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33 GoldnNation I like it so far.
48 NeilPoonHandler Damn, that's really impressive. I hope it holds well in week 2.
7 TJMasterK I did like the pizza joke when the crew wanted to go down to the surface. But it was a little lukewarm for me. Here's hoping it gets better 🍺
5 The--Incident Will it have an NFL lead-in every week on the west coast? I wonder how much that helped the ratings.
13 Neo2199 Very impressive.
12 kimjong-ill This is probably the most I've enjoyed something that received such terrible reviews, so I'm eager to see it find a more cohesive voice and a good audience if it continues to earn it.
7 thep_addydavis I'll keep watching it. Was a good watch overall.
12 dovetc This show didn't make me laugh enough to continue watching as a comedy and it wasn't compelling enough of a Star Trek clone for me to want to watch it as a fan of sci fi.
2 Th3Kingslay3r !Remindme 1 year is The Orville still a show
2 thescott2k Remember when a 2.8 was, like, insta-cancelled?
2 Iamkal Yeah, it wasn't too bad! I kinda liked it! Well, i liked it enough to stick with it for a few episodes.
1 MrTizl I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. It wasn't perfect but I thought it was a strong start. If it gets better from here then I'll be glad to have it around when Discovery takes a dump on the actual Star Trek.
1 TedsRocks Honestly did not enjoy it, at no point did I think this show was a comedy.
1 EldeederSFW It's a weird show, but honestly, I'll watch Donald Malarkey and Brian Griffin team up on pretty much anything.
1 pissedoffnobody I wanted to see more of the chief botanist that was some sort of three eyed aquatic creature. There was a lot of high concept stuff in the show like the aging ray. I think people expecting an outright sitcom will be disappointed, it's more a sci-fi show with some comedic moments than a 3 gags a minute show. If they can balance the tone a little better it could have legs.
1 Warrenwelder 2.8 Million lbs, to match that ham planet on "This is Us."
1 Th3Kingslay3r Lolllll. I'm sure you love the show in between licking windows and mouth breathing.