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Man sues Microsoft seeking new copy of Windows 7 after forced Windows 10 upgrade
Trump Can’t Save Coal: More Capacity Closed Already in 2018 Than in Obama’s Entire First Term - “Beautiful, clean coal” is not seeing a resurgence, despite what the president claims.
Samsung unveils world’s largest SSD with whopping 30TB of storage. It’s the most memory ever crammed into a 2.5-inch form factor — enough to store 5,700 full HD movies
Trump Wants to Cut Funding for Clean Energy Research In Half - Meanwhile, China, India and the European Union aim to double funding for clean energy R&D.
U.S. Copyright Office considering exemption for abandoned online games
Bad News: the game researchers hope will 'vaccinate' public against fake news - Aim is for players to build a fake news empire, which researchers hope will expose propaganda tactics
Facebook appears Russia’s biggest useful idiot in Vladimir Putin’s bold war
It's past time to end the debate on whether video games trigger real-world violence. There is no evidence to support these claims that violent media and real-world violence are connected.
Steven Seagal has a cryptocurrency now. It's bad
Google discloses Microsoft Edge security flaw before a patch is ready. Microsoft probably won’t be happy, again
Falcon Heavy May Have Drastically Increased The Number Of Asteroids We Can Mine
Popular Flight Simulator company stealing Chrome passwords for "anti-piracy measures"
The More Gender Equality, the Fewer Women in STEM A new study explores a strange paradox: In countries that empower women, they are less likely to choose math and science professions.
Can’t get new lungs? Try refurbished ones instead.
Deep neural networks are more accurate than humans at detecting sexual orientation from facial images
After Florida School Shooting, Russian ‘Bot’ Army Pounced
Swedish ISP now offers 10Gbit/s for under 40$!
Apple updates all its operating systems to address Indian Telugu crash
South Korean Cryptocurrency Regulator Found Dead at Home
AI To Work Together With Humans, Collaboration To Solve Tricky Problems
Does anyone know a good course/textbook/study guide?
Flight-sim devs say hidden password-dump tool was used to fight pirates
Add-on clip turns smartphone into fully operational microscope
Windows Phone 7 and 8.0 devices will no longer receive push notifications
When AI Steers Us Astray - A new debugging tool can pinpoint errors that cause neural networks to make mistakes
Amazon’s Prime Rewards Visa cardholders now get 5% back at Whole Foods if they pay for Prime
Algorithmic zoning could be the answer to cheaper housing and more equitable cities
I just realize cellphone and internet service in US are much worse than Vietnam
Google’s new AI algorithm predicts heart disease by looking at your eyes
Two US grocery chains are on the verge of bankruptcy as Amazon moves in
Unconventional superconductor may be used to create quantum computers of the future
Connected Cars Will Run on Your Personal Data - US privacy laws aren’t keeping up.
Exclusive: Amazon paid $90 million for camera maker's chip technology
Tim Armstrong: People need to vote on net neutrality
Why even a moth’s brain is smarter than an AI: A neural network that simulates the way moths recognize odors also shows how they learn so much faster than machines
Plans drawn up for world's tallest wooden skyscraper
APT37: Inside the Toolset of an Elite North Korean Hacker Group
China’s Search Engine Giant Baidu Will Make Driverless Minibus by August 2018, Says Robin Li
Trump seeks clean energy cuts, $2 billion nuclear spending boost for Energy Dept.
The CIA secret on the ocean floor
176 daveime "Unused computer power" Just imagine, all those little CPU cycles, already charged up with electricity, all dressed up and nowhere to go. No wonder the CPU gets hot, it's all those cycles vibrating out of frustration at being unwanted, unloved, and most importantly unused. No, Salon, that's not actually how computers work.
63 whozurdaddy I think theres a bit of a war going on with sites like Reddit and these "news"y sites. They like that Reddit will get you there, but they dont like that your easily distracted to go to other sites as well. Ive never disabled an adblocker for any site, nor will I. The content isnt that important to me, and there are alternative ways around their silly pop ups. What I fine ironic though.. if they can make those "Disable your adblocker to continue" popups...then why not just use that same tech to put an ad on your screen anyway.
41 abrownn We have an "Adblock warning" for this sub that lets users know when sites force people to deactivate their adblockers, but we will dicuss altering the warning to cover sites that opt to mine with users hardware as an alternative to ads as well (in addition to adding Salon to the warning list, of course). If anyone spots a site that's been posted to this sub that is currently hosting malvertising or a cryptominer, please reach out to us via modmail and let us know!
39 protoopus if the user opts in.
8 Guildensternenstein As if I needed another fucking reason not to read it.
3 Esdarke Hey y'know what, fucking take it. At least I'll know you're doing that instead of having some fly by night OPTIMIZE YOUR MOBILE BROWSER NOW ad try to install youhaveavirusnoreally.exe on my shit to do who knows what.
4 Ketchupkitty If being hyper-partisan wasn't reason enough not to go to that site.
16 PTC36 I stopped reading Salon when they started posting pro-pedophilia editorials. That's certainly a threshold of lost credibility for me, apparently not for some others, but I remain unsure why anyone still reads it to be honest.
2 tomkatt I'd avoid Salon due to this, but if you're inclined to read articles on their site, you can completely ignore this by right clicking the notice and choosing "inspect" or "inspect element" depending on your browser. Then in the inspector that opens just right click on the "`<div id="adblock-notice" class="style__adblockNotice___2VzZn">`" element and choose "delete element. From there you can browse the site like normal for the rest of your session while disregarding this stupid nonsense.
2 hemingray Site uses something called Just block that and you can still be ad-free and miner free.
2 Leprecon To be honest, I think this is genius. They want to monetize their content and people are blocking ads. Paying a 15$ monthly fee to read the three articles that are linked on reddit makes no sense. The ideal would be a payment platform where you pay cents to read an ad free article but then everyone would have to cooperate and share these cents. Having a payment platform where you pay fractions of a cent per article you read is super difficult to organise. This is basically the same but instead of money you pay electricity. I love the concept where you pay with electricity and CPU cycles. In a way it is the ultimate equal payment platform.
6 Rluswlenoesp Slow down and hear me out. I'd rather do this than look at ads...this might be the solution to shitty ass online advertising.