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Congress is holding hearings today on SESTA, a bill that poses a major threat to sites like reddit that host user-generated content
For weeks, Equifax customer service has been directing victims to a fake phishing site
Apple cuts cookies – but there is more to come in the online advertising arms race: Apple’s latest software update has enraged companies who have been using cookies to track users across the web
Equifax has been directing victims to a fake phishing site for weeks.
Google to buy part of HTC's smartphone operations for around $1 billion
Equifax Has Been Sending Consumers to a Fake Phishing Site for Almost Two Weeks
Turning Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11's Control Center Doesn't Actually Turn Off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Equifax Confirms Another 'Security Incident'
Distrustful U.S. allies force NSA to drop weak encryption from ISO proposal
Ebay is banning watermarks on ALL products
Tesla is working with AMD to develop its own A.I. chip for self-driving cars, says source.
Genetically Modified Immune Cells Have Killed a Patient, Halting Two Cutting-Edge Trials
Turning Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11's Control Center Doesn’t Actually Turn Off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
Ford is using Microsoft’s HoloLens to design cars in augmented reality
CCleaner Malware second payload discovered
Internet Giants Face New Political Resistance in Washington - "After years of largely avoiding regulation, businesses like Facebook, Google and Amazon are a focus of lawmakers, some of whom are criticizing the expanding power of big tech companies and their role in the 2016 election."
SpaceX seeks to trademark the name ‘Starlink’ for satellite broadband network - "a constellation of thousands of satellites that would be launched into low Earth orbit."
Massive Equifax hack reportedly started 4 months before it was detected
WhatsApp reportedly refused to build a backdoor for the UK government
How to Hack a Turned-Off Computer, or Running Unsigned Code in Intel Management Engine | Black Hat Europe 2017
The CCleaner Malware Fiasco Targeted at Least 20 Specific Tech Firms
Distrustful U.S. allies force spy agency to back down in encryption row
Why didn’t Equifax protect your data? Because corporations have all the power. The hack revealed how little control consumers have these days.
HTC is halting trade of its shares in anticipation of expected takeover
Tesla is reportedly developing its own chip with AMD for self-driving cars
Busting the myth that net neutrality hampers investment
5 Most Expensive Tech Blunders: how simple mistakes led to massive losses
Apple iOS 11 Has 25 Great Secret Features
Equifax tweets fake phishing site to concerned customers
Why the United States was wide open to a disaster like Equifax - The over-reliance on Social Security numbers for authentication has made hacking systems such as Equifax's appealing, placing consumers at the losing end
JPMorgan helps clients buy Bitcoin despite CEO calling Bitcoin 'a fraud'
Pi startup makes a working wireless charger that can charge 4 devices at once from up to a foot away.
With the World Wide Web Consortium captured by the copyright industry, who will step up to lead web development next?
All-electric Hummer unveiled by Kreisel and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Tear down the tracking wall: We are forced to be digitally undressed, analysed and influenced by an opaque industry
Google/HTC deal is official, Google to acquire part of HTC’s smartphone team
Twitter Will Meet With Senate Intelligence Committee on Russia
Saudi Arabia lifts ban on Skype, WhatsApp, and other messaging apps
Comcast, AT&T Are Paying Minority Groups To Support Killing Net Neutrality
Altice USA Broadens Reach of Low-Cost Broadband Option. Now offers 30 Mbps, $14.99/month service in its Optimum and Suddenlink footprints
T-Mobile Confirms It Will Now Slow You Down After 50 GB
278 FoodBornChillness This is why Google just handed over manufacturing of the Pixel 2 XL to LG. Google wants to spend nearly a billion dollars with LG Display to secure OLED panels for its Pixel 2 phones.
82 Soldier-2Point0 I wonder if we'll see a lawsuit because some units got Samsung displays while others got Emerson.
452 icommentingifs >He suspects that the OLED displays for the "iPhone 8" cost Apple between $120 and $130 per unit — well beyond the $45 to $55 per unit Apple is said to pay for the iPhone 7 Plus 5.5-inch LCD screen. Remember that super expensive iphone you just had to have? Well, take that price and double it for the new new one.
198 quad64bit I don't get it, according to Apple, iPhone 8 doesn't have an OLED display, it's a traditional LCD. iPhone X has OLED.
12 chatrugby This is a good move for future Apple devices. Samsung makes better screens. Not sure why everyone's pissy about this.
21 murikansk Because people have been pointing this out... what this article calls the iPhone 8 is the iPhone X, which has the OLED screen while the 8 doesn't. This article is from before the Apple announcement, so the naming was just guessing on their part.
35 CXiiiv They are sitting on a pile of cash, they should use some of that money to build some of their own manufacturing.