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6239 Im_not_JB Just claiming that it's unconstitutional is going to ring hollow, because every single court who has ever addressed the matter has said otherwise (even the Ninth Circuit!), so you probably need to do more than *just assert it*. Furthermore, this betrays an ignorance of the structure of FISA. The section that people think is problematic is Section 702. [This bill]( does *nothing* to expand 702. The *only* things it does to 702 [are restrictions]( Instead, the part that it expands is traditional FISA (which has been around since the 70s, unlike 702, which came around mid-2000s). In traditional FISA, they go to FISC *with probable cause* that a target is a foreign power or an agent of a foreign power. What this bill does is expand the definitions of "foreign power" and "agent of a foreign power" to include certain international malicious cyber organizations (this is kind of like how they expanded it in the 2000s to include international terrorism). One can debate whether or not this is a good idea (I'm still on the fence; kind of leaning toward not liking it), but it's sheer ignorance to think that this has to do with 702 (which has been complained about recently) and not traditional FISA (which no one has complained about at all).
1149 [deleted] Must be a lot of democrats that voted yes for the article to leave off the D and R.
485 blizzardalert List of the 65 Democrats who voted **yes**: AL Rep. Terri Sewell [D] AZ Rep. Kyrsten Sinema [D] AZ Rep. Tom O'Halleran [D] CA Rep. Nancy Pelosi [D] CA Rep. Adam Schiff [D] CA Rep. Mike Thompson [D] CA Rep. Jim Costa [D] CA Rep. John Garamendi [D] CA Rep. Ami Bera [D] CA Rep. Eric Swalwell [D] CA Rep. Julia Brownley [D] CA Rep. Raul Ruiz [D] CA Rep. Scott Peters [D] CA Rep. Pete Aguilar [D] CA Rep. Norma Torres [D] CA Rep. Jimmy Panetta [D] CO Rep. Ed Perlmutter [D] CT Rep. James Himes [D] DE Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester [D] FL Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz [D] FL Rep. Kathy Castor [D] FL Rep. Theodore Deutch [D] FL Rep. Lois Frankel [D] FL Rep. Al Lawson [D] FL Rep. Stephanie Murphy [D] FL Rep. Val Demings [D] FL Rep. Charlie Crist [D] GA Rep. Sanford Bishop Jr. [D] GA Rep. David Scott [D] IA Rep. David Loebsack [D] IL Rep. Daniel Lipinski [D] IL Rep. Bill Foster [D] IL Rep. Mike Quigley [D] IL Rep. Bradley Schneider [D] IL Rep. Cheri Bustos [D] IL Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi [D] IN Rep. Andre Carson [D] MA Rep. William Keating [D] MA Rep. Seth Moulton [D] MD Rep. Steny Hoyer [D] MD Rep. A. Dutch Ruppersberger [D] MD Rep. John Delaney [D] MD Rep. Anthony Brown [D] MN Rep. Collin Peterson [D] NH Rep. Ann Kuster [D] NJ Rep. Albio Sires [D] NJ Rep. Donald Norcross [D] NJ Rep. Josh Gottheimer [D] NM Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham [D] NV Rep. Jacky Rosen [D] NY Rep. Nita Lowey [D] NY Rep. Gregory Meeks [D] NY Rep. Louise Slaughter [D] NY Rep. Brian Higgins [D] NY Rep. Sean Maloney [D] NY Rep. Kathleen Rice [D] NY Rep. Thomas Suozzi [D] PA Rep. Matthew Cartwright [D] PA Rep. Brendan Boyle [D] RI Rep. James Langevin [D] SC Rep. James Clyburn [D] TN Rep. Jim Cooper [D] TX Rep. Henry Cuellar [D] TX Rep. Marc Veasey [D] VA Rep. Donald McEachin [D]       List of the 45 Republicans who voted **no**: AZ Rep. Paul Gosar [R] AZ Rep. Andy Biggs [R] CA Rep. Dana Rohrabacher [R] CA Rep. Tom McClintock [R] CO Rep. Ken Buck [R] FL Rep. Daniel Webster [R] FL Rep. Ted Yoho [R] GA Rep. Barry Loudermilk [R] IA Rep. Rod Blum [R] ID Rep. Raul Labrador [R] KS Rep. Kevin Yoder [R] KY Rep. Thomas Massie [R] LA Rep. Garret Graves [R] MD Rep. Andy Harris [R] MI Rep. Justin Amash [R] MN Rep. Tom Emmer [R] MN Rep. Jason Lewis [R] NC Rep. Walter Jones Jr. [R] NC Rep. Mark Meadows [R] NC Rep. Ted Budd [R] NM Rep. Stevan Pearce [R] OH Rep. Jim Jordan [R] OH Rep. Warren Davidson [R] PA Rep. Scott Perry [R] SC Rep. Marshall Sanford [R] SC Rep. Jeff Duncan [R] SC Rep. Ralph Norman Jr. [R] TN Rep. Marsha Blackburn [R] TN Rep. John Duncan Jr. [R] TN Rep. David Roe [R] TN Rep. Diane Black [R] TX Rep. Michael Burgess [R] TX Rep. Louie Gohmert Jr. [R] TX Rep. Ted Poe [R] TX Rep. Blake Farenthold [R] TX Rep. Randy Weber [R] TX Rep. Roger Williams [R] UT Rep. Rob Bishop [R] VA Rep. Morgan Griffith [R] VA Rep. David Brat [R] VA Rep. Thomas Garrett [R] WA Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler [R] WI Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr. [R] WI Rep. Sean Duffy [R] WV Rep. Alex Mooney [R]
507 311polo Actually to expand constitutional foreign spying.
101 Instifly as a programmer, I find it extremely satisfying that it's 256
99 [deleted] [deleted]
49 exmachinalibertas You can ask nicely for the government to restrict its powers, or you can learn to use technology that thwarts the government. Learn to use encryption and privacy tools. TAKE your rights back. Don't just beg the government to stop, because they won't. It is [relatively easy to host your own e-mail]( nowadays, as well as your contacts and calander, so that Google doesn't have access to them. And using PGP [isn't as hard as you think]( Deniable encryption tools like [Veracrypt's]( hidden containers allow you to hide things even in jurisdictions where they can force you to give up your password. Getting away from Windows and switching over to Linux is [not scary anymore]( With just a [little bit of research](, you can learn to protect yourself from 99% of the ways you and your data get stolen for use by governments and big data companies. It is [your responsiblity]( to protect your own rights, regardless of the laws. Technology has always shaped government policy, not the other way around.
26 Good2Go5280 I wish Reddit were as pissed about this as NN.
63 angstt Was this a party-line vote?
21 Drunken_Economist I'm sorry to these 256, but I'm going to have 2^8 them now

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