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Study of long-term heterosexual couples finds women over-estimate and men underestimate their partner’s sexual advances
Children not only have fatigue-resistant muscles, but recover very quickly from high-intensity exercise -- even faster than well-trained adult endurance athletes, according to a new study.
Malaria could be quickly eliminated in south-east Asia by an all-out effort to dose whole populations with drugs that treat the disease, regardless of whether people have symptoms or are healthy, based on new research in Myanmar that succeeded in sometimes clearing malaria completely from villages.
People who believe the US is entitled to special treatment became more likely to endorse conspiratorial patterns of thinking over the course of the 2016 presidential campaign. According to new research with 1,685 Americans, collective narcissism predicted a strengthening of conspiracy thinking.
Scientists Unveil Precise Map Of More Than A Billion Stars
A daily dose of baking soda may help reduce the destructive inflammation of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis
If you’ve had a bad day at work due to rude colleagues, doing something fun and relaxing after work may lead to a better night’s sleep. Experiencing rude or negative behavior at work was linked with insomnia, but people who were able to do something relaxing to recover after work may sleep better.
Lonely millennials are more likely to have mental health problems, be out of work and feel pessimistic about their ability to succeed in life than their peers who feel connected to others, regardless of gender or wealth, research with over 2,000 British young adults revealed.
Chronic immune response might be stunting growth in millions of kids. Elevated immune function, tied to chronic exposure to soil-transmitted parasitic worms, was linked to a growth reduction of up to 49 percent. Energetic demands of immunity divert calories from growth, researchers argue.
People with a long-term interest in science tend to trust scientific authorities like NASA and the IPCC when it comes to climate, regardless of what their political persuasions may be. It's the latest result that indicates that a "scientific curiosity" can get people past their ideology.
Exercise suppresses the appetite by heating up the hypothalamus to ~39C, a new study finds
Overthinking is the major cause of Anxiety and depressions
Job search websites don't use demographic information (gender, age, etc.), but their search algorithm used by employers rank women with the same qualifications lower for many occupations. Reason is unknown.
European satellite reveals motions of more than 1 billion stars and shape of the Milky Way
A FitBit-based exercise program fails to improve outcomes in a randomized controlled trial. Wearable tech + coaching fails to outperform usual care (none of those things) in patients with peripheral artery disease.
Human Bones Make For Terrific Daggers: Research
CRISPR Used to Genetically Edit Coral
The Matthew effect in science funding - how early successes increase future success chances
Newly discovered Amazon reef is six times bigger than previously thought, and it extends into oil drilling concessions. Researchers are now calling on the oil company to cancel its drilling project
In an ominous sign for patient safety, 71% of reusable medical scopes deemed ready for use on patients tested positive for bacteria at three major U.S. hospitals, according to a new study.
While criminals will get guns illegally, and people who use guns to commit suicide may not be deterred by anything, people who are already prone to violence would be deterred from homicide by gun law changes a study has found
Iron Deficiency, Anemia, and Low Vitamin B-12 Serostatus in Middle Childhood are Associated with Behavior Problems in Adolescent Boys: Results from the Bogotá School Children Cohort | The Journal of Nutrition | Oxford Academic
A new form of DNA found within our cells.
Depressed, inactive and out of work - study reveals lives of lonely young adults. Loneliness is strongly linked with premature death in old age, to a similar degree as smoking or obesity.
The US government is considering whether to charge for access to two widely used sources of remote-sensing imagery: the Landsat satellites operated by the US Geological Survey (USGS) and an aerial-survey programme run by the Department of Agriculture (USDA).
New device could help insulin-producing cells live longer after transplant and improve treatment of type 1 diabetes
A researcher is the first to document that two genetically distinct species of guenon monkeys inhabiting Gombe National Park in Tanzania, Africa, have been successfully mating and producing hybrid offspring for hundreds maybe even thousands of years
Fit fathers sire smarter offspring: Mice that hit the running wheel have brainier pups than sedentary rodents do.
Religious involvement is associated with lower rates of recreational and medical marijuana use among adults. This effect is less pronounced for adults in poor health, suggesting that the morality and social control functions of religious involvement may be offset under the conditions of poor health.
About 15,000 years ago, changes in ocean circulation caused the North Pacific Ocean to discharge large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, warming the planet and helping end the last Ice Age. The findings could prove highly important for managing and mitigating current climate change trends.
The spotted wing fruit fly is one of the world’s major crop pests and has invaded every continent except Antarctica. Now researchers are developing a genetic weapon - a gene drive that would render the pests selectively vulnerable to certain chemicals - to eradicate the species.
AWI researchers measure a record concentration of microplastic in arctic sea ice
Uranus has a familiar odor, scientists say, and earthlings wouldn't like it
Children have energy levels greater than endurance athletes, scientists find
Brains of men with autism have some ‘female’ patterns. The findings may help reconcile conflicting theories about the sex bias in the autism brain.
Why It Seems Like Everyone Is Always Angry With You
Milky Way’s supermassive lack hole may have ‘unseen’ siblings
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Research reveals stronger people have healthier brains - A study of nearly half a million people has revealed that muscular strength, measured by handgrip, is an indication of how healthy our brains are. This finding exists in the general population as well as people experiencing schizophrenia.
Youth e-cigarette use was associated with subsequent marijuana use, especially among young adolescents aged 12 to 14 years, finds a new longitudinal study (n = 10,364; 2013–2014).

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