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ISPs should charge for fast lanes—just like TSA Precheck, GOP lawmaker says
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208 lolamerica00 Yeah, this is just going to happen more and more cause big corps in the US own the govt and can create monopolies or poorly regulated industries all over and screw over consumers. Happening with airlines too, healthcare, big Pharma, cell phone companies, etc
50 cr0ft The tax payers have actually subsidized them with billions to build out and maintain broadband; them being the major ISP's. In 2015, AT&T alone got 3 billion to build rural broadband. They were upset about having to achieve 10 Mbit speeds though... And the ISP's can't be arsed to maintain the infrastructure, because they figure they have a captive audience thanks to their cushy oligopoly, and instead blow the cash on other things and/or profit.
20 CyrilFiggis01 they'll somehow make the taxpayers foot the bill for it, just give it six months
66 LilDutchy Website is mobile cancer
30 Vzdubz I worked for verizon. If only you knew the scams they do to people. Glad to read this.
113 SaltyPassenger Something something free market monopoly.
12 Aperron This is what pretty much every company that owns a copper wireline network in the US is doing. Letting it fall apart so it can reach a tipping point where they can sit down with state public service boards, point at how bad it is and the dollar amount to fix it and then lobby to be released from their legal obligation to provide copper telephone service. It doesn't make them any money, but they're legally required to provide the service because it's the only wireline option in many areas. So they're playing games like a little kid trying to get out of that obligation. In some instances its working out the way they wanted it to. In other markets they just find a sucker (a smaller telephone company) and convince them to buy their wireline division. They take all the cash and assets with them and leave the new company with the husk and rotten copper network.
3 HPIguy Too bad they sold a lot of rural markets to Frontier long before this came about.
3 joshuads Fall apart? Half the pictures in this article look like active destruction of equipment. Still crappy it has not been addressed.
3 BULL3TP4RK This is why we still have copper instead of fiber. The cable companies would literally rather let their poles fall down.
3 THE_HORKOS Verizon FiOS technician hurriedly drilled a whole into my exterior wall and hit the 220 line for my AC unit. Arced the line and it had to be repaired. 4 hours on the phone, 30 calls, and 5 days later it was repaired. That was last week. Their customer service did a follow up yesterday and asked about the damage, i gave them the full story. I thought they might be calling to reimburse me for my time/lost wages, but nope... they were just following the script. If they say this, you say this, if they say that, you say this. Lady was just calling to try and sell me on getting another dipshit to track mud in my house and drill holes into my utilities again. No thanks I’m good.