brain cells with a parasite and the cells started producing different levels of proteins, some of which have been associated with known diseases" This does NOT mean that your family member with Parkinson's or Alzheimer's had a toxo infection. This does NOT mean that treating your family member for toxo will help them get better Edit: words are hard
42 RespectMyAuthoriteh The parasite is *Toxoplasma gondii* [saved you a click].
8 anonymous-coward If this were significant, then the USA should have a relatively low incidence of Alzheimer's ([9.1% Toxo seroprevalence among 15-44 age group](, and Germany should be much higher ([77% antibodies in 70-79 age group, and 20% in 18-29]( But it seems that the [US has a far higher Alzheimer's death rate](, despite the German population being top-heavy. Probably there are differing definitions of 'death by Alzheimer', though.
8 [deleted] [removed]
2 Abscess2 "The team then applied what they describe as a reconstruction and deconvolution approach to identify connections between T. gondii infection and altered pathways in neurodegenerative diseases, as well as connections between toxoplasmosis, human brain disorders, and some cancers. "Our results provide insights into mechanisms whereby this parasite could cause these associated diseases under some circumstances," the authors wrote. “This work provides a systems roadmap to design medicines and vaccines to repair and prevent neuropathologic effects of T. gondii infection of the human brain. Furthermore, our original template provides a novel method to integrate multiple levels of intrinsic and extrinsic factors highlighting a way to unravel complexity in brain parasitism, toxoplasmosis specifically, and other complex diseases.”
2 Shodan30 Wasn't this a stargaze:atlantis episode
2 MinxManor Interesting. I have read that Toxoplasmosis can cause a type of Schizophrenia and also a type of early cataract.
2 Candicebush I bet most people with cancer have had the flu, and mono, and the common cold.
2 zimzam911 I would like to see a study about toxoplasma gondii and human sexual orientation.
2 _pinkpajamas_ How does one pursue testing for this? I have a friend who I've always suspected may have this. She's a feral cat rescuer.
1 Antimutt I understand there's a high incidence in France, due to their like of cats perhaps? I'd also be interested in knowing rates in the aboriginal population of Australia, for some bushmen are also known to like cat.
1 OliverSparrow Wouldn't that predict early and universal death for cat owners? Against all evidence? So you read the article and find that in vitro cells exposed to the parasite produce some anomalous proteins that are indirectly associated with the conditions mentioned. Yeah, well... Once we had salami slicing. Now we have click bait press releases. Academia is turning into a weak parody of commerce at its most vapourware-vending.