Science AMA Series: I'm Steven Strogatz, a professor of mathematics at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. I apply math to biology and physics and love communicating with the public about math through books, radio shows, and New York Times articles, and I’m here today to talk about it. AMA!
Researchers find that one person likely drove Bitcoin from $150 to $1,000, in a new study published in the Journal of Monetary Economics. Unregulated cryptocurrency markets remain vulnerable to manipulation today.
Fracking is one of the least sustainable ways to produce electricity, says new study. When comparing environmental, economic and social sustainability, scientists find shale gas extraction ranks 7th out of 9 different energy sources.
Conservatives are more vulnerable than liberals to "echo chambers" because they are more likely to prioritize conformity and tradition when making judgments and forming their social networks.
More than half of youth and young adults who had consumed energy drinks reported adverse outcomes, some serious enough to warrant seeking medical help. The adverse outcomes were significantly more prevalent than with other sources of caffeine such as coffee.
Wildlife species are being exposed to high levels of rat poison in northwest California, with illegal marijuana farms the most likely source point. Study found 7 of the 10 northern spotted owls and 40% of the 84 barred owls collected tested positive for rat poison.
A study found that 90% of patients who had "penicillin allergy” on their charts weren't actually allergic. The authors say many patients are getting broad-spectrum antibiotics (e.g. clindamycin) for no reason, which raises health care costs and makes antibiotic-resistant bacteria harder to treat.
The "Two Brothers" mummies were found in 1907 with a label showing their mom's name. DNA evidence shows they were not brothers but half-brothers.
Surfers more likely to harbour antibiotic resistant superbugs, study finds - Beach Bums project looked at surfers’ faeces and found they are three times more likely to carry drug-resistant E coli bacteria. Researchers found that surfers swallow ten times more seawater than swimmers.
Group recreates DNA of man who died in 1827 not using his remains but just DNA samples from his descendants
When an infectious disease cannot be contained, ants engage in “destructive disinfection.” Researchers exposed ant pupae (developing “babies”) to a fungus. The pupae were groomed to remove any signs of the fungus. Then, they were sprayed with formic acid, leaving behind a heavily damaged corpse.
New Study Links Pregnant Women Taking Acetaminophen with Language Delays in Baby Girls
In urban streams, persistent pharmaceutical pollution can cause aquatic microbial communities to become resistant to drugs.
Genetically "normal" BRCA-1 genes with abnormal methylation are strongly associated with ovarian cancer. This may have clinical implications as current screening tests do not capture abnormal methylation.
A survey of 4000 millionaires found that only at higher levels of wealth are they happier than those at lower levels and that those that inherited their money were less happy than those who earned it
For the first time, astronomers spot a supermassive black hole that has spewed out material twice, revealing its feeding behavior over time.
After crows fight they touch and preen each other to make up
Study of 385-million-year-old shark suggests humans and sharks shared common ancestor 440 million years ago
Human Emissions Made Ocean Heat Wave 53 Times More Likely - Three 2016 marine heat waves that killed whales, birds, corals, and shellfish from Australia to Alaska were many times more likely thanks to climate change.
Children who experienced severe peer victimization/bullying were more than twice as likely to report depression or low moods at age 15, and 3 times more likely to report anxiety. The severe victimization group was almost 3.5 times more likely to report serious suicidal thoughts or suicide attempts.
Dietary salt promotes neurovascular and cognitive dysfunction through a gut-initiated TH17 response
Harvard Geoengineering researchers propose seeding of airplane engine exhaust with sulfuric acid (in the stratosphere) for better particle size distribution control that is suited to solar radiation management purposes
Study finds that global warming exacerbates refugee crises | when temperatures in agricultural areas and seasons at the source countries varied away from an optimal value (of about 20°C), the number of people seeking asylum increased.
Cancer Risk: Why do women with melanoma do better than men
Robust prediction of individual creative ability from brain functional connectivity
Feeding live invertebrate prey in zoos and aquaria: Are there welfare concerns?
Western University researchers are finding a link between athletes with severe concussions and patients living with ALS — a degenerative neurological disorder.
UK group identifies a novel botulinum toxin gene cluster from Enterococcus species. This is the first complete botulinum toxin gene cluster identified in a non-clostridial genome.
A new study suggests that older people who have worsening anxiety symptoms may be more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease. Anxiety disorders are common across the United States, thought to affect around 40 million adults each year.
Black Death spread by human fleas and lice, research shows
A Military Medicine pilot study finds that meditation brings PTSD symptoms below clinical levels in 80% of veterans within 30 days, an average 54.5% decline in PTL-5 scores among the 46 veterans in the study
Here's a physiological reason why some people are more creative than others
A study has found that junior surgeons need years of training before becoming excellent surgeons. However, with the advent of robotic surgery, the junior surgeon's practice is significantly reduced, and evidence suggests that junior surgeons don’t acquire the skills they require.
Obesity shaved almost a year off life expectancy in the US, according to a new study PNAS.
Meta-analysis of action video game impact on perceptual, attentional, and cognitive skills. - PubMed
The share of culturally different immigrants is a significant and sizable determinant of anti-immigration votes (research paper)
Teens using Instagram and Snapchat more than 2 hours/day tend to develop body image concerns, which in turn lead to poorer mental health.
Long tube butterflies use to suck nectar from flowers actually developed before flowering plants did, so it must have originally evolved for a different purpose
Human fleas and lice, not rats, responsible for the spread of plague (Black Death)
Trustworthiness and altruism have a synergistic effect when combined with physical attractiveness - Physical attractiveness and prosociality greatly boosts a person’s desirability as a romantic partner. But the combination of these traits produces “more than the sum of its parts”.
Activated skin stem cells smoothen out differences in their neighbours
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1282 sooprvylyn "I'm sure we haven't found all of the exposures at this point," Mars is a planet a bit larger than half the size of the earth. You can't really see all that much surface detail from outer space on earth, so you would have about the same difficulty seeing much detail on mars...and we only have like 5-6 active satellites around mars so its a lot of land to cover even if they do have telephoto lenses capable of seeing some detail.
6405 competitive_irish I always see stuff like this (about detecting water or possibilities of it) on other planets but it never ends up being conclusive/important. I wonder if this would be different, considering that it's Mars.
5729 MichaelSwizzy Wow this ice is at over 55 degrees of latitude away from the equator which is where we would like to be living for heat reasons. Imagine having to get water from over 500 miles from where you live. Edit: a bunch of people are saying “ya but oil” Or “I live in california broooooo that’s how we hella roll” It’s pretty different.... there’s oceans, theres rivers, and there’s a couple hundred years of infrastructure built here on earth. Think about the capital cost of building a pipeline here... now think about trying to do it on Mars. It’s not trivial. Plus it’s cold and water doesn’t flow that well when it’s under 0 degrees. Best solution I’ve heard thus far is Ice Road Truckers 2: Mars edition, let’s just hope the history channel is still around. *also km, my bad
132 peace-monger Does the underground temperature of a planet come from heat that radiates from its core, or from surface temperatures? Or both? I know Earth's underground temperature is consistently in the 50's, can scientists estimate what the underground temperature of Mars is?
799 [deleted] [removed]
334 TeeMee123 any chance of curiosity investigating one of those icy areas?
491 Gates9 Wait a minute I just saw an article recently said the evidence for water on mars got flimsier
42 n7-Jutsu What exactly is clean water ice?