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6915 [deleted] I think the sentence structure here is misleading: * The iPhone is guaranteed to last only one year. * The iPhone is only guaranteed to last one year. Those two statements have all the same words in mostly the same order, but have very different meanings. Apple is arguing the latter. From the article: > Apple wrote that it "conservatively assumes a three-year period... Apple argues that it is only responsible for ensuring the iPhone lasts one year, the default warranty you get when you buy an iPhone. So they're saying it's expected to last 3 years (which is one year longer than their extended warranty covers) but they're only legally responsible for making sure it lasts for 1 year (the length of their included warranty). EDIT: Everyone keeps replying to tell me that the EU mandates a 2 year guarantee. Unless this case was in the EU, I don't see how that's relevant. Apple's argument is, "We're only legally obligated to guarantee that the phone works for as long as our warranty." Therefore, if the warranty lasts for 2 years (either due to a legal mandate or because you purchased an extended warranty), then according to their own argument, they should still be legally responsible for that period of time. There argument has nothing to do with the quality of the iPhone hardware and how long it will last. It's an argument about how long Apple is legally responsible for making sure the hardware works.
326 daboblin In Australia, the government competition regulator, the ACCC, forces Apple to honour a two-year warranty on their products. This is because we have the "Trade Practices Act" which provides for a statutory warranty for all products, based on the "reasonable expected lifetime" of the goods.
2448 Sophrosynic "Guaranteed to only last one year" and "Only guaranteed to last one year" mean *very* different things. The title is shit.
1083 ttile Apple *guarantees* that the iPhone lasts a year with a warranty repair/replacement service. One year warranties are standard for the electronics industry and obviously the vast majority of electronics (iPhones included) last far longer than a year.
19 THE_SEX_YELLER > But in court, Apple argues that it is only responsible for ensuring the iPhone lasts one year, the default warranty you get when you buy an iPhone. For comparison, if you enroll in Apple's iPhone Upgrade Program, you will be paying for your new phone for two full years. And the IUP includes AppleCare, which extends that warranty to two years. Weird how they left that out.
267 tritter211 Nearly all reputed electronic devices have atleast 1 year guarantee, right? Why is this news? Even if Apple argues this in court, I know many people who used Apple phones for more than 2,3 or even 5 years. .