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19 zomgitsduke This is what happens when you: * Ship IT work overseas * Cut an IT budget * Rush development * Treat your IT workers as easily replaced pawns If someone wants to make a serious wave in the world, start an organization that judges companies based on their IT practices and security, then gives them a representative grade. Kind of like health inspectors who make them display their cleanliness in the window. Attach this data to their stock report and allow financial/credit card companies access to it to determine risk, and therefore fees that represent risk factor. Got a C in security? Bump that credit card merchant fee from 3.5% to 4.5%.
9 tocksin That's amazing! I've got the same combination on my luggage!
6 WhereRandomThingsAre >It is unclear whether the complete lack of security at Equifax’s Veraz unit in Argentina was indicative of a larger problem for the company’s online employee portals across the region, but it’s difficult to imagine they could be any worse. Yes. 'Yesterday you learned 143 Million credit profiles were breached (and Equifax used the timestamp for PINs, and their Am-I-Affected page spits out random results, and...). Today you learned 14,000 Argentinian records could have been breached (because of a default admin password). Image what you will learn tomorrow.'
4 laserbong So, just like most companies?