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3 alsetn I am seeking a source for commercial CNT (carbon nanotube) based x-ray tubes for our low cost medical imager for poor rural clinics (Street Physics org). These are being developed in the labs and just beginning to emerge commercially. Has anyone got a lead on these?
1 Assinova For anyone whose forced Mac OS to run on PC’s with AMD processor... was it worth it?
1 DaeOnReddit This is a Facebook question: I need help. I'm trying to use the name pronunciation feature on Facebook but for my last name, no matter how I write it, it's putting the emphasis on the first syllable rather than the second. How do I write it so it pronounces it correctly?
1 Naslow I have a working PS4 that used to be able to connect to my old PLV-Z2 sanyo projector via a HDMI-DVI cable. Recently the projector is saying there is no signal. I have tested the cable and projector with a different PS4 and it works fine. I’ve tested the ‘broken’ PS4 using the same cable through a monitor and it works fine. I’ve also tested it through a Tv using a HDMI-HDMI cable and again it works fine. I’m completely stumped as to why the console will no longer provide a signal to the projector. Any suggestions would be much appreciated (Side: I have tried enabling/disabling the suggested settings on the PS4, and the current settings are a mirror of the working PS4)
1 grahamcake21 My S3 mini won't turn on even how many times I pushed the button and charged it. Btw, before it happened, the battery was drained first. What should I do?
1 wasted_pomelo Hello! Is there a reliable Windows software that coverts .MKV to .MP4 video format? I want to convert my .MKV files to .MP4 without affecting both audio and video quality. Thanks in advance!
1 CatPawSoup For over a year, I haven't been able to post on anyone's Facebook wall via the app. The field simply isn't there. I can do it via the browser or desktop, just not the app. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. Switched phones and phone companies twice. Here's the really messed up part- if my husband or anyone else logs into the app on my phone, they can post on other people's walls just fine. If I log into the app on my husband or anyone else's phone, I still can't post on other people's walls. I've submitted more help requests to Facebook than I can count. I am genuinely starting to subscribe to the tin foil Hat Society and believe there is some kind of weird Facebook experiment, and I'm one of the test subjects. In the last week or two my push notifications also stopped, despite checking the settings multiple times. The only thing I can think of is they have aggressively asked for my phone number which I refuse to provide. Any ideas what's going on or where I can go for help?
1 wilycee9459 question for programming engineers familiar with bitcoin mining software, As mining software produce coins/tokens by consuming electricity, is it possible to reverse engineer that same software to produce electricity by consuming coins/tokens. regards, wily
1 19JarJar So lately I've been noticing that my computer is restarting. However, the machine keeps itself on when it restarts. I've read online that I may have to dust my computer, am I right?
1 Cupcake_ya I found a micro sd card at a bus stop and I got curious. The thing is there is zero data on it and it was labeled "local disk" for a quick second then it disappeared. Is it too corrupted to fix or is there a way?
1 jfoppes Looking for a monitor that is 4K, 99-100% rbg/ srgb color accurate and has a 1 me response time for gaming and graphic design work. Is that too much to ask? Any suggestions would be appreciated
1 mvpalpha Can someone tell me the difference between these two sound bars?! It's driving me crazy! I'm going to get one of these two unless someone has a better recommendation for a lower price. Thanks!
1 ebcdata Do Tier 1 ISPS will also somehow have to pay additional charges if Net Neutrality rules are applied?
1 bbigotchu Are the payloads in packets written in binary? What form is it in when It's being transferred, sent and received?
1 Tityfan808 What's the best quality smartphones at the moment? And maybe not all of the latest and greatest, but also the phones that have have been around for a couple years or so that have had solid lifetimes and still run great to this day
1 ItchaBoiSid Looking for a new phone. I currently have a samsung S6 edge and am due an upgrade. I like to play a lot of mobile games. What’s the most affordable phone out there for gaming and everyday use. I’ve been looking at the new Razor one but it has a lot of cons. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
1 AshkenazeeYankee I'm in the market for a tablet large enough to look at 8.5'' x 11'' documents at full scale, or nearly so. Which means a screen in the 12-14'' range. What are my options? I honestly don't need any capabilities beyond viewing PDF documents. What are my options? Does anyone make e-ink readers in that size?
1 Rocker95 Recently, I had to write a paper on addiction for school. Obviously, I had to do my research and got most of my sources online, but it was mainly via a database that requires a username and password that is provided by the school (everyone basically shares the same account). I noticed today that Instagram had placed an advertisement for a clinic, specializing in treating heroin addicts, on my home feed. Previously, I've always had ads for things related to music and drums because that's the type of content I follow, view, comment, like, etc. I've never done any extensive research in the past on addiction, let alone heroin addiction, so how was I able to be a potential target for an ad like this when, 1. I have microphone permissions turned off for Instagram (I've heard that Facebook has used the microphone to listen into conversations to better aim their advertisements and Instagram is owned by Facebook). I'm mentioning this because I did have a long conversation with someone about addiction in relation to this paper. 2. I didn't do any of the research on my phone, and I don't have any accounts that would possibly be related to any searches I made besides my Gmail account. 3. I've never had any conversations on Instagram, searched for anything, or liked anything relating to addiction at all. Maybe this is a dumb question, but I'm curious as to what information they would still be able to get that would hint at this being a topic related to me. I apologize if I'm coming off as a conspiracy sounding nutjob with the whole "listening in" on conversations thing; that's just one explanation I've heard, which is still odd considering I have permissions for Instagram to use the microphone turned off, and I don't have any other social media apps except for Snapchat, a totally separate company from Facebook/Instagram. I'm using an iPhone 6S+ on iOS 10.3.2 in case that provides any insight.
1 Boostified123 Hey everyone, What would you think of this type of ad? A small line of text that read "brought to you by insert company name here" was in the end of a push notification in a mobile app?

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