Any form of threatening, harassing, or violence / physical harm towards anyone will result in a ban
Got a tech question or want to discuss tech? Weekly /r/Technology Tech Support / General Discussion Thread
Amazon won't say if it hands your Echo data to the government - The retail, cloud, and device giant stands as the least transparent of transparent tech companies.
5 Senators Are Filibustering an Attempt to Expand Warrantless Surveillance of Americans - 3 Democrats and 2 Republicans are filibustering the Senate vote on the reauthorization of FISA Section 702.
BMW to charge annually for Apple CarPlay, which is insane. Most automakers give it out for free, but not BMW. That would be too easy.
After Basically No Debate, And No Opportunity For Amendments, Senate Votes To Expand NSA Surveillance
Tim Cook says the next iOS update will allow users to disable intentional battery slowdowns
Donald Trump's fake news awards website looks like shit, immediately crashed.
Facebook is a ‘living, breathing crime scene,’ says one former tech insider
Apple says it will pay a $38 billion tax bill to move foreign money back to the US
Apple plans to build another corporate campus and hire 20,000 more workers during the next five years as part of a $350 billion commitment to the U.S. economy.
Norway aims for all short-haul flights to be 100% electric by 2040
Six States Have Proposed Net Neutrality Laws With More Coming - “As of last Friday, California, Washington, New York, Rhode Island, Nebraska and Massachusetts have all introduced some form of net neutrality legislation. North Carolina and Illinois are also considering”
Lawmakers want James Clapper prosecuted for surveillance testimony before statute of limitations runs out
Bipartisan group of senators ask Trump to fund broadband in infrastructure plan
Will Ajit Pai's FCC Probe into Hawaii False Alarm Expose Role Telecom Giants Played in Blocking Emergency System Upgrades? ' was telecom giants, including his former employer Verizon, that played a specific and outsized role in preventing the implementation of several key safeguards.'
The North American Bitcoin Conference is No Longer Accepting Bitcoin Payments for Tickets
Wells Fargo online bill pay has double charged recent transactions -- and some customers' balances are $0
Apple pledges to spend $350 billion and bring 20,000 jobs to the U.S. within next five years
No evidence to support link between violent video games and behavior
H-1B: Immigrants make up nearly three-quarters of Silicon Valley tech workforce, report says
Chinese automaker Guangzhou Automobile Group, or GAC, is planning to enter the U.S. auto market in 2019 with a new electric SUV and sedan that it unveiled at the Detroit auto show Monday. The SUV, Enverge, will have a 71-kilowatt hour battery and it will have a driving range of over 370 miles.
TWiT is suing Twitter, alleging breach of contract and trademark infringement
A birth-control app that's 'as effective as the pill using only math' is facing a major problem - Birth control app Natural Cycles is under fire in Sweden after 37 women reported getting pregnant while using the app as contraception.
Apple appears to be bringing nearly $245 billion home from overseas
'Pressure Is Working': Senate Just One GOP Vote Away From Passing Bill to Save Net Neutrality
YouTube tightens rules around what channels can be monetized - Channels will need 4,000 hours of annual viewing time and over 1,000 subscribers
Google's Project Fi gains 'unlimited' data plan with Bill Protection
New Carbon Capture and Recycling technology patent filed
More Dem senators announce they'll oppose funding bill over immigration fight
Cryptocurrency bloodbath continues as bitcoin falls below $10,000
Harvard's milliDelta robot is tiny and scary fast. It is a millimeter-scale delta robot based on origami-inspired engineering that can reach velocities of 0.45 m/s and accelerations of 215 m/s².
The Very Good Reason Why You Can't Get That Google Art-Selfie Feature in Illinois or Texas
Oracle says SPARCv9 has Spectre CPU bug, patches coming soon
Lawsuit filed by 22 state attorneys general seeks to block net neutrality repeal
Report: GM and Waymo lead driverless car race; Tesla lags far behind
Facebook, Google tell Congress they're fighting extremist content with counterpropaganda - "We believe that a key part of combating extremism is preventing recruitment by disrupting the underlying ideologies that drive people to commit acts of violence."
User interface designers are horrified by Hawaii’s missile alert system
The impromptu Slack war room where 'Net companies unite to fight Spectre-Meltdown
Join the Battle to End The NSA's Warrantless Mass Surveillance of Americans! Warrentless Spying of innocent people is an abuse of technology and we must put a stop to this and defend the Fourth Amendment!
How a 22-Year-Old Discovered the Worst Chip Flaws in History
Converse goes waterproof, with some help from Gore-Tex
2 heechum Cool, still never gonna use fbi back door having ass ddosing flaming pile of trash.
3 u_tamtam If by "finally" you mean "who cares, the cryptographic guarantees of E2EE are worth crap on a closed-source client", then yes, finally, progress.
1 RayZfox Skype already had really good end to end encryption. Microsoft stripped it out when they bought Skype.

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