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175 myowngalactus Oh boy! I hope it's as good as their Deathnote adaptation.
49 Animegamingnerd Even though I know its unlikely I hope they take some notes from the abriged series.
33 Tyranid457 Cool! I hope they improve on the source material, though.
73 Killam42 Here's how I would translate this for an American audience. Just focus the whole show on the first arc set up the characters and jump back and forth from the game world to the real world. Therefore allowing to see how the real world would react to 10,000 being held hostage in a game. If they would that I think we could have a good show here. Also, give the main characters some actual characteristics instead of one note.
63 PersonalDeparture Sword Art Online is going to be "an essentially Japanese property" right up until the [tentacle rape scene]( and then they suddenly decide "Hey, that might be a bit *too* Japanese."
17 ThatAnonymousDudeGuy I feel like they’d have to try and make it half as bad as the Anime is.
35 hamptonwooster Monster? Nope. Code Geass? Nope. Steins gate? Nope. Psycho Pass? Nope. Freaking Sword Art Online? Yes... Well maybe I should be glad that actually good series aren't the ones being ruined in live action.
9 shamelessnameless No i want Asuna to be played by a ukrainian or russian cosplayer with japanese dubbing
25 HarveyJYogscast Aww, I was looking forward to the thinkpieces and toxic fan environment.
6 rocksoffjagger Does this mean it's just a Japanese studio making it and they're slapping the "Netflix Original" label on it because they have an exclusive license, or is it actually an American studio making it but using Asian actors? Japanese live action movies and tv shows are always really low-budget and wonky looking (well, live action anime adaptations I should say, obviously Japanese film is one of the richest cinema cultures in the world if you include Kurosawa, etc. On an unrelated note, get streaming rights for Kurosawa movies, Netflix!)
11 lakovsanite I can't think of a single live action adaptation that has improved on the original. Some have been terrible, some have been ok and maybe one or two could be considered "good" but they have all been lesser versions of the original.
4 MrCanoe Isn't SAO widely consider a shitty anime? Why would they want to do a live action verison?