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157 smb_samba I have so many questions. Was there no pilot program? Did they run a pilot program and have none of these issues? > According to a spokesperson’s estimate, there are an average of 30 MyDevices in use per store, and approximately 1,800 Target stores. That’s 54,000 pieces of merchandise Apple won’t be upgrading. That's a massive project with a massive price tag. You would think Target would have spent a good chunk of time making sure it was a good fit and the right device for the job....
41 LizMcIntyre More likely switching to enable reading of RFID EPC. Zebra is a big RFID company, and the [Zebra TC51 seems to be capable of reading these codes as well as doing regular barcode scanning](
10 randomtornado I've been using the new zebra device for a couple months now and it's not without its issues. Occasionally the two side buttons to scan items stop working until the device is restarted. Also after about seven hours, you get automatically signed out of the device. On 8 hour closing shifts, it's really irritating to have the device stop working when you're trying to zone and reship at the end of the day. I know a lot of my team members in hardlines get lazy at night and half ass their zone instead of signing back in to make sure everything is I the right place
32 leonffs I'm really bummed that there are no more flagships with removable batteries. I think last year's LG V20 is the final one. They are so incredibly convenient.
9 cr0ft Those Zebra units (formerly Motorola units, I believe) are in use in many areas already - they're ruggedized, have removable batteries, hand straps and a superb laser based barcode scanner (on the TC75). The company I work has a bunch, and I know logistics companies also use them. With the touch screen on them you can use them for a lot, even have customers sign for packages or some such. Something made for purpose will always trump some cobbled up frankenstein with iOS. That has nothing to do with Apple vs Android though, if Apple made a unit designed to be used in this fashion it would no doubt be amazing. Some people cobbling something up out of off the shelf parts, of course, is something else altogether.
3 addisonshinedown As an employee, this decision disappoints me. The cases on the new devices are certainly nicer, but the software is way slower and seems to crash all the time. Plus when I punch in the store code to unlock it I also have to confirm, and that extra step drives me insane for no good reason
6 happyscrappy Hmm. Probably using iPods lead to some of this problem. The iPod isn't really the device with the best camera, battery, etc. It seems at times Apple spends no time on it. They probably picked iPods due to price. They probably can get Android phones of approximately equivalent hardware spec for the same or lower price than an iPod. This would seem like a wise move. Honestly, given you can buy specialized Android devices which have special built-in scanners for product codes and such I'm a bit surprised Android doesn't own this entire market. Or maybe they already had everyone but Target, I dunno.
2 PotatoVarnishOrigin market share faaaaaaaaaaaaling lol
4 frotoaffen At Walmart, we use the zebra mc40's and tc70's. And I have to resist the urge to throw them against the wall. They randomly lose their signal, and sign you out when you do. The buttons randomly stop working. The devices will suddenly reboot for no reason. And you constantly have to tap, and then tap again, etc. To get the device to respond. It's a huge pain the butt.
2 RiflemanLax Not going to say where, but we have the same Apple products at my part time job, and they fucking suck. They were splashy at first- we were an early adopter dating back to around 2012 I believe. But they're expensive as fuck, a pain to update, the batteries drain out in about a year from heavy use, then they have to be sent out. If you're somewhere looking for a similar device, go Android. Can't even say I've used a comparable retail Android device, but at least when the batteries die you can just buy new ones.