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Existence of god
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Coca-Cola and the U.S. State Department along with two other companies said on Friday they are launching a project using blockchain’s digital ledger technology to create a secure registry for workers that will help fight the use of forced labor worldwide.
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1166 hillary511 I'm on it right now in Longmont. Can't complain.
2088 CrazyLeopard Another thing all states should follow Colorado in doing
583 AuntFantastic A salesman came knocking on my door today. I need to preface that my address in 85034 only receives: * Centurylink 1.5 Mbps/$50 * Cox Multiple plans starting at 10Mbps/$70 So, this salesman tells me there's new AT&T services in my area. He tells me they only offer Fiber Optic 10Mbps + Television at my address. I told him that couldn't be true, so, I asked him who he was partnering with. Guess who, Centurylink. I reminded him Centurylink only offered 3Mbps and it's not fiber optic, so how could they partner with AT&T for 10Mpbs via fiber optics? I offered him the answer: because Centurylink made a deal with Cox not to offer any of the speeds they offered at this address. But now they were, through AT&T, but it was only offered with a Television Package, Directv for $99.99. Cox only offers cable TV. Oh yes, they take very good care of eachother. He was lying about the fiber optics too; who offers ONLY 10Mbps via fiber optics? At my address, Centurylink uses DSL. COX services uses DOCSIS. *CORRECTION: CL doesn't offer 3 Mbps at my address, but the old Qwest service of 1.5 Mbps $45 price for life no contract, to avoid COX increase to $80 after 1 year.
557 GreatNorthWeb If it's the will of the people then it should be done.
338 gilbertsmith Why on earth don't they just take the money they spend on lobbying and advertising and upgrade the bloody infrastructure?
258 BigAl265 Absolutely what should be happening. I know everyone is upset about the FCC repealing NN, but this should be a good lesson in states rights and hopefully turns out to be a positive thing in the end, along with marijuana legalization. Keep you government local that way you don't have to deal with shitbags like Sessions or Pai when an administration that doesn't represent you takes power.
227 ThirdEyePeon Legal weed and non - Comcast broadband. What up, Ajit??
35 Coolflip At the very least, this is causing our ISPs to finally start connecting up the fiber networks around here. Thankfully I was able to switch from Comcast, get ~10x higher speeds, and still pay a lower bill.
106 VILLIAMZATNER Chattanoogan here; it's fucking dope. Never give up.
35 EarthChanNotFlat So is Colorado about to be sued by the telecoms like other cities have?

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