Scientists have identified significant amounts of toxic metals, including lead, leaking from e-cigarette heating coils and present in the aerosols inhaled by users.
New dating technique attributes cave paintings to Neanderthal artists. The paintings in Spain were created 20,000 years before humans arrived in Europe, meaning that like modern humans, Neanderthals were artistic and understood symbolism.
Researchers create a roadmap for reducing radiation exposure to future astronauts who colonize space. It involves gene therapy, tissue and organ engineering, extended hibernation, and the use of RadAway-style drugs.
A new study has found more than 95 per cent of Tasmanian devils immunised prior to being released into the wild have generated a robust antibody response to the deadly devil facial tumour disease (DFTD).
Depression substantially reduced with multivitamin and getting Vitamin-D above 40 ng/ml
Anti-depressants work, major study says. The study, which analysed data from 522 trials involving 116,477 people, found 21 common anti-depressants were all more effective at reducing symptoms of acute depression than dummy pills.
Research has linked perfectionism to depressive symptoms. Self-compassion, defined as experiencing feelings of caring and kindness toward oneself, and taking a nonjudgmental attitude toward one’s inadequacies and failures, moderates the link between perfectionism and depression, finds a new study.
Cannabis use is associated with beneficial reductions in inflammation and immune activation that improve health outcomes in people living with HIV, according to a new study in Clinical Infectious Disease.
Humans may be evolving a genetic variant that would make them physically unable to consume large amounts of alcohol, which could one day help reduce alcoholism and alcohol-abuse related health ailments, finds new study in Nature Ecology & Evolution.
Women go into science careers more often in countries without gender equality
Rising rates of autism diagnoses don’t have anything to do with the increasing number of ultrasound scans that women receive during pregnancy, according to a new study in JAMA pediatrics.
New research shows siblings can make you more empathic - both younger and older siblings uniquely contribute to each others’ empathy development, finds new study in journal Child Development.
The largest ever study on ancient DNA has shown that Britain was changed forever by the arrival of the Beaker folk, a wave of migrants about 4,500 years ago who brought with them new customs, new burial practices, and beautiful, distinctive bell-shaped pottery.
A new study, which uses satellite tracking data from more than 70,000 ships, has shown that between half and three-quarters of the world’s seas are being fished by commercial fishing vessels.
The supermassive black hole at the center of WISE1029 is NOT affecting the galaxy's ability to form stars. This contradicts the theory that galaxies and their central supermassive black holes evolve together.
Elderberry Supplement significantly reduces symptoms in most influenza strains. "The results of this pilot, placebo?controlled, double?blinded clinical trial clearly show that administration of the proprietary elderberry extract can rapidly relieve influenza?like symptoms."
Recon3D enables a three-dimensional view of gene variation in human metabolism
Parents who allow their kids to sip/taste alcohol may be contributing to an increased risk for alcohol use and related problems later in adolescence. This contradicts the belief that letting kids taste alcohol is harmless, and might even help to promote responsible drinking later in life.
How a person responds to a difficult life event such as a death or divorce helps shape the development of their wisdom over time. For many, the difficult life event also served to disrupt their sense of personal meaning, raising questions about their understanding of their world
Asian elephants have different personality traits just like humans. Researchers find that Asian elephant personality manifests through three different factors. The personality factors identified by the researchers are Attentiveness, Sociability and Aggressiveness.
Tumor Organoids Predict How Well Patients Respond to Cancer Drugs: 100% sensitivity; 93% specificity; 88% positive predictive value; 100% negative predictive value
Study finds that one-time testing for Hepatitis C in persons over 18 is cost-effective, improves clinical outcomes, and detects more cases than current recommendations
New study on mice shows adult-born neurons are involved in sensory learning, helping the brain strengthen the association between sensory stimuli and rewards.
U-Th dating of carbonate crusts Reveals Neandertal origin of Iberian cave art
A specialized fungal parasite hijacks the sexual signals of periodical cicadas
Lethal Pneumonia Outbreak Caused By Low Chlorine In Flint Water
Common drug treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms fails clinical trial
New study describes “privacy fatigue”, which is “a sense of weariness toward privacy issues, in which individuals believe that there is no effective means of managing their personal information on the Internet”, leading to emotional exhaustion and cynicism, and the leak of private information.
Scientists shed light on Burgess Shale preservation for first time
Playing action video games like League of Legends for just one hour can improve concentration and boost performance on visual selective activities, according to new research
Scientists Make Cells Glow So Brightly They Can Be Seen Outside The Body
An injectable gel-like scaffold can hold combination chemo-immunotherapeutic drugs and deliver them locally and sequentially to tumors. Animal models suggest it could eventually ramp up therapeutic benefits for patients bearing tumors or after removal of the primary tumors.
New evidence of a biological link between diet and depression has come from the first study to analyse associations between diet, body mass index, inflammatory markers and mental health in adolescents.
Dog owners showed a higher level of attachment to their dogs than cat owners to their cats, while female owners showed a higher level of attachment to their pets than males, with the higher the level of attachment, the stronger the attribution of emotions to the pets, finds a new Japanese study.
A psychology researcher has found preliminary evidence that poor sleep can actually reduce the risk of depressive symptoms in some people
Astronomers discover the most distant supernova ever confirmed through spectroscopy. The superluminous supernova is located 10.5 billion light-years away, and astronomers hope to use it to develop another “standard candle," an astrophysical object with a known and fixed luminosity.
The new specimen forcing a radical rethink of Archaeopteryx – and poses questions about other theropod dinosaurs
"Literally green chemical synthesis of artemisinin from plant extracts" - synthesis of a common antimalarial drug from its biosynthetic precursor using already-present chlorophyll as a photosensitizer
A supernova's initial burst of light (“shock breakout”) was accidentally captured by an amateur astronomer in optical light for the first time. Spectra were taken and compared to models, and the results suggest shock propagation is not related to what triggers the explosion.
First evidence of marine top predators consuming microplastics via trophic transfer
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40 Qubeye Even in politics, a null hypothesis will really help you from forming biased opinions, and I don't think enough people take that into account. "X probably has zero effect on the outcome. Now, let's test that theory." The Netherlands did that with traffic circles, then came up with data proving traffic circles were extremely good at reducing accidents, especially fatal ones, and then took political action, and it worked.
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8 HumanistRuth >It’s also possible to influence others in a positive direction, he said, by sharing evidence in a calm, respectful manner when faced with misperceptions.
21 cassidy498 Here's the PLOS ONE article from researcher Kelly Garrett:
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10 DarylMoore I made a conscious decision about fifteen years ago to rid myself of my opinions and instead draw conclusions. To draw conclusions, I have to examine evidence, both supporting and contrary. It has changed my life considerably, and I am happier, easier to be around, and much more relaxed about everything. I still have my opinions and biases, but I'm now more likely to notice them and cause myself to stop and evaluate where the opinion and bias comes from. Sometimes, my conclusion runs contrary to the prior opinion. It does bother me a tad when people I care about have passionate opinions when I know that they haven't seriously considered why they have them, but the change in me just lets it go. I don't try to change other peoples' opinions any more. If they want to know my position on a matter, I state it and explain how I drew that conclusion. If the evidence I provide affects them in any way, that's their business, not mine.