Science AMA Series: We are Professor Tim Lenton and Dr Damien Mansell from the University of Exeter, here to answer your questions on Solutions to Climate Change. AMA!
Science AMA Series: I’m Albert Lau and I use supercomputers to simulate molecular machines in action, such as those in the brain. My research can help scientists understand how small molecules like neurotransmitters locate their targets. AMA!
Whistleblowers often suffer from severe psychological problems. About 80% report very negative effects on work and wages, and almost 50% very negative effects on family life. About 45% suffer from clinical levels of mental health problems such as anxiety and/or depressive symptoms.
People with more wealth tend to report being happier with life, according to a new psychological study of more than 4,000 millionaires. The study also found evidence that millionaires who earned their wealth were happier than those who inherited it.
21 years of data confirm GMO corn increase crop yield, and provides substantial health benefits such as a reduction in exposure to mycotoxins
Infection outbreaks at hospitals could be reduced by copper-coated uniforms - Doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals could soon be wearing uniforms brushed with tiny copper nanoparticles to reduce the spread of bacterial infections and viruses at hospitals.
A new study finds that farming crops with crushed rocks could help to improve global food security and reduce the amount of CO2 entering the atmosphere. The fast-reacting silicate rocks capture CO2 and give increased protection from pests and diseases while restoring soil structure and fertility.
Archeologists find mutilated 8,000-year-old skulls, some possibly mounted on stakes. While plenty of cultures throughout the world have placed skulls on stakes, either as trophies or a “back off” signal to enemies, this would be the earliest known example found in Europe.
New blood test can detect autism in children. Researchers at the University of Warwick discover link between autism and damage to proteins in blood plasma.
Modern society and the digital age is detrimentally rewiring children's brains
Drinking alcohol key to living past 90, study says
Alzheimer's disease reversed in mice, offering hope for humans, new research shows
Research shows punishing a wrongdoer is more rewarding to the brain than supporting a victim
Scientists have discovered evidence of the beginning of the Anthropocene, the newest geological epoch. The evidence came in the form of a "golden spike" found in the heartwood of the "loneliest tree in the world."
The world’s oceans could become “uninhabitable” for cold-water corals by the end of the century as a result of ocean acidification, research suggests.
Fifteen new genes identified that shape our face - The findings could inform facial reconstructive surgeries and other therapies, as well as improve forensic DNA analysis.
AAAS AMA: Hi, we’re researchers from Google, Microsoft, and Facebook who study Artificial Intelligence. Ask us anything!
A new study on the timescale of plant evolution has concluded that the first plants to colonize the Earth originated around 500 million years ago – 100 million years earlier than previously thought
CRISPR hack transforms cells into data recorders
DNA analysis is giving clues to how the vampire bat can survive on blood alone. Vampire bats have key differences in genes involved in immunity and food metabolism compared with other bats.
Teens work very hard to create a favorable online image through careful selection of which photos, activities and links to post on Facebook and Instagram, according to a recent study. Content that makes them appear interesting, well-liked and attractive to their friends and peers is a primary goal.
Our knowledge of dinosaur evolution has completely changed in the last 10 years, and likely will in the next 10 again too.
Did humans domesticate themselves? Human ‘self-domestication’ is a hypothesis that states that among the driving forces of human evolution, humans selected their companions depending on who had a more pro-social behavior. Researchers found out new genetic evidence for this evolutionary process.
New research on English Football suggests darker skin toned soccer players occupy positions thought to require athleticism whereas lighter skin toned players occupy positions requiring creativity and organizational skills
Study dispels notion that social media displaces human contact - A new study shows no evidence for the proposition that social media crowds out face-to-face communication with those who ought to matter most, our close friends and family members, debunking the social displacement hypothesis.
Unconventional superconductor may be used to create quantum computers of the future
Franzmeier et al. show that greater left frontal hub connectivity within the fronto-parietal control network is associated with greater resilience of cognitive performance during early stages of autosomal dominant & sporadic Alzheimer’s disease.
Global Demand for Natural Resources Eliminated More Than 100,000 Bornean Orangutans Between 1999 and 2015
Air Pollution from New and Shutdown Industries, a Big Danger to Public Health
Humans will actually react pretty well to news of alien life. Across multiple studies, researchers found that reactions were significantly more positive than negative, and more reward vs. risk oriented.
AAAS AMA: Hi, we're scientists from NOAA and research universities who analyze the sources of pollution and recently published a study in Science Magazine. Ask us anything!
Wild hummingbirds require a consistent view of landmarks to pinpoint a goal location
A team of international researches finds that Oganesson doesn't behave like other noble gasses.
Dispersal of Fish Eggs by Water Birds – Just a Myth?
Low Data Drug Discovery with One-Shot Learning
Making gene editing more precise
Rescue of Fragile X Syndrome Neurons by DNA Methylation Editing of the FMR1 Gene
New studies zero in on roots of depression and why ketamine reverses it
Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Based Vaccines Elicit Anti-tumor Responses In Vivo
Learning Plants (Pavlov for Peas)
Peanut oral immunotherapy strongly desensitizes children and young adults to peanut allergy in a randomized, phase 2 trial. Results from a phase 3 trial are expected imminently.
Raw chicken link to dog paralysis: Investigation of the Role of Campylobacter Infection in Suspected Acute Polyradiculoneuritis in Dogs

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