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30 Joshtopher_Biggins It's funny because they think the people making fake meat are going to try and market it as real meat. The opposite is more likely. It being made without slaughtering an animal is a selling point
13 TechyDad Sounds like a similar thing that happened when lab grown diamonds began taking off. The diamond industry struck back with a push for "natural diamonds" being the only real diamonds even though experts wouldn't be able to tell them apart. IMO, if you served a beef expert a lab grown steak and a "natural" steak and he couldn't tell the difference, I wouldn't see why you couldn't sell the lab grown meat as beef.
17 daveitwisconsin They are scared, that's why. Meat is expensive, unhealthy, and inefficient. Once this takes off and the price is affordable, the meat industry is in a lot of trouble.
1 Vulpyne "*[The government] should require that any product labeled as “beef” come from cattle that have been born, raised, and harvested in the traditional manner*" This part is pretty hilarious. So [CAFOs](, feeding grain or goddamn [*candy*](, artificial insemination, slaughterhouses that process thousands of animals pre day and so on are all "traditional" practices?
1 1340dyna Good. When the meat industry stops ignoring and starts reacting to lab-grown meat technology, that's a good sign that real progress is coming down the road. Hopefully in the next handful of years this'll be in their lobbying budgets - that's when I'd expect to see something actually becoming available to consumers. Hopefully, at that point it's only a matter of time until National Beef or Tyson buys out whatever company is doing the best and does a marketing 180, beginning to market lab grown beef as equal or even better than traditional beef (which means that they see it being cheaper and easier to produce in the long run). That kind of money would really improve the technology and drive down costs. That may be wishful thinking, but it'd be nice if the meat industry ended up getting behind something good for humanity as a side effect of crazy new profits.
1 Lazytux Hard to get B vitamins without meat. I will stop eating meat when someone can point to any culture or society that doesn't consume some meat when available (a lifestyle choice deosn't count) and has survived past one generation without supplements of any kind.