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Research reveals stronger people have healthier brains - A study of nearly half a million people has revealed that muscular strength, measured by handgrip, is an indication of how healthy our brains are. This finding exists in the general population as well as people experiencing schizophrenia.
Blood-red ants of the species Formica sanguinea are known for instituting a system of slavery. They infiltrate the nest of another ant species, assassinate the queen, and kidnap the pupae to raise as the next generation of slaves. New research sheds light on the evolution of this behavior.
More people have died or been injured in mass school shootings in the United States in the past 18 years than in the entire 20th century. In a new study, researchers have reviewed the history of mass school shootings in the U.S.
For brown widow spiders, sex is literally a matter of life and death. If a male chooses an adult female, chances are roughly 50/50 that she’ll eat him afterward. But if he mates with a younger subadult female, she’ll let him live to see another day. Despite this, the males prefer older mates.
Study finds menstrual cups be have greater risk of toxic shock syndrome versus current tampon brands due to air being inserted along with cup and biofilm surviving rinsing. Recommendations to reduce risk are to use a second cup and boil between uses.
Malaria infection creates a ‘human perfume’ that makes us more attractive to mosquitoes; may help to explain why the disease is able to spread so effectively.
A new study found poorer childhood cognition occurred when pregnant women or their offspring consumed greater quantities of sugar. Substituting with diet soda during pregnancy also appeared to have negative effects. However, children’s fruit consumption was associated with higher cognitive scores.
Eating too much sugar during pregnancy could affect your child's intelligence and memory, a new study has found. The study found that consuming greater quantities of sugar was associated with poorer cognition in their children, including poorer problem-solving abilities, poorer verbal memory
Humans and chimpanzees recently evolved a more active fight-or-flight response compared to other primates, possibly in response to the threat of warfare, finds a new study. Macaques and some bonobos lack these genetic variants that may increase the fight-or-flight response.
Reddit can help people suffering from depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia improve their written communication and express their ideas (paper in JMIR)
Older adults who take a novel antioxidant that specifically targets cellular powerhouses, or mitochondria, see aging of their blood vessels reverse by the equivalent of 15 to 20 years within six weeks, according to new research.
Childhood poverty costs U.S. $1.03 trillion in a year, study finds. Total amounts to 28% of the federal budget.
New form of DNA, known as 'i-motif' structures, discovered within living human cells. Scientists suspect it is involved with the process of “reading” DNA sequences and converting them into useful substances.
The brain doesn't care about being perfect - The psychology of perfectionism makes you feel meaningless, leading to self-doubt, perceived failure, and lack of confidence. The solution, research says, is to apply top-down "frame shifts."
Hunger is a Gatekeeper of Pain in the Brain: Hunger-mediating neurons suppress long-term inflammatory pain, but acute pain, which signals an immediate threat, dampens the activity of these neurons and thus deprioritizes feeding.
When endangered killer whales swim through the sheltered waters of Puget Sound, they leave behind traces of "environmental DNA" that researchers can detect as much as two hours later, a new study has found.
Doctors Performed the First Full Penis and Scrotum Transplant
Scientists find DNA that looks like a twisted knot instead of a double helix in human cells
Detection of hydrogen sulfide above the clouds in Uranus’s atmosphere
‘Superblack’ bird of paradise feathers absorb 99.95% of light
Coal plant emissions damage infant DNA, a new study shows - A study from Columbia University has found that babies born during a coal plant’s operation in China had shorter telomeres than those born after the plant’s closure.
Researchers have implanted a bean-sized brain organoid into a mouse. This approach advances the organoid research so that it could be used to treat humans - by successfully growing them in lab animals, they can better understand how the human brain develops - both normally and when illnesses occur
Scientists discover new species of great ape in northern Sumatra
3.6 million-year-old footprints suggest early human ancestors were excellent walkers
Homeopathic and natural remedies aren’t the same thing—and only one of them is total nonsense
Adding radish, rocket or rape seed sprouts (but not mustard) to broccoli sprouts increased sulforaphane by about 2x, while decreasing sulforaphane nitrile
Fat cells can be damaged in a short amount of time when they are exposed to the fatty acid palmitate or the hormone TNF-alpha through a fatty diet, a new study shows. The researchers hope this new knowledge may be used to develop new preventive strategies for diabetes.
