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The Senate’s push to overrule the FCC on net neutrality now has 50 votes
Net neutrality advocates look to states after FCC repeal: 'As of Friday, California, Washington, New York, Rhode Island, Nebraska and Massachusetts have all introduced net neutrality. North Carolina and Illinois are mulling similar legislation.'
(Harvard Study) City-owned Internet services offer cheaper and more transparent pricing.
The Senate’s push to overrule the FCC on net neutrality now has 50 votes, just 1 vote short to restore net neutrality
Democrats are just one vote shy of restoring net neutrality.
With Net Neutrality Killed, Some Cities Plan to Build Their Own Access - “Nationwide, there are 95 municipal broadband networks similar to the Fort Collins plan”
Florida seniors could hold the future of driverless cars - “125,000 senior citizens who live in a central Florida retirement community will take them for a ride in the world's largest self-driving experiment. They'll travel 750 miles of roads in The Villages retirement community near Orlando.”
City-owned Internet services offer cheaper and more transparent pricing
Apple stores are slammed because of the $29 battery replacement offer — but not everyone needs a new battery
If the internet isn’t free, neither are we - How the FCC's decision to nix net neutrality in the US affects us all as students and Canadians
The Senate's push to overrule the FCC on net neutrality now has 50 votes, Democrats say
Facebook Killing News Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To News
'Very high level of confidence' Russia used Kaspersky software for devastating NSA leaks.
Confirmed issue with Google Chromecast and Google Home causes temporarily Wifi drops around the world
Hawaii’s false ballistic missile alert was a failure in user experience design
FBI Says Device Encryption Is 'Evil' And A Threat To Public Safety
CES Was Full of Useless Robots and Machines That Don’t Work
Snapchat redesign is a 'flop' with users
I quit all social media except for Reddit. This is a scary true technology addiction and a real struggle.
My Joke Cryptocurrency Hit $2 Billion and Something Is Very Wrong
Dems: Net Neutrality Will Be ‘Mammoth’ Midterm Issue
China builds ‘world’s biggest air purifier’ (and it seems to be working) A 100-metre high air purification tower in Xian in Shaanxi province has helped reduce smog levels in the city, preliminary results suggest
SuperMeat Secures $3 Million In Funding For Lab-Grown Chicken Meat
Brandan Lukus Apple, 20, of Coquitlam, B.C. facing unprecedented charge of "mischief in relation to computer data" for overwhelming Twitch with an army of spambots last year when thousands o broadcasters were deluged with a crippling stream of racist, homophobic and otherwise harassing comments.
Police Hand out Malware-Infected USBs as Prize in Cyber-Security Quiz
Airbnb promotes countries Trump called ‘shithole’
Will Ajit Pai's FCC Probe into Hawaii False Alarm Expose Role Telecom Giants Played in Blocking Emergency System Upgrades?
Put broadband first for rural Americans
After false Hawaii missile notice, FCC launches investigation
OpenAI, Musk's Non-Profit That Aims To Develop Safe AI, Signaling Expansion: "Free from financial obligations, we can better focus on a positive human impact. We believe AI should be an extension of individual human wills and, in the spirit of liberty, as broadly and evenly distributed as possible.“
Renewable energy set to be cheaper than fossil fuels by 2020, according to new report: ‘Turning to renewables for new power generation is not simply an environmentally conscious decision, it is now – overwhelmingly – a smart economic one’
The Senate’s push to overrule the FCC on net neutrality now has 50 votes, Democrats say
I’m harvesting credit card numbers and passwords from your site. Here’s how.A great read.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Probably Making Up This Crap About Alexa Ordering a Batman Toy
Alibaba’s artificial intelligence bot beats humans at reading in a first for machines - A deep neural network model developed by Alibaba has scored higher than humans in a reading comprehension test, paving the way for bots to replace people in customer service jobs
Samsung has announced a new technology called S-Ray that beams sound into a user's ears from devices such as neck bands and phone cases.
Slack Hopes Its AI Will Keep You from Hating Slack
Google, Facebook, and Netflix Decide They Care About Net Neutrality Again. A group the corporations are a part of will sue the FCC
Pluto’s Mysterious Atmosphere Could Help Us Fix Global Warming
GM wants to ditch the manual controls from its test cars in 2019
1 Assinova For anyone whose forced Mac OS to run on PC’s with AMD processor... was it worth it?
1 DaeOnReddit This is a Facebook question: I need help. I'm trying to use the name pronunciation feature on Facebook but for my last name, no matter how I write it, it's putting the emphasis on the first syllable rather than the second. How do I write it so it pronounces it correctly?
1 Naslow I have a working PS4 that used to be able to connect to my old PLV-Z2 sanyo projector via a HDMI-DVI cable. Recently the projector is saying there is no signal. I have tested the cable and projector with a different PS4 and it works fine. I’ve tested the ‘broken’ PS4 using the same cable through a monitor and it works fine. I’ve also tested it through a Tv using a HDMI-HDMI cable and again it works fine. I’m completely stumped as to why the console will no longer provide a signal to the projector. Any suggestions would be much appreciated (Side: I have tried enabling/disabling the suggested settings on the PS4, and the current settings are a mirror of the working PS4)
1 grahamcake21 My S3 mini won't turn on even how many times I pushed the button and charged it. Btw, before it happened, the battery was drained first. What should I do?
1 wasted_pomelo Hello! Is there a reliable Windows software that coverts .MKV to .MP4 video format? I want to convert my .MKV files to .MP4 without affecting both audio and video quality. Thanks in advance!
1 CatPawSoup For over a year, I haven't been able to post on anyone's Facebook wall via the app. The field simply isn't there. I can do it via the browser or desktop, just not the app. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Switched phones and phone companies twice. Here's the really messed up part- if my husband or anyone else logs into the app on my phone, they can post on other people's walls just fine. If I log into the app on my husband or anyone else's phone, I still can't post on other people's walls. I've submitted more help requests to Facebook than I can count. I am genuinely starting to subscribe to the tin foil Hat Society and believe there is some kind of weird Facebook experiment, and I'm one of the test subjects. In the last week or two my push notifications also stopped, despite checking the settings multiple times. The only thing I can think of is they have aggressively asked for my phone number which I refuse to provide. Any ideas what's going on or where I can go for help?

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