Any form of threatening, harassing, or violence / physical harm towards anyone will result in a ban
Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread
South Korea pushes to commercialize 10-gigabit Internet service.
The YouTube Kids app has been suggesting a load of conspiracy videos to children
Adrian Lamo, Hacker Who Reported Chelsea Manning to the F.B.I., Dies at 37
Whistleblower explains how Cambridge Analytica 'exploited' Facebook
Facebook suspends Trump-linked firm Cambridge Analytica.
How the FCC May Have Shot Itself in the Foot on Net Neutrality
Massachusetts launches probe into Cambridge Analytica’s use of Facebook data
Trump Campaign Data Consultants Cambridge Analytica Took 50 Million Facebook Users' Data
Federal Court strikes down Obama-era FCC rule targeting robocalls
Billion-dollar polar engineering ‘needed to slow melting glaciers’ - Underwater sea walls and artificial islands among projects urgently required to avoid devastation of global flooding, say scientists
Graphene could charge your phone in 7 seconds
Big Tech needs to face a Theodore Roosevelt-style trust busting
Self-driving cars will use flashing lights and weird noises to “talk” to pedestrians
Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach
UK sets new wind power record as turbines deliver 14 gigawatts for first time – 37 per cent of nation's electricity - National Grid confirms highest metered wind output ever recorded
These Maps Show All the Cities and States Now Defending Net Neutrality - Spoiler alert: It's most of them.
This 3-D printed electric car costs $7,500 and took three days to make
How a Norwegian comment section turned chaos into order—with a simple quiz: "Readers had to prove they read a story before they were able to comment on it."
Map of the dark web which showcases over 6000 onion sites with a screenshot of each
Nissan Leaf SUV will be 'breakthrough model' that cracks the mainstream
New tools can unmask anonymous coders from their executables
Microsoft’s Edge Browser Could Soon Be Harder to Ignore in Windows 10
What does it take to restore a World War Two Spitfire?
Scientists on brink of overcoming livestock diseases through gene editing - Breeders will soon be able to produce animals that are immune to disease, says UK’s top animal scientist
Existence of god
Aerones makes really big drones for cleaning turbines and saving lives
The fate of the steering wheel hangs in the balance - Fierce lobbying in Washington, DC over a bill that could unleash a swarm of autonomous vehicles on public roads
Coca-Cola and the U.S. State Department along with two other companies said on Friday they are launching a project using blockchain’s digital ledger technology to create a secure registry for workers that will help fight the use of forced labor worldwide.
Illusory movement perception improves motor control for prosthetic hands
World’s largest jet engine successfully makes its maiden flight
Democrats aim to subpoena Apple, Twitter over private chats
Portland to Seattle to Vancouver: B.C. kicks in $300,000 for rapid transit study
How the FCC May Have Shot Itself in the Foot on Net Neutrality
Uber in talks with Toyota to sell self-driving tech
Federal Research Center for Accelerated Bridge Construction? FIU, Where Pedestrian Bridge just Collapsed.
How to Add a Backup Camera to Your Car - Consumer Reports
Qualcomm’s war may be over, but the casualties are just starting to be calculated
Senators From Both Parties Say FCC Broadband Maps are a Joke
Bridge collapse puts spotlight on rapid building technique
Silicon Valley companies are undermining the impact of artificial intelligence
75 whiritherla Welcome to the rest of his life.
40 ActionWaters Man, it’s like when you’re wrong on your actions and piss a lot of people off when you go through; people get mad.
110 goofyphucker If only his father had pulled out...
63 Syllogism19 >Of a series of deliveries to Pai's house of pizza's he didn't order, Pai told Fox News (according to a co-owned New York Post article about the issue): "“It was a little nerve-racking, especially for my wife, who’s not involved in this space. Families should remain out of it and stop harassing us at our homes.” She is married to the asshole. His income is her income. His sucking the cocks of Verizon earned him the money they together share. It comes with the territory.
9 Yamone Hey give this guy a break! This guy's mouth is already busy sucking verizon dick he cant use it for speaking!
6 [deleted] [removed]
38 Shiba-Shiba Oh, isn't he Brave? Face the consequences of your actions or Git Out!
17 bushy86 You think he's figured out that maybe the Good Idea Fairy isn't his friend yet? I'm just waiting for someone to stuff his head into his oversized coffee cup and kick his ass.
11 [deleted] [removed]
13 TheDuke45 coward can't stand by his decisions
6 Miapop2000 I think he's waiting for this to blow over, but I don't think it will anytime soon. Maybe in 2 years...
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