Having patients recovering from surgery self-report their pain via a specially designed tablet app called "PainPad" was more effective than data collected by nurses
Found: a new form of DNA in our cells
New study shows that specific T-cells residing in fat tissue regulate body temperature. Mice lacking these immune cells were unable to regulate their body temperature after cold challenge.
A smart watch application called "Science Stories" that lets elementary school students record science observations out in the world at any time increased students' self efficacy in science
Scientists created a quantum tunneling devices to captures electricity
A study implicates the trade of the American bullfrog, native to the Eastern US, in the spread of the deadly fungus that has decimated amphibian populations worldwide
It's not just the oceans: Microplastic pollution is all around us
Why freeloader baby-eating ants are welcomed to the colony
In 200 Years Cows May Be the Biggest Land Mammals on the Planet
Why psychopaths make such bad first impressions - New research shows why psychopaths fail the first impression test. The results paint a negative picture of interpersonal interactions with individuals scoring highly on any Dark Tetrad traits (psychopathy, Machiavellianism, narcissism, and sadism).
The science of FOMO reveals the truth of what we're really missing out on (and how it hurts out psychological state and mental functioning).
Scientists at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have for the first time found direct causal links between the neurotransmitter dopamine and avoidance – behavior related to pain and fear.
Increased Risk of Psychiatric Disorders in Allergic Diseases: A Nationwide, Population-Based, Cohort Study
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9 AnatoliaFarStar Well, that's a title that's not going to be selectively interpreted.
7 gRod805 I've noticed that people turn to conspiracy theories when they are in a bad place in their lives like unemployment or a break up. Maybe its that they have more time to watch those illuminati / reptilian people videos when they are unemployed.
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21 CYBORGMEXICAN I've also heard that people who were abused as children also tend to be conspiracy theorists due to extreme distrust for authority.
19 gazoota How can a "study" justify using the word "loser" when success itself is an entirely relative concept and cannot be measured.
15 BlurryBigfoot74 Cass Sunstein's book "Conspiracy Theories and Other Dangerous Ideas" is a great book that talks about several studies done on what causes extremism and why people beleive in conspiracy theories and their tendencies. I find it odd that someone who believes princess Diana is alive and well is simultaneously more likely to beleive that she also died before the accident happened rather than the official story.
61 [deleted] Yeah, I mean, only intelligent people assume everything they are told is true without questioning.
3 Typhera Well, yes, but this applies to every segment of the population, beyond conspiracy theories. For example minorities (those in mostly poverty, not succesful ones), poorer segments of the population, fringe ideological or social groups, and in general less socioeconomically "successful" groups will lean to blame all their issues on a conspiracy, or "the system" being rigged against them, or discrimination, or a myriad of other factors that are outside of their control, as a coping mechanism. Sadly the truth ends up being that this hand washing of responsibility behaviour tends to perpetuate the situation they are in. Taking hold of personal responsibility and attempting to gain control over ones situation are the first steps in improving it, to blame it all on external sources always leads to complacency, because its literally beyond your reach that way. Also leads to misguided "fights" which tend to create a schism between main groups and them. Using the example of conspiracy theories, their behaviour tends to most parts be 'anti-social', due to general distrust, which leads to lack of socialisation, creating issues with proper socially acceptable mannerisms, habits, expectations, which creates more isolation because it makes it a lot harder to relate to the common population, and making them seek other fringe people who are "awoke", self-segregation and reinforcement of the belief that "they are out to get me", its a downwards spiral. Although I would question using the word "losers" to describe them, if you apply this label to any of the other many groups that are in a similar situation (self perpetuating behavioural patterns), it could get a lot of backlash.
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19 Baconmazing This is common sense. If you're winning, why look for a reason ? You know you're winning so you roll with it. If you're losing, you look for a reason why to blame other than yourself.