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754 DrMussintouchit When working for a huge grocery store chain I had access to the computers to change prices and add product. My login was 2222/2222. They gave me more rights and moved me to 3333/3333. So one night I got to thinking and tried 9999/9999. Yup, I got access to everything you could ever imagine a grocery store had on a network.
415 Natas_Enasni "But wait, it gets worse" should be the slogan of the new millennium.
149 NerdAtSea Lol these people control our financial security.
36 Derperlicious a neighbor who is a professor, told me the other day that he has the best password on his laptop.. nothing. You just hit enter. I know a lot of folks do this, but he was excited, because he felt he 'discovered' a way to be sneaky. See a theif would try every password out there.. might even brute force it, but he would never guess no password. I get tired of talking to him as i sigh soooo many times.
118 CreamyKnougat TIL Equifax is my router.
63 [deleted] Ok so can it still be called breaking and entering if you leave your from door open and loudly parade up and down the street yelling about your expensive new stuff?
20 forsayken Did they store all their user information in plain text too?
65 BearSkyview Morons. That's why you set the password to 'password'.
33 lokitoth So... Equifax is about to discover the meaning of "you're going to have a bad time"