PSA: Severe WPA2 vulnerability (KRACK) released today. If exploited, attackers can potentially decrypt traffic or impersonate devices, among other things. Just about everything with WiFi is affected. Patch everything to avoid exploitation. [X-post from /r/PCMasterRace]
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Android getting "DNS over TLS" support to stop ISPs from knowing what websites you visit
The entire global financial system depends on GPS, and it’s shockingly vulnerable to attack
I Used Gmail's 'Smart Reply' for Every Email for a Week - “I came away from it convinced artificial intelligence can replicate my voice.”
Tesla strikes another deal that shows it's about to turn the car insurance world upside down - InsureMyTesla shows how the insurance industry is bound for disruption as cars get safer with self-driving tech.
The Army of Silicon Valley Activists Trying to Elect Democrats
Smallpox Could Again Be a Serious Threat - If we don’t take steps now, synthetic biology could let bad actors re-create the devastating virus: “a Canadian scientist funded by the American biotech company Tonix has recently demonstrated the ability to create pox viruses from scratch”
Anyone can buy online ads and track your location in real time
GM's Self-Driving Cars Head for New York City, Where They'll Face the Bullies
Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens
A spacecraft graveyard exists in the middle of the ocean — here's what's down there
Google's parent company has made internet balloons available in Puerto Rico, the first time it's offered Project Loon in the US - ‘Two of the search giant's "Project Loon" balloons are already over the country enabling texts, emails and basic web access to AT&T customers.’
Troubled By Flint Water Crisis, 11-Year-Old Girl Invents Lead-Detecting Device
Tech giants face Congress as showdown over Russia election meddling looms - Facebook, Twitter and Google once seemed to encapsulate freedom and connectivity. At a hearing on 1 November a new question will be posed: have they become a tool for foreign autocracies and domestic extremists?
The advertising industry has been living a lie
Tech Giants Are Paying Huge Salaries for Scarce A.I. Talent - Nearly all big tech companies have an artificial intelligence project, and they are willing to pay experts millions of dollars to help get it done.
Man arrested after ‘good morning’ post was mistranslated by Facebook as ‘attack them’
Apple and AT&T activate LTE Band 8 to give iPhone users in Puerto Rico cellular service by Loon Balloon
How electric cars can create the biggest disruption since iPhone
Is Richard Branson’s high-speed train in a pneumatic tube pie in the sky? First airlines, then spaceships. Now the Virgin boss wants to build Hyperloop One – a high-speed, pneumatic maglev railway. But engineering experts doubt that it will ever leave the station
Robot-surgery firm from Sunnyvale facing lawsuits, reports of death and injury
After the end of the startup era - "So where does all this leave tech startups? Struggling, and probably hoping to be acquired by a larger company, ideally one of the Big Five. While some breakout startups will still doubtless arise, they’ll be far rarer than they were during the boom years."
The Communist App Store: China’s endless apps for tracking, organizing, and motivating party members
Korean banks sue Southern California computer parts retailer Newegg, alleging 'Ponzi scheme'
Tech companies to lobby for immigrant 'Dreamers' to remain in U.S.
Google’s quantum computing plans threatened by IBM curveball - “IBM has come up with a way to simulate quantum computers that have 56 quantum bits, or qubits, on a non-quantum supercomputer – a task previously thought to be impossible.”
Tesla reportedly lands deal to build an EV factory in Shanghai
Capacitor maker zapped with price-fixing charge
U.S. warns public about attacks on energy, industrial firms
Google's machine learning software has learned to replicate itself
Tesla Reaches Deal for Shanghai Facility, WSJ Reports - Agreement likely won’t prevent 25 percent tax on cars sold
Bitcoin breaks above $6,000, and $100 billion in value for the first time in its history
The heart of "The Cloud" is in Virginia
Solar powered drone capable of quasi-perpetual flight tested in the Arctic
Scientists Are Rewriting the History of Photosynthesis
Amazon patents a drone that can juice up your EV on the fly
Key e-mail from feds got caught in body-cam maker's spam filter
Google’s plan to revolutionise cities is a takeover in all but name - Parent company Alphabet would provide services in response to data harvested: “The cities themselves, the project insisted, would get a share of revenue from the data.”
Researchers warn of new botnet that could take down the internet
Equifax Deserves the Corporate Death Penalty
As tech companies get richer, is it 'game over' for startups?
19 zomgitsduke This is what happens when you: * Ship IT work overseas * Cut an IT budget * Rush development * Treat your IT workers as easily replaced pawns If someone wants to make a serious wave in the world, start an organization that judges companies based on their IT practices and security, then gives them a representative grade. Kind of like health inspectors who make them display their cleanliness in the window. Attach this data to their stock report and allow financial/credit card companies access to it to determine risk, and therefore fees that represent risk factor. Got a C in security? Bump that credit card merchant fee from 3.5% to 4.5%.
8 tocksin That's amazing! I've got the same combination on my luggage!
5 WhereRandomThingsAre >It is unclear whether the complete lack of security at Equifax’s Veraz unit in Argentina was indicative of a larger problem for the company’s online employee portals across the region, but it’s difficult to imagine they could be any worse. Yes. 'Yesterday you learned 143 Million credit profiles were breached (and Equifax used the timestamp for PINs, and their Am-I-Affected page spits out random results, and...). Today you learned 14,000 Argentinian records could have been breached (because of a default admin password). Image what you will learn tomorrow.'
6 laserbong So, just like most companies?