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Raccoons have passed the Aesop's Fable test, which measures if animals can discern cause and effect by displacing water to access food.
Research finds that certain small RNA molecules can trigger a mechanism hidden in every cell that forces it to self-destruct. This failsafe may protect us from cancer. The mechanism could potentially become a novel form of cancer therapy, the study authors say.
Conspiracy Theorists Have a Fundamental Cognitive Problem, Say Scientists
Migraines may be brain’s way of dealing with oxidative stress. Migraines affect approximately 14 percent of the world's population, or 1.04 billion people. In the United States alone, migraine causes an estimated $36 billion annually in lost productivity, including 113 million lost work days.
A significant number of childhood cancer survivors are worried about keeping their health insurance, to the point of letting it affect their career decisions, finds national cancer survey published in JAMA Oncology.
Researchers compared 20 veterans who had attempted suicide with 20 similar veterans who had not. Those who attempted suicide exhibited different patterns of gene expression, hinting at the existence of biological markers that could predict which patients may attempt suicide.
Prozac in ocean water a possible threat to sea life - Oregon shore crabs exhibit risky behavior when they’re exposed to the antidepressant Prozac, making it easier for predators to catch them, according to a new study.
Lucid dreaming is a learnable skill, according to new research. Researchers have found that a specific combination of techniques will increase people’s chances of having lucid dreams, in which the dreamer is aware they’re dreaming while it’s still happening and can control the experience.
3 Million Americans Carry A Handgun Daily: Most of these Americans are young men, live in the south and say personal protection is a top reason for walking around with a deadly weapon, said the report in the American Journal of Public Health.
Plasma technology could hold the key to creating a sustainable oxygen supply on Mars, a new study has found. It suggests that Mars, with its 96% carbon dioxide atmosphere, has nearly ideal conditions for creating oxygen from CO2 through a process known as decomposition.
Snakes and spiders evoke fear and disgust in many people. There has been debate about whether this aversion is innate or learnt. Scientists discovered that babies as young as six months old feel stressed when seeing these creatures, long before they could have learnt this reaction.
'Impossible To Save': Scientists Are Watching China's Glaciers Disappear
Researcher: Some highly psychopathic individuals have more adaptive traits than maladaptive traits
Link between Adolescent Pot Smoking and Psychosis Strengthens | Scientific American
A newly discovered moon tunnel could be the perfect place for a colony, scientists say
Physics Boosts AI Methods - Researchers report the first application of quantum computing to a physics problem. By employing quantum-compatible machine learning techniques, they developed a method of extracting a rare Higgs boson signal from copious noise data, as reported in Nature.
Having a parent with an alcohol use disorder increases the risk for dating violence among teenagers. In addition, researchers found that the root causes of teen dating violence can be seen as early as infancy.
Journal of Aging Research: Dental Health Behaviors, Dentition, and Mortality in the Elderly: The Leisure World Cohort Study. Edentulous individuals (even with dentures) had a 30% higher risk of death compared with those with 20+ teeth.
E-cigarettes linked to numerous biomarkers associated with lung diseases
Ancestry answered the DNA questions 23andMe couldn’t
Scientists Gave Fish Marijuana to See if It Would Make Them Relax
How Google's Quantum Computer Could Change the World
Study finds that easier access to concealed firearms is associated with significantly higher rates of handgun-related homicide. This suggests that current trends towards more permissive concealed-carry laws are inconsistent with the promotion of public safety.
CO? benefits of regrowing forests nothing to shake a stick at | Ars Technica
Stanford scholars have probed how Americans think about mental life. Most people don’t have answers to the big questions about consciousness or the meaning of life, but they do have a way of thinking about and categorizing mental life. It comes down to three things – body, heart and mind.
Plume-subduction interaction forms large auriferous provinces
The quality of marriage relationship significantly correlates with cardiovascular health.
A large scale study on the effects of police body cameras showed that officers with cameras used force and faced civilian complaints at about the same rates as officers without cameras
Restaurants are reducing sodium in some newer menu items, but when it comes to existing fare and use of sodium overall there has been little change. Experts determined that a 1200mg drop in daily sodium intake could save as many as 92,000 lives and up to $25 million in annual health care costs
As Many as 32,000 papers may have misidentified the cell lines they used. In turn, these papers are cited by at least 500,000 more articles.
Suicides of nearly 60,000 Indian farmers linked to climate change
Observations of a radio-quiet solar preflare
A Fraught Future for Flying Insects: Dramatic decrease in biomass in protected areas
Crows share an interesting set of behaviors with humans: they like to play, and they often use tools. Scientists investigate why crows are so playful, and found that the birds who played with tools in an experiment were much better at using those tools in a food-finding task.
Ketamine may help treat migraine pain unresponsive to other therapies
One-Step Reforming of CO2 and CH4 into High-Value Liquid Chemicals and Fuels at Room Temperature by Plasma-Driven Catalysis - Wang - 2017 - Angewandte Chemie
Orionid Meteor Shower 2017: When, Where & How to See It This Weekend
Fossil teeth discovery in Germany could re-write human history- "Their characteristics resemble African finds that are four to five million years younger than the fossils excavated in Eppelsheim. This is a tremendous stroke of luck, but also a great mystery."
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Volcanoes that spew strecthy ice could make dwarf planets brighter
242 Kenitzka The first question naturally will be, "how do I change my gut bacterial composition?" *Will this give birth to a new wave of suppository nutritional products and colon fecal transplants?
63 natura_simplex_ One thing I noticed is that the authors have a patent for weight loss prediction biomarkers. Not sure how that might have biased their results, or if they may have focused mainly on what they wanted to prove versus all possible explanations. It seems like the study found no difference between the two diets for people with the low P/B community (no matter what you eat, you can't lose weight if you have low P/B), while people with high P/B community lost weight on the "new" high protein, hgh fiber, low fat diet with lots of fruits and vegetables. It seemed that, on both diets, partipants were allowed to eat ad libitum, which makes me wonder if the total calories consumed could explain the success of the high protein, high fiber diet. Many dieters claim high protein, high fiber is more satiating than high carb diets, so perhaps partipants ate less calories on the more satiating diet. This wouldn't explain why P/B ratio correlates with weight loss, though, so there's still something to further investigate there. The authors note that only two partipants switched P/B ratio throughout the study, suggesting that diets high in fiber don't affect P/B ratio. Maybe this means, before dieting, some other intervention is required (dietary or drug?) for successful weight loss. I do still wonder how total calories or other dietary components affect the results, or if total calories or other dietary components influence gut microbe communities in ways protein and fiber don't.
9 sorryaboutlastnight Were the two different diets matched in terms of total calories consumed?
22 dem0n0cracy Don't Western diets have high sugar contents, and are the more important macro to be aware of?
16 MayorNarra Did each of they groups eat an equivalent amount of calories? If not, I would say the results of the study should not be viewed as conclusive.
4 UnprovenMortality "The research team found that relationship between two groups of intestinal bacteria was decisive for whether overweight people lose weight on a diet that follows the Danish national dietary recommendations and contains a lot of fruit, vegetables, fiber, and whole grains." My next question would be: are these gut bacteria important because participants were placed on a high plant matter diet? Or can these results be replicated on a keto diet/western diet with calorie restriction?
3 Final7C So the question is: Are the people eating the New Nordic diet creating gut bacteria composition that allows them to lose more weight, and the danish national diet does not actively feed that specific biome? Or do the people naturally have that gut biome and it is maintained by some other source